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Please note, Boho Mexica is now closed. Time Out Eating & Drinking editors, September 2016.

Boho Mexica’s claims to authenticity rely on its domestic labour-of-love approach – chef Tía Patty, the owner’s aunt, uses recipes learnt from her mother. While a starter of bland guacamole disappointed, painstaking care showed through in another of slow-cooked beef brisket, and crispy tostadas of green plantain topped with prawns and roasted habanero peppers had us happily glugging back our cocktails.

The long, slim interior feels fresh and lively, with a bar that snakes through the whole restaurant. Cartoons of cocktail party guests on the walls reinforces the vibe of bonhomie; elsewhere it’s all mock adobe and colourful Mexican posters. The seating plan is casual, with places at the bar and even a tiny corner table for one – you could come in for tacos and a beer without feeling uncomfortable – plus a few tables set away from the chatter-filled hustle and bustle.

Mains of pulled pork enchiladas with salsa roja, and puerco enchilanchado (chilli-marinated pork with plentiful side dishes) combined belly-filling substance with vibrant flavours, but pulpos encebollados (squid and baby octopus spiked with chilli, onion and lime) was far too tart.



Venue name: Boho Mexica
Address: 151-153 Commercial Street
E1 6BJ
Opening hours: Lunch served noon-2.30pm Wed-Fri. Brunch served 12.30-4.30pm Sun, Sun. Dinner served 5.30-10pm Mon, Tue; 5.30-11pm Wed, Thur; 5-11.30pm Fri, Sat; 5-10.30pm Sun
Transport: Shoreditch Hight Street Station
Price: Main courses £10.50-£15.95
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This is one of my go to places to catch up with a friend. This small Mexican place has good vibes, great drinks, friendly staff and delicious food that won’t break the bank. It is a small and intimate place and is great because you can always start off at the bar with one of their many different margaritas (cucumber or passion fruit) or, if you need to quench some serious thirst after work, their Mexican beers with fresh lime juice (and chili or salt on the rim) are perfect.Although I must admit that I prefer my guac a little more limey, everything is very fresh and without a doubt homemade. There are some great starters available, like beef brisket or tostadas de ceviche. And the mains are delicious and filling and it’s not just tacos and fajitas either. In fact, they are not even on the menu. This is real Mexican (as is its owner). So it’s a great place to try something new like the Bistec a la Mexicana: tender strips of beef in a rustic tomato herb sauce that sweet plantains, rice, black bean puree and fresh corn tortillas. It was delicious, as always.

I can't believe that it has happened in London which is the city with the best restaurant service in Europe. I booked a table for 12 people and when we went to the restaurant they gave us 2 different tables. When I kindly tried to explain to the waitress that we wanted to be all together she was really rude to me. What kind of service is that?
We tried don't take too seriously as we were celebrating and we sit in two different tables. We had some drinks and aperitifs and after that the manager came to ask us for a table that finally wasn't occupied (as two of my friends couldn't come in the last moment). We said that with one less table we can't see each other as we did our best to be seated face to face although one person was giving his back everybody. The manager started a discussion for no reason and the worst! he was very very rude with one of my friends who tried to explain the situation in calm and with good manners. We cancel and left then he had all the tables that he needs. I used to go to this restaurant but bad manners never has a excuse. I have been a waitress in the past, it's a easy work, the only thing you have to do is to be nice and to look after your costumers, I don't think it's so difficult! The waitress was a blond Italian girl and the manager a short and thin guy. I hope the owner ask them for responsibilities. My 11 friends and me won't come back and we are writing reviews. Everybody has a bad day but don't pay that with your costumers it's not our fault...

I had arranged to have my birthday dinner at Boho Mexica but was very disappointed by the experience. We were seated by the door and even though there were available tables the waitress refused to move us. The portions of the main course were small and when we asked for the dessert menu we were told to leave as the table was booked for another party. We were then given the wrong bill twice. Not impressed at all.

