Pioneers of Percussion Festival: The Evolution of the Drum Kit

Music, Classical and opera
This night celebrates the evolution of the drum kit over the last century and its huge influence on music across many genres. Featuring a screening of the award-winning 'Beware of Mr Baker' (2012), which  tells the story of how Ginger Baker became a pioneer of modern drumming, through his foundations in jazz and rock to his discovery of Afrobeat and African percussion. The screening is followed by a sequence of solo performances and talks from internationally acclaimed drummers Ralph Salmins (Van Morrison, McCartney, Madonna … ), Jean-Claude Webs (D.R. Congo: Kanda Bongoman, Sam Magwana) and Steve Noble (N.E.W., DECOY, Rip Rig & Panic … ) and DJs Gabriel Prokofiev and Sam Mackay.