NonClassical: Ligeti Quartet and Rarescale

Music, Classical and opera

The contemporary classical club night returns with sets from ensembles The Ligeti Quartet and Rarescale. With DJ sets from Gabriel Prokofiefv and Richard Lannoy.

Ligeti Quartet plays –

Christian Mason: 'Sai Ma'

John Adams: 'Fellow Traveller'

Anna Meredith: 'Songs for the M8'

Arvo Pärt: 'Frâtres'

Béla Bartók: Quartet No 4 (finale)

Rarescale plays –

Lorenz Dangel: 'Soundtracking'

Michael Oliva: 'Apparition and Release'

Elizabeth Brown: 'Antarctica'

Dan Di Maggio: 'Same Old Monsters' (world premiere)

Michael Oliva: 'Bereft Adrift'

Bret Battey: 'Paternoster’s Tricyclic Companion'

Scott Miller: 'Anterior/Interior'

Michael Oliva: 'A Memory of Spring'

(The Ligeti Quartet was formed in 2010 to perform the music of Gyorgy Ligeti. Rarescale features Carla Rees on flutes and Michael Oliva on Electronics.)