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London Eye
London Eye

A sightseeing icon that’s as beautiful to look at as it is to look out from

Originally designed as one of the capital’s main commissions to mark the turning of the millennium, the London Eye has established itself as one of the skyline’s most loved features, long after the Y2K bug and the ‘Dome’ were forgotten.

The London Eye first started turning in spring 2000 and remains the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel. But wordy technical definitions aside, it’s simply a gloriously over-sized ferris wheel that carries its passengers in space-age pods on an elegantly paced journey to 135 metres up above the Thames and back down again.

Visitors kick off their round-trip with a brief 4D film in County Hall (where you get your tickets) to witness some stunning shots of London that you’ll soon get to see first-hand from the pods. Following the visual excitement, you’ll join a snaking queue (even more winding during the school holidays) in a wait to board the huge glass pods. Each one is surprisingly roomy, thanks to the 25-person capacity, so everyone has space to roam and get a good view. On a clear day you can see as far as Windsor Castle, and on most days you can see if the Queen’s opened the curtains at Buckingham Palace.

Thirty minutes later you’ll find yourselves back on terra firma as the wheel completes one full rotation. The ride is smooth and steady, so any age will enjoy the trip – so long as they don’t have a fear of heights. The wheel is also entirely wheelchair accessible.

The popularity of the London Eye has drawn other attractions to the same stretch of the South Bank, between Westminster Bridge and the Golden Jubilee walk bridges. County Hall is also a pleasure palace, housing a hotel, the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, The London Dungeon and Shrek’s Adventure London. Nearby Jubilee Gardens offer a chance for young families to run off steam after the queues and crowds, and the London Eye Pier directly below the wheel is a great place to jump onto one of the regular riverboat services that stop off at several points between Westminster and Greenwich.

By: Laura Lee Davies


Venue name: London Eye
Address: Riverside Building
County Hall
Opening hours: 2016 opening times. Apr daily 10am-9pm; May 1-26 and June 6-30 Sun-Thu 10am-9pm, Fri and Sat 10am-9.30pm; May 27-Jun 5 daily 10am-9.30pm; Jul and Aug daily 10am-9.30pm; Sep to Dec 10am-8.30pm (except Dec 24 10am-5.30pm, Dec 25 closed, Dec 31 10am-3pm).
Transport: Tube: Waterloo
Price: Available (online) from £23.45, £21 ages 3-15, free under-threes (free ticket must be booked).
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The Man on the Street
2 of 2 found helpful

As I walked across Westminster Bridge today I had to stop and take this photo. London is such an amazing city - and The London Eye is a worthy modern landmark contrasting with the history of Parliament opposite.  

John Cuthbert
1 of 1 found helpful

I would have reviewed 5, but it turns out I am surprisingly afraid of heights. My girlfriend loved it though, and thought seeing me go pale every time it stopped was incredibly funny. It was our 1 year anniversary, and I thought it would be nice to do something spectacular, and the views (what I could see of them sitting down with my eyes half shut anyway) certainly were spectacular. overall had a good time, and would probably do it again now I know there is no chance of dying horrifically. Thanks guys!

Neil H

If you only have a few days in London, one way to see the city from up high is the London Eye - each glass pod has interpretation panels with unparalleled views across the Thames. If you are feeling flush, there are also 'champagne' packages available.  The queue length to get on the Eye can be ridiculously long (up there with Madame Tussauds), so best to book in advance online (there is also a 15 % discount) - it is still comparatively expensive however (£23+ pp at the time of writing), so another (free) alternative may be the likes of the Sky Garden or one of the numerous bars in the Shard.


great for the tourist industry but i don't think its worth the price, I went using my merlin pass the queues are long, but great views over london. I bet this would be nice in the evening when all the lights are on


This big revolving wheel in the sky is in my opinion a little overrated but nevertheless a different way to view London from up above. Be prepared for long queues, lots of security checks and plenty of expensive photo opportunities. A little trivia for you is that there are 32 pods that can be occupied that represent how many London boroughs there are within the city and there is no number capsule 13 due to superstitious reasons. The experience is fairly quick, approximately 30 minutes and the London skyline is as ever, lovely to see. A little pricey but an experience and one to tick off your tourist in London list and you can say that you’ve been on the world’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel.

