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Bodo's Schloss

Please note, Bodo's Schloss has now closed. Time Out Food editors, July 2017.

For the residents of Kensington left pining for the slopes of Klosters, Bodo’s Schloss is there to provide some small comfort. An alpine cabin – vibrantly realised in gingham, lederhosen and cow hide – is the setting in which to enjoy traditional Austrian cuisine of schnitzel and sauerkraut. After dinner, take your piste-weary legs to the dancefloor for ‘Die Diskotheque’, a not-so-après-ski party. 


Venue name: Bodo's Schloss
Address: 2 Kensington High Street
W8 4RE
Opening hours: Open 5pm-1am Mon-Wed; 5pm-2am Thur; 5pm-3am Fri, Sat. Meals served 5-10pm Mon-Sat. Disco 10pm-2am Thur; 10pm-3am Fri, Sat
Transport: Tube: High Street Kensington tube
Price: Main courses £15-£24. Set menu £28-£38 3 courses. Admission £10 after 10pm Thur; £15 after 9pm Fri, Sat. Meal for two with drinks and service: around £80
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Lovely venue when you first arrive, but it all goes downhill from there. Tend to agree with all the other negative reviews about this place. It's clear that the place is focused solely on making money. Set menu of £28 was way overpriced, and the food was average. Drinks were equally as expensive and the staff are unfriendly and rude. We were all crammed onto one long table, and once we finished our meal (we were rushed into finishing 3 courses in about an hour and a half), they told us we had to move to the bar, where there was no space to stand. They then ushered in the next group of unsuspecting souls who will no doubt have received the same terrible service and dead average food. 15% service charge was also extortionate. When I queried the service charge, I was told that "yes it is optional for you, but if you don't pay it, someone else at your table will have to". Also, it probably shouldn't be called 'service' charge when clearly there wasn't any proper service. The place has such potential, but I won't be going back any time soon and wouldn't recommend it.

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I don't even want to give this place a star. If I could - stars, then I would. I had organised a Christmas party and provided senior management with a guest list as instructed. We had a table booked for 6 people for dinner and then around 20-30 people were going to join us for drinks after in the club. This was all approved well in advanced by management. We turned up for dinner to be greeted by very arrogant staff members. Food was ok, absolutely nothing special. My boyfriend had the soup and it wasn't even 2 mouthfuls, it was ridiculous how small the portions were! I use to work in hospitality and the service was appalling by all standards! I asked for a jug of water 3 times and then they came back and only topped up the water glasses, they cleared plates while people were still eating, it took ages to get one of waiting staff's attention and when you did, they looked at you in a disgusting manor. No friendly smiles anywhere. Menu options were uninspiring and boring. When we were in the middle of dinner, we then got a call from our other guests to say they were not letting people in, even though we had a guest list! My boyfriend went to speak to the manager to discuss the issue, however he really didn't care and was as arrogant as they come. I then asked the lady at the front door if I could go outside to talk to my boyfriend (as he was outside making calls re-arranging the whole night) and she told me the bouncer would put a stamp on my wrist, which is fair and understandable. However when I came back in, she asked me for an admission fee. I showed her my stamp and she looked at me blankly and asked again for an admission fee to which I explained that I had spoken to her less than 5 minutes before and I only went outside to talk to my boyfriend as well as having a table in the restaurant. AGAIN she looked blankly at me as if I was talking Chinese... I then explained again, obviously talking slowly so she can understand and thank god she finally got it! We then took all our guests to the Kensington club over the road. Everyone from the door staff to management were brilliant which is just what we needed! I also learnt the system at Bodo Schloss, the staff get a guestlist of there own, if you are important ( Prince Harry) or a free loader who knows the staff, then you can get in. The real money people, actual customers get nothing and treated with total disrespect. It's a shame, as a PA to a CEO to a very well known company, I can tell you now that I would not recommend this place to clients, colleagues and even senior executives or even other high profile PA's. I would love to see the management's respond to ALL the negative comments bellow as I am yet to get an apology myself.

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Awful! Rude staff, over priced drinks, wish we'd not bothered.

John Ham
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Ridiculously expensive, I mean 6 Jaeger-bombs costing £66, I could of bought 6 Jaeger bottles for that price. Music nothing special, just a rip off. Another friend bought 8 shots, 8 bottle of beer costing £135. Come on

Felix H
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Bodo's schloss is the worst restaurant, the worst bar, And the worst club i have ever had the misfortune of visiting. No redeeming features whatsoever. If you want to watch c***s eat overpriced fondue while a depressed waitress dressed as an alpine caricature serves you poor quality vodka off a faux ski for £8.50 a go then get yourself down there. Jesus Christ.

