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DJ Artwork, press 2017

What's the deal with… Artwork?

Everything you need to know about the dubstep doyen turned funky house party host

By Kyle MacNeill

I thought this column was about buzzy bands, not flogging paintings?
It is – we’re talking about DJ Artwork here. His events hang on your Facebook wall, not your living room one.

Wasn’t he that #legend who ordered a Domino’s to be ready at a station, hopped off his train, picked up his Hawaiian and slid back in like some sort of modern-day deity?
Indeed, he’s quite the wind-up merchant. But apart from going viral for live-tweeting his takeaway plans, he’s also made some great tunes. He was one-third of dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man, along with Skream and Benga.

What happened to them?
After their 2010 album came out, Benga took a bit of a break and Skream turned to techno and bass-driven house, but Artwork went all funky. He’s been running a pretty special party called Art’s House for a little while now, which is a high-density rave-up complete with a disco, conga lines and all kinds of fun that often gets blurred out of most dance music. Artwork’s even taken his house party on tour.

Sounds like a removals company in the making! What’s next?
He’s gone and landed himself a permanent home at XOYO, doing a weekly ‘13 Works of Art’ residency from January to March. Having played at seven different XOYO residencies himself, he’s returning the favour with some pretty special guest artists. We’re talking Kenny Dope, Jackmaster, Derrick May, Peggy Gou and loads more. Oh, and a Big Apple Records reunion, meaning we’ll hopefully be treated to some old-school dubstep so wonky you’ll go from portrait to landscape.

Artwork’s residency runs Jan 5-Mar 30 2018.

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