Tracey S

Great views over London if the sky is clear but not so great on a grey and gloomy day. It makes you realise just how much developments there are in London as we spent the time counting all the cranes we could see. It was a good one off experience and my son enjoyed it but not sure I would pay to go on it again!

Lise M

Had a great time on the London Eye. Even if it's a bit expensive, it's definitely a must do if you want to enjoy a wonderful view of London's skyline. The capsules are big enough to let people move around to enjoy the view and take pictures...and don't worry about vertigo, they move so slowly that you don't feel the high. You can also find interactive tablets explaining nicely the architecture and history of each building. I would recommend to go just before sunset as the city offers you a splendid illuminations show. 

Kirsty S

December is when the London Eye really comes to life and is a lovely treat for families and couples alike. Take a stroll down the London eye with all the glittering lights of Westminster/Southbank and right don to London Bridge. Beautiful scenery overlooking London at night on the London Eye and have a glass of milled wine next door.

Don't forget the ice skating rink and a stroll by the Southbank Xmas Market.


Misha M.

Gorgeous London landmark, but not sure that it's worth the 20 quid to go on there. 

Rellie Loves

If you're lucky enough to get a pretty empty pod so you can move around freely, then this is probably one of the best ways to see London's uninterrupted skyline and landmarks. It moves slowly enough so you can see everything without feeling rushed, so worth the money in my opinion. Sure, there are other free places to admire London from, but there are some things worth ticking off the bucket list and this is one. The South Bank itself also offers so many other attractions and beautiful scenery so you can make the most of your visit.

Tip: Don't bother buying the pricey photos they take of you, bring your own camera!

Liz G

Had a fabulous time on the London eye - queue moved quickly and the pods weren't too full either, allowing for lots of chances to move around and view the city from all angles. Well worth a visit.


The London Eye is lovely to look at from many different places in London.

The ride itself is underwhelming and overpriced. It currently costs over £20 for a standard ticket and almost £30 for a fast track ticket. The ordinary ticket will probably involve an hour of so of different queues and even the fast track isn't particularly speedy.

Once you are in it, there are views over London, but there are many places where it possible to get better views much more cheaply or free. My advice would be to continue walking down the South Bank and use the money you have saved to buy yourself a cocktail in the bar at the Shard. The views are more spectacular and you get a comfortable seat and a drink.

It is an iconic attraction in London and it started a fashion for big wheels in cities around the world, so I would be sad to see it go - however its time has passed and it no longer offers value for money here.


Big Chief take london eye. Heap good view of London. Everyone takes out camera or iphone for glorious pictures of London. Steal soul of London. Very beautiful.

Stephanie C

I remember the London Eye being hoisted into place and noone actually thinking they would be able to get it vertical! Anyway I cant believe that was in 2000 and 16 years on its still pulling all the punches all the tourists in us want. I went when was 20 and again when I was 33 and its still great. It moves very slowly and if youre not careful its all over before you know it. The ipads give a good outline of what everything is and I went on a Thursday afternoon during the summer holidays and it wasnt too packed. I counted about 20 of us in the pod which meant everyone could sit and wonder around. My top tip is you should try and work out when sunset is and visit at that time. Also its something you can do with kids and then the elderly. Its quite friendly. Another tip is when they take your picture at the beginning of the ride, make sure you also take the picture when you are in the pod. The reason for this is 1 picture costs £20 but 2 costs £25 and you get a book, the online copies and a magnet and keyring holder so a lot of perks for £5 more. Our second picture was terrible but the first picture they take whilst youre waiting was so nice we forked out the extra £5 and werent disappointed :D 


When I am standing in one of the London Eye pods, I always enjoy the pamaramic views of London, buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Charring Cross Station and the MI5 building. What I have always loved though is watching all the new buildings appear. London is a very exciting time at the moment, and the skyline is awash with cranes - much of it is a building site. Like many of London's landmarks it gets very busy, particularly where it is situation. Arrive early, buy a guide, they may be pricey but you'll appreciate it once you are on your way round and want to identify sites.