James L
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Waiting at the bar to buy a drink after arriving, I was shocked to see the beers that were being poured with huge heads of froth, containing perhaps only 4 fifths of a glass of beer, for waitresses to take to tables.  Hoping for the best I ordered 3 beers and 1 glass of house red to be landed with a bill for £24.50.  Suspecting I had been overcharged I asked how much the beers were to be told a pint of beer costs £6.50.  Yes, you read that right.  From then on we ordered house red wine by the bottle for £19 a pop.  To top it off the staff come round collecting glasses that still have beer in them... I wouldn't be surprised if I found out they recycled it to make a little extra money.  And all this in an Austrian place.

The food was average and the portions small.  Probably because the fat man with fireworks eats it all (and drinks all the beer), which would explain the need to mark up their prices so much.  Also, they call lettuce, "shredded iceberg".  That explains a lot actually.  A couple of staff were very nice.  Most of them the complete other end of the spectrum, to put it in the nicest way possible.  First prize goes to the girl in the cloakroom.  You should have seen the look of contempt on her face when I handed over my ticket to collect my coat.

I only hope people read these reviews before going here.  Spread the message and perhaps we can save people's time and money.

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This place is terrible! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME and MONEY there After spending 1000 pounds on a meal for 17 people you would have thought that the restaurant would appreciate your company but no.... the bouncers threw two people from our group out on two separate ocassions. and trust me there were much more roudier people in the club that were still there. when we tried to stop them we found out that we werent the only group being treated so badly, others got a similar terrible customer service and got kicked out for no particular reason. when we all left the place we understood why our friends got kicked out - there is a massive queue and all they want to do is exctract as much money as possible from as many people. the waiter spilt a drink all over my friend and didn't even apologise, we also got pushed around by the waiters as they were 'transforming' the restaurant into the nighclub. the food was average and certainly not worth the money we paid. and one other minor detail they forget to mention on the website - the service charge is 15% on top of your bill. three words - AVOID this place!

Emily Barker
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Unhappy we were turned away we are (3 women in their 30's, professional, not under the influence) The door staff just didn't like the look of us. Embarrasing. I did however experience a good level of service at a private event. Good days and bad I guess but rather too early in their opening for any bad days. I don't care who the clientelle are.

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I am so please other people are spreading the word about how totally awful this place is. I attempted to go here for a friends birthday - there were almost 100 of us - well dressed, young crowd. You'd think they'd be happy for the revenue we would be giving them. The birthday boys had been strictly warned about getting everyone in before 10 as we were on guestlist. However as we arrived at 9.45 the arrogant HORRIBLE door staff informed us that we wouldn't even be letting people think about coming in on guestlist until after 10.30. We tried to explain our friends had told us otherwise and i cannot explain how rude the door staff were, we literally may as well have been the sick on the floor that they were washing away (right next to us and yeah they did get some on our shoes). Upon returning with the birthday boys, the door staff again couldnt have cared less about getting us in and herded us into an enormous queue with everyone else on the guestlist - EVEN THOUGH WE HAD BEEN PROMISED WE WOULDN'T HAVE TO QUEUE. I wouldn't be so angry if we didn't have to pay to get in but they wanted us to queue up like students to get into their crap wooden cabin and then pay £15 just for entry. That alone should have given them reason to let us in - almost £1500 of our money without us even buying drinks. So we waited in the snow in our party dressed (as you have to be dressed particularly smartly here otherwise they would turn you away with a hand to the face) and froze to the point where i could no longer feel my arms or legs at which point i thought - why am i giving these awful, money grabbing, a**holes my money. So i left, and i assure you i will be spreading the word with friends and acquaintances and i will never be returning. After following up with the brave few that decided to queue up for over an hour an a half in the freezing cold to get into a stupidly novelty bar - they said that it was a shocking night and believe it or not the staff went from highly rude to tragically rude. I warn you now Bodo's Schloss - reputation becomes a lot in London and you are a novelty club. Unless you get new staff that don't have the longest metal rod shoved up their backsides and actually have a sense of what CUSTOMER SERVICE is then no-one will care you exist in a few months and you'll be putting up the 'for sale' signs before you know it. I doubt 1 of the 100people i went with last night would bother returning - so really you couldn't have put on a worse show. PEOPLE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THESE PRETENTIOUS IDIOTS.

