Pioneers of Percussion Festival: The Evolution of the Drum Kit

Music, Classical and opera
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This night celebrates the evolution of the drum kit over the last century and its huge influence on music across many genres. Featuring a screening of the award-winning 'Beware of Mr Baker' (2012), which  tells the story of how Ginger Baker became a pioneer of modern drumming, through his foundations in jazz and rock to his discovery of Afrobeat and African percussion. The screening is followed by a sequence of solo performances and talks from internationally acclaimed drummers Ralph Salmins (Van Morrison, McCartney, Madonna … ), Jean-Claude Webs (D.R. Congo: Kanda Bongoman, Sam Magwana) and Steve Noble (N.E.W., DECOY, Rip Rig & Panic … ) and DJs Gabriel Prokofiev and Sam Mackay.