This is a cool thing to do and when it opened offered the best views in London. However, now many more skyscrapers have popped up I would say that you could go other places for better views so this attraction is my books as a tourist trap. However I still enjoy seeing it bright lights when viewing from afar. 


A must experience in London. I went with my parents when they came to visit and we got the fast track tickets, which was about 30min wait and it includes a little map of the city, The line seems to be moving very fast, which makes you feel much better. And the view and experience is fabulous. Definitely go at least once.


Such an iconic landmark in London and part of the City landscape, that's something nobody can doubt. I really love walking past or pictures in which it is featured. Now as impressive or lovely as it might be from the outside, the ride on it is yet a totally different (and disappointing I must say) experience. 

It was just not what we were expecting. After so much queuing, you end up in a packed cabin with 20 more people and, yeah, try to see or take a picture of something if you can with everybody else barrelling towards the windows to try to take a selfie. In addition the windows on my cabin were not that clean so overall not the relaxing experience I was expecting. Views are quite spectacular, but there are other viewpoints in London with similar views but minus the queues, the price and the tourists. 


Whether you're a tourist or a Londoner, this is definitely a 'must do'. The sights are second to none, it is the perfect amount of time that it lasts for (not too long that it's boring, not too short that you don't feel you've got your moneys worth). Ideally you would get the best experience on a fine summers day, but equally in the evening, seeing London lit up so beautifully is also a real treat. Get your camera and get snapping our stunning City!!

Violet M

I know it's touristy ('cause hey, I'm a true Londoner, yo!) but I loved the London Eye. 

Tickets are not the cheapest admittedly, and the cycle seems short. It's meant to be a 30-minute ride, but it felt more like 15. That aside, it is so incredibly cool to see the city sparkling beneath you. I went at night-time with some friends. The interactive maps show you were things are at, and it was fun trying to figure out where our offices were, or our university and the direction of our flats. 

I'd definitely like to go again - either during the day if it's sunny or at dusk. Would love to be able to afford one of those special champagne pods (someday, right! Right..?). 

Well worth a visit.

Mei M

On a nice, clear day, especially if you go when the sun is setting, the London Eye is one of the best thing you could do. You will be able to enjoy stunning views of London in all its beauty, from great heights, in a beautiful spacious cabin. The London Eye is easy to reach, I usually go there from Waterloo station as I really enjoy walking along the Thames on that side. You can also go there from Westminster, and that walk is also a very pretty one! 

The only thing I strongly suggest is book online to avoid the queues, that can be kilometers long on fine days. It's not cheap but definitely worth it, especially if you want to surprise your date with special views over one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

moderatorStaff Writer

There are plenty of other viewing platforms in London, and much higher ones to boot, but the Eye is a truly unique experience, and the location on the Southbank opposite the Houses of Parliament make it my favourite one.


The London Eye is to London what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. When it was first built people hated it and found it an eyesore. Now, it's hard to imagine the city without it. 

Situated on the South Bank, this little strip of London can be a soul sucking experience, but one that must be done to prove your merit in our great city. Dare you navigate the crowds to reach the long queue for tickets? Definitely book online to skip that line, but not TOO Far in advance that you cannot check the weather forecast to ensure decent skies. 

It's fairly pricey and for a family a bit of a strain on the wallet, but if the views are good-- it is one of the best 30 minutes or so of your day. Or a sweet date. Or splurge and rent the entire capsule and have a mini party. 