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Over priced - arrogant staff at the fornt of house - I won't be back!!

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Wouldn't give any stars if I could. Staff is just very rude and don't seem to be enjoying what they're doing, you won't get any smiles or banter there. Just zero customer service. Don't bother going. Based on all the reviews here, I don't think this place is going to last very long.

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I never write reviews, but this place is horrible and so deserves a few bad things being said. The doorman - super rude but an excellent liar. Told us it was too packed inside and wouldn't let our group in (it was a Monday night... who goes out on a Monday night...? We were there for a leaving do... but who are all these other people who apparently do nothing on a Tuesday?). Of course, it was not super packed, not even packed. I could have cartwheeled through the middle of the place. The DJ doesn't take song requests because he is a serious DJ. So serious, that he is holed up in a grounded gondola with only his Mac and pre-set play list. But, seriously, don't even try to approach to ask for a song - he has a 95 lbs bodyguard who is pretty fearsome standing guard. The crowd.... if you're 17, idle rich, and think places are cool when people are rude then this is probably your place.

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Do not go here girls - we had a very unpleasant experience. The rudest doorman we have ever come across works here and he ended up making one of us cry, he was so horrid to us. Totally shocking. Anywhere that employs someone like that as a front man has got to step up their staff interview processes (and get some disciplinary ones going or your reputation will very soon be ruined!)

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Poor service, average food and extremely rude staff and management. Not worth the ridiculous prices they charge.

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Had a much worst affair with them last week for my girlfriend's 30th party. Plan was to have a dinner for 20 people and another 20 people come join for drinks later to experience the dance floor. Couldn't have been a worst nightmare. Perhaps the early indications should have warded us to look elsewhere but we decided to stick on, having faith in them. We still regret spending our hard-earned cash there to this day. In summary, the organising part was made all the more difficult by different hostess having different 'management rules'. Had booked a table for 7.30pm dinner seating and told will have to book another drinks table if we wanted to stay on having a table throughout the night. Fine. Only that the table has a minimum charge of GBP100 per head. On the actual night the food orders were slightly mixed up (but bright side was that it came pretty quick) and at 9 we were kicked off our dinner table and to transfer to our drinks table at the disco area. Got to the disco area and was told the tables are not assigned yet and the disco doesn't start until 10:30pm but we could just temporarily sit somewhere whilst waiting and have our cake. Twenty minutes in, another staff member comes over and very rudely scolds us asking what we're doing as we can't just sit anywhere. Tried explaining we had booked a table for 10 people at 9:30pm and he said that's somewhere the lounge apparently. After much fuss he let us sit where we were (probably because the other table wasn't ready yet). As for drinks, we had asked previously that drinks ordered at the bar could be combined on to the min spend of the table and they said yes. We even checked with the girl behind the bar. However, this caused an issue later with the 'table waiter' and the bar staff arguing because the waiter said the minimum spend table tab only allows purchase of drinks from the menu which are bottles of champagne and spirits (none of the advertised schnapps, beer or cocktails). To top it off, we had friends arriving queuing outside in the wet and cold and told they weren't allowed in because they're not on the guestlist (we were told there wasn't going to be one!). Overall one of the worst experiences I would come to expect from a place that is on the West higher end of town (plus additional price premiums). Clearly the management had no clue or set 'rules' and kept sending conflicting messages not only to the visitors but to their staff (as the bar girl was frustrated as well). Please spend your money somewhere else. The food isn't all that to rave about in the first place and the only thing that went well was the good music but that only lasted an hour or so. The management and staff are clearly not well managed/organised at all.

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Was supposed to join a party at this place this evening and we had a table booking. I had to wait for half an hour with many people jumping the queue, before giving up and leaving. I spoke to the doorman before doing so and it was clear he had no idea what was going on. It is amazing how badly people behave when approaching a night club. If this is how management wishes to run their business, good luck to them, I won't be returning.

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Food is OK (if you are into schnitzels), but the service is maybe the worst I've seen in London. Staff is not only slow, but when they finally arrive, they never have what you've ordered, to top this up they try to argue with you... & that's nothing compared to what happens when the place turns into a "club". Whoever put that night shift girl at the door should tell her that she doesn't get a penny every time she uses the word "honey", so she might want to lay off it a little. The staff behind the bar are lovely, however they can't really make most cocktails...however they will tell u the 1 or 2 cocktails they know how to make which makes your ordering faster indeed.. All in all an interesting place with cheery atmosphere. Not sure I'll be going back any time soon though...

