Hilliard Ensemble and Fretwork

Music, Classical and opera

The Hilliard Ensemble choir and viol consort Fretwork perform Orlando Gibbons's 'Trust not too much, faire youth'; 'O that the learned poets of this time'; 'What is our life?'; 'How art thou thrald'; 'Daintie fine bird'; 'I waigh not fortunes frowne'; 'Faire is the rose'; 'Faire ladies that to love captived are'; Nico Muhly's 'My Days' for voices and 5 viols (world premiere). Then, Gibbons's 'Now each flowery bank of May'; 'Lais now old'; 'Ah! Dear heart'; 'Nay let me weep (elegy for Prince Henry)'; 'Nere let the sun'; 'Yet if that age had frosted ore his head'; and 'The silver swanne'. (Note: at 6pm, Richard Boothby discusses Orlando Gibbons, one of Jacobean and early Stuart England's greatest composers; £3.)