Kritt N

The London Eye needs no introduction. It’s one of London’s iconic and recognisable landmark.

Built to mark the beginning of the new millennium, this observation wheel offers passenger spectacular panoramic views of London’s skyline. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see up to 40 km away. It rotates 26cm per second, which is twice as fast as a tortoise sprinting, and the 32 capsules (which represents the 32 London boroughs) can carry up to 800 people people per rotation. Each rotation will last roughly 30 minutes.

As an observation deck, there’s not much you can do except admire the breath-taking view of London. It doesn't disappoint. It’s spectacular during the day and night. At night, you’ll see London lit up like never before, twinkling and glittering below you.

These days there are variations to your London Eye experience if you time it right. For example, you might be enjoying a glass or bubbly or two with a special someone for Valentine’s.

It’s a great attraction for the whole family to enjoy. Who doesn’t enjoy a good view after all?. It’s picture-pretty. It’s instagrammable. Keep an eye on the weather though. You don’t want to go on a rainy day. The flecks of rain on the glass of the capsule may obscure your view. It’s also very popular during the day so try to visit later in the evening if you can.

NakedPRGirl Claire

London Eye is a show stopper innit! So it's like a 5 star for looks and 3 for being on it so I'm giving it a 4 overall! It's a cracker on Southbank and I love it every time I see it...however if you go on it...not so impressive! The queue might look ok when you arrive, but there's like a queue to queue to queue - yikes the British like queuing but still! On board, you're with loads of other tourists so you all have to take turns taking snaps, although it's big enough for you all the hover around one side or another. It's quite a slow ride especially when you might have waited a couple of hours to get on. If you like a view, try the top of Primrose Hill, the Shard, Skylon Restaurant or Oxo Tower.

Kirsty E

One of the "must do" attractions in London, although perhaps not the most exciting. The views are very impressive and arguably the best of the many viewpoint attractions in the city (including the Shard). However, it is a very slow ride, so it becomes a little boring once you have pointed out and taken photos of all the visible landmarks.

The queues are ridiculous every day of the week. Make sure you pre-book to save time and money as tickets are cheaper in advance and you will queue upwards of an hour if you want to buy at the attraction. Fortunately, there is always plenty going on at the South Bank to keep you occupied though.

Go if you are a tourist and want to see all the wonderful sights of London, or even as a Londoner that hasn't yet visited the wheel. Just don't expect to need a return visit.


Great views of London, but at a fairly inflated price. There are 32 capsules and it takes about thirty mins. The views are phenomenal, but I'm not sure it's worth the money. It's one of England's greatest landmarks and is iconic of London. It's better to book in advance as the queues on the day are long.

Jorge A.
Staff Writer

Views are great, and the experience is long enough to satisfy everyone. The negative point is the (always long) waiting queue, and the price.

South Carolina

After three years in London I finally did what as a new Londoner I vowed I would do. I guess I can go now, eh? While I’ll admit I caught the eye on one of those all too familiar gray, drab days it was still amazing. It’s one thing that I’d say everyone living in London should definitely do, it gives you an opportunity to see London in a totally different way (I had no idea the Thames was so bendy!) You’ll find yourself overhearing tourists pointing out all the big landmarks while you try to find home or your favourite lunch spot. The queue wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated, it’s a bit pricey so maybe wait until you have a visitor then get yourself into one of those signature orbs!

Corina B

The truth is that the views are incredible and nothing really beats them, nevertheless I'm not really quite sure it's worth it. If you've got the money and time to spare then this a perfect experience, if not, you might be better off going to the shard for an amazing view. The queue is ridiculous,especially on a cold day, and although the views are incredibly beautiful, after the first 10 minutes you've taken all the pictures you could possibly want to take. 


Looks great on the outside, but not awe inspiring on the inside.