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100% agree with the NEGATIVE reviews. We were just stopping by for a drink before 11PM which is quite early and got turned away by the rude bouncer. Everyone who was actually getting into this place looked exactly the same, early 20's Caucasian blonde, i think the staff is a bit discrimintory against anyone who does not fit in this category.

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This place is HORRIBLE, do not recommend anyone to go! I celebrated my birthday there last weekend, stayed for a dinner there and for a drinks and as soon as it converted to the club the stuff got really rude. They were pushing everyone, stepping on girls feet and once my friend asked them to be slightly more careful they kicked him out! I tried to speak to the manager and was refered to the doorman, some promoter who they call a manager, who didn't even try to help or listen to my side of the story. We ended up leaving the place by 11 pm and never ever plan to come back!!! Don't want anyone treat me or my friend like that especially for my birthday!

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even 1 rating is too much for the place! after a booking for us and some friends we found that some of our friendwasnt let in. if that not enough the music sounded like to be fro a previous century. maybe if you still live in 20 years a go sound go there. although you wont be impressed more like depressed of paying expensive cocktail prices which weren't even average quality and being bombed with some really boring music that you your grand dad might have enjoyed that you realise this is one of those places with big marketing budget to make the place look good but it really Is horrible! they might pay a celebertiy to show up for a night to get in to papers(adds) but really they are poor ...... wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

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Agree with Sophie, we turned up at 9pm for a friends Birthday and were told to return at 10.30 as it was full capacity. When we did return at 10.30 we were told the girls could go in but the guys couldn't. The guy who was deciding who could go in and who wouldn't was arrogant and on a power trip. Again it says those who take part in wearing traditional lederhosen, dirndl or mountain wear may entitle complimentary entrance. Once inside wearing dirndl's we were asked to pay and turned away by the people inside only to have to go back outside to show the guy what we were wearing to be told a password to use once back inside to gain the free entry! Door staff very rude and drinks over priced for what has the potential of being a really great place!


I have such mixed feelings about this venue. On the one hand I had an amazing thursday evening in fits of giggles with my fairly rowdy table of colleagues. Being rowdy is encouraged from the moment you sit down and shots are free so it is not long before tables are mixing, Dutch hats are being made out of napkins and everyone gets in the spirit of things and nothing is taken too seriously. The steak was delicious, the warm pretzels served on wooden trees were addictive and the chocolate fondue was naughty but nice. The downfall for me was the humm of farty feet cheese from the abundance of cheese fondues you only notice when reenterig the dining hall and the Karaoke that erupted shortly before I made an extremely swift exit! This venue should be experienced once and only once is my recommendation.

Emily M

I've been here a few times and actually know a few of the staff but were forced to queue outside when we arrived in order to make the place look busy which was frustrating. When we went inside, it wasn't actually that busy at all. The music is mostly pop music which, being the basic bitch I am, I love. I've been here before for dinner which was actually really enjoyable. The food was tasty and the portions were quite big. The club vibe after though isn't amazing and their house wine tastes like vinegar (just a warning). 


I came here for dinner on a Monday night and the place looks fun enough, but the food wasn't great and the staff seemed a bit confused at times by some very simple questions. They also kept trying to top up my wine when I wasn't looking which, while might be welcomed by some, isn't when I'm only having one because I'm driving! I can't comment on the behaviour of the staff when this place is busy but it seems there are two modes to this place, a restaurant and then a club in the evening. I'm sure things get a bit rammed in here but I'm not really in a hurry to find out. Average.

Sam Atkinson

PLEASE DON'T GO, MASSIVE RIP OFF, THE MANAGERS ARE THE BIGGEST CON ARTISTS IT'S UNREAL, the place looks nice but if ur not spending or buying the amount they want, your OUT!!!


Good fun until at 9pm the taps go off and you have to pay £8 for a bottle of beer :-( But I guess that's Kensington prices.


