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Readers recommend

Voice your opinion on the city's openings and events and you could win yourself a bottle of Champagne Lanson


We're dedicated to finding London's greatest treasures, but we couldn't do it without the thousands of readers who share their recommendations with us. Read on to discover the places that Londoners really love... and love to hate.

Review of the week

David Glowacki on...'Her'
  • 2 out of 5 stars

'The film starts quite well. It shows us how much technology impacts on our everyday modern lives. However the concept of falling in love with a cyberspace PC entity is just taken too far for anyone to be taken in. If it had more humour then the ridiculous could be taken at face value. The plot descends into such sloppy romantic slush that I found several scenes embarrassing. In fact, the long repetitive scenes of out right maudlin sentiments coupled with endless romantic piano music in the background were just so cringeworthy that it was extreme even for an American film.'

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