Views on the river and houses of Parliament are great, not jaw dropping, but still lovely. Pick a sunny day for the real experience. But there’s nothing another tall building or rooftop in London couldn’t give you.

A few tips for those who still want to go:

First: buy your tickets in advance. You will still have to queue, but an hour is better than two!

Second: beware of the tourists. You’ll be sharing the pod with strangers and will definitely have to battle them and their selfie sticks for the best vantage spots.

Third: do not rush. The wheel spins very slowly. Take your time; you’ll have plenty of chances to see Big Ben all you want. If you rush it, you might get very bored…

Tiago Almeida

I brought my niece from Portugal has a reward for her good grades and this meant that I was able to be a tourist again and do many of the things I haven't done since I arrived, the London Eye was an obvious attraction to go.

Beautiful views (even with cloudy sky) and I would even say that it's much better then what you see from the shard.

Highly recommended!


Despite being relatively recently erected (1999), it is considered one of the most iconic landmarks in London. Imagine a metallic circular structure with 120m diameter and glass capsules full of people going round & round! You will be amazed from the view up there, seeing Thames river/Westminster Palace/Big Ben etc. But...the tickets are too expensive and the queues are so long...I am not so sure if it's really worthy paying for that, instead of just spend some time outside to have a look on it... 

Pavlos G
Staff Writer

Great to go at least once. The view from the top of the London Eye is amazing. You can see the whole of London. The wheel spins very slowly so you have enough time to take all the pictures you need and feast your eyes with the view. 

Jerry C

Just been back to The London Eye for the first time in ten years. Man it's still a good ride and on a clear day you can see for miles - but the PRICE OF THIS ATTRACTION - I think it would be cheaper to hire a helicopter lol.

Lady of Leisure

Went to a Time Out Card event here last night and had a great time! We started with champagne cocktails in the VIP Pommery Champagne Bar and then headed over for a private rotation with more champagne. The service and the views were both stunning!

Becka Seymour

I booked the London eye as a birthday surprise for my husband, neither of us had been up in the evening, and the skyline was beautiful! Staff were all very helpful and ushered us through quickly ahead of a large school party. All in all, a wonderful experience!


APPALLING EXPERIENCE! As I made two bookings for a total of 3 people through TimeOut site i was refused entrance to the attraction on the grounds that i should have printed the vouchers beforehand. given that i was a tourist in London it was hard for me to print it let alone the fact that nowhere in your site stated that I would be refused entrance if i didnt. So i had to queue TWICE ( approx. 50 min per time) only to be asked to RE-BUY the tickets and asked for a refunfd from TimeOut. When I contacted TimeOut customer Service i was directed to " encore" company. A week later i m still waiting for a single reply to my letter of comlaint. BOTH THE EDF ENERGY LONDON EYE and the TIMEOUT are REDICILOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE given the tasks and responsibilities they assume as of that of a World famous attraction such as the london Eye. I regret every minute i spent booking the attraction and I would expect both Companies to have already acted towards my refund instaed of redirecting me here and there. APPALLING!

George A

I went at nighttime, and the light over London were beautiful, I am not a massive fan of heights, so I thought it would be really scary!! But it wasn't that bad, and I absolutely loved it!!


This is a real test of calmness for a tourist as you need to queue for quite a while. So before visiting the London Eye you need to practice being calm and patient. If you need something to amuse yourself while waiting, you could check out the Party Ideas Incubator on YouTube from your smartphone. Some people send me tweets @bigsands and I send them links to my Pinterest board with more images of London - After surviving the queues, get ready to capture some amazing views of London. If you tweet, then get someone to take a picture of you up inside the capsule with Big Ben in the background and send it to @bigsands. The best thing about the London Eye is that they allow you to hire a private capsule. They may even allow you to have 2 or 3 musicians as you enjoy champagne in your private capsule.


Enjoyed a lovely view of the whole of London on the London. It was a cold snowy day in London. most parts of London were covered with snow. Beautiful Scene. No queue either.