We went for dinner here last night n had a very mixed experience - the food was actually very, as was the service and atmosphere until about 10pm, it then suddenly turned into a club, we wernt offered desserts or coffee and they practically kicked us off the table. Not before trying to round up a bill of £180 (which already included a 15% service charge) to £200, and getting no apology from the waiter when we realised just a look of discuss that we wouldn't pay it. We the tried queuing for the bar for 15 mins only to told rudely there was no vodka.. We would have stormed out, but unluckily we had put our coats in the cloak room so had to queue for another Half hour to get them back! Potential to be a great place but seriously need to sort out the details and the rude staff.


Visited this newly opened bar/restaurant last night with some friends. The concept of "Austrian ski lodge" is fun and the atmosphere was buzzy, although at times it was a little hard to hear our conversation. We were seated in the restaurant area, where we were served by waiters in lederhosen - very kitsch! While the food is tasty and not extortionately expensive, the portions are certainly on the small side - not what you would expect from a Germanic themed venue where you would imagine hearty plates of comfort food. I ordered the house dumplings and sausages, and it was nothing like the sort of food that you see in central Europe. The sausages were tiny, like chipolatas, and the dumplings were stuffed with some kind of mincemeat and had the texture of dim sum, not the lovely doughy balls that you would expect. Having spent a lot of time in Germany & Austria (and being a big fan of the cuisine), I was a little disappointed. The service is not great. Bizarrely most of the table staff working that night could not understand English. My friend had asked for a side order of fries, which didn't arrive with the rest of our food. When she grabbed a passing waiter to ask where they were, he just looked at us blankly while saying in very broken English that he didn't know what "fries" were. We had a similar experience when trying to order some more wine from another passing waiter later in the evening. As an aside, when we did get to speak to someone about the missing fries - who did know what were talking about - he blithely said to us "oh yeah, I forgot to add those to your order"...... We were asked to vacate our table after a couple of hours because the next reservation was due - which we were expecting (although I still hate that). However, the person who asked us to move on (guy in a suit, possibly the manager?) was rude and dismissive. He said that we could go to the bar and when I asked him if there were seats available in there, he said walked off and said "no" over his shoulder. "Fine", we thought, "we'll get the bill and go elsewhere in that case". The bill arrives and with it is a whopping 15% service charge. When we try to explain to the waiter (whose English was better than most but which conveniently seemed to fail him during this discussion) that this was too much and that we weren't prepared to pay it, we were told that the service charge is not optional and that we have to pay up. Absolutely disgraceful. The impression that I got of Bodo's Schloss is that it is one of those venues that thinks very highly of itself without bothering to put in the legwork that is required to make it work. It is clearly trading on it's PR and "image" to attract the "right kind of crowd" (indeed, a minor member of the Royal Family was sat at table next to us) but, to me, this just smacks of arrogance and a lack of respect for the customer. Not recommended.

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My friend organised my surprise 30th Birthday here and I had the best time ever.......staff were amazing, there was an impromptu 'Sound of Music' dance in the middle of the restaurant, where all the staff stopped what they were doing to take part!!!! Absolutely hilarious night, really cool music and massively recommended to anyone up for a lot of light entertainment and who has wants a kitch night our in London. Bodo's definitely doesn't take itself too seriously!!

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Went to Bodo's last Friday for a friend's birthday and had the best time. Felt like I was back in St schnitzel was delicious, great wine, yum cocktails, and spent the rest of the evening dancing like crazy! Defintely coming back ASAP!

Sarah Davies
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I went to Bodo's Schloss recently with a few friends for my birthday and had the best night. We had dinner first and a very pleasant waitress who was dressed in traditional wear (as were most of my friends) we had schnitzel and schnapps and a big headache the next day but definitely worth it!

Katy D
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I hosted my best friend's 30th here on the much fun. We weren't expecting much from the food, as we had only really heard about the nightclub but it was brilliant! If you want fine dining then no, this is not the place but it was absolutely delicious and the waitresses and staff made the experience so much fun. We had booked a club table for straight after the meal and when the DJ started (I recognised him from Arts Club) the place kicked off - they did different shows throughout the night and the service was flawless. Absolutely loved it, if you love apres ski then check it out. xxxx

Lucy F
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Such a fun place hidden away on High Street Ken! The decor, food and apres are all super authentic - with a really fun party atmosphere!! We danced well into the night - having the best time!! Being allowed to dance up on the booths and order cocktails in ski boots really gave it that ski party vibe! We will certainly be back!

Christopher M
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Staff Writer

Good venue and guaranteed to have loads of fun. The venue is an Austrian restaurant that turns into a club.

I would suggest you book a table for dinner with friends if you want to avoid queues and door entry fees.