Handel's 'Messiah' Staged

Music, Classical and opera

Merry Opera Company under music director Stephen Hose presents a staged production of Handel's sacred oratorio with 12 singers and organ accompaniment.

Director John Ramster’s dramatisation is inspired by the universal story of birth, death and resurrection. His production offers an intimate and personal insight to the meditations of 12 strangers as they question their faith. Each travels an emotional journey as despair, anger and doubt give way to hope, joy and a renewed belief in God and humanity.  As the singers move around the church and interact with each other the audience is drawn into their individual stories.

The singers are Larissa Blackshaw, Daisy Brown, Rhonda Browne, Lucy Goddard, Tim Hamilton, Thomas Herford, WeiHsi Hu, Rod Morris, Clare Presland, Matthew Quirk, Daniel Roddick and Glenn Tweedie.


Event phone: 020 7222 1061
Event website: http://www.sjss.org.uk
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