Indian Songs and Northumbrian Piano

Music, Classical and opera

Anando Mukerjee (tenor), with pianist Pavel Timofejevsky, sings A Scarlatti's 'Già il sole dal Gange'; Caldara's 'Selve amiche'; Caccini's 'Amarilli'; A Scarlatti's 'Violette'; Holst's 'Hymns of the Rig Veda (9 songs)'; Delius's 'Sakuntala'; 'Two Indian Love Songs: Indian Love Song and 'To the Queen of my Heart'. Then, Bridge's Two Tagore Songs: 'Speak to me, my Love' and 'Dweller in my deathless Dreams'; Alfano Liriche Tagoriane's 'Non partite amor mio'; 'Venne e mi sedate accanto'; Meyerbeer's 'O paradis' ('L'Africane').

The pianist Gillian Spragg then plays Holst's Toccata (1924) Two Northumbrian Folk Tunes; Two Pieces for Piano: Nocturne and Jig; Delius's Three Preludes; Dance for Harpsichord; Five Pieces: Mazurka; Waltz for a little girl; Waltz; Indian Love Song; and Lullaby (with Anando Mukerjee); Toccata; Elgar's Two Piano Pieces: 'In Smyrna' and 'Skizze'; Three Piano Pieces, Op 10:

Mazurka, Sérénade Mauresque and Gavotte.