I'm afraid I don't rate this place highly. The atmosphere was nice enough but was spoilt for me by a rude waiter with bad attitude and then another who was equally rude and pretended she didn't understand me when I complained about the first guy. The food also was mediocre.

I find it hard to reconcile some of the negative comments with my experience of Boho. I went as part of a 4some on a busy Saturday night and, although I needed to find someone to ask to be seated, they were able to accommodate us straight away with no fuss in a great spot. The staff were friendly (and very good looking, I might add). The food came quickly and was tasty. Yes the portions are not huge but neither are the prices so I don't think others' complaints are justified (Go to Las Iguanas if you want franchise portions) I certainly left full after having paid only 27 quid for a starter, main and a cocktail (including service). I've been to Mexico and to be honest, I'm tired of hearing the rants and whinges of puritans who recoil from anything but their vision of "true Mexican food" - the reality is no cuisine is as good as what you'll find outside the country so get over it!! Enjoy Boho Mexico! Its great!

We went to Boho on a quiet Sunday - about 3 other tables in there. Frustratingly, the service was incredibly slow and incompetent. We had to ask to be seated, asked to be served and ask for the bill and then wait 10 mins for it. The food was ok, I have certainly had better and the portions were small.

It's been a long time I've been looking for the right quesadillas, crispy and full of cheese, and I've found them here!! Also the marinated pork is delicious. Simple ingredients mixed perfectly without being heavy like most of the Mexican restaurants in London. Just the drinks I've tried (the beer with lime and chilly and the margarita) were not amazing. But definitely will be back!

I have been to many mexican restaurants and bars across London and it´s sometimes difficult to find authentic mexican food. Normally we, customers have to enjoy Tex Mex or reinterpreted mexican food. In my opinion, and after knowing the country more than just as a tourist, Boho Mexica offers traditional mexican food that you can find in different areas of the country. Our food was really like in Mexico, although flavours are strong and not everybody can stand the chilli...The tacos were delicious, they made some changes in the menu recently, with more vegi options (tortitas hongos) , the drinks amazing, and the staff quite friendly. Too noisy and busy for me on the WE. However I recommend it as a cool place to eat, drink, listen good music in East London. Ah, everything is fresh and home made!

I adore Mexican food as I spent a few years of my life there. The food is mexican as mexican mothers and granmas cook.... I had the amazing Zacatecan wedding roast recommended by a friend!i miss real mexican food so much and Boho is the only place where I can feel these flavours again... I understand that some people expect commercial Texmex but Mexican food is not about how Texas interpreted their food with burritos. The place is small and crowded, but the atmosphere is very nice. I felt in mexico, and with the memories of small taquerias and tabernas around...The staff is really friendly, i didn t have margaritas but they have a good selection of wine. We need more Bohos Mexica in London, a big city where no quality mexican food can be found except in this place. Too good to be true!

Really good atmosphere and friendly staff. A bit noisy on weekends....packed! We had dinner celebrating that i m back from Mexico, they really recreate mexican flavours, the disparity of Mexican food and at the same time with originality. We had the honour to meet the Chef, amazing woman!boho mexica was just delicious! I love it!

Our food was delicious! try all the tacos,all of them are delicious.The service was really good,our waitress was there for everything and gave us a good advice on the menu. I had the Morita chicken (you have to try the tamarind sauce) and my friend this big enchilada and salsa verde. Really good if you know about mexican food and you like strong flavours!The place is always busy so book a table or wait at the bar having the best margarita i ever had! check out the walls and paintings,there are for sell and from famous street Art mexican artist in London!

my experience at Boho Mexica last week was delicious. We ordered a good selection of the tacos bar and there were definitely a-ma-zing!!!i don t understand these reviews talking about Puerco enchilanchado was just huge, served with my sweet plantains, rice, black was Friday and the only thing was that we didn t book a table and the place was packed.So we had to wait for a table 20 minutes...but happy having margaritas and lots of cocktails the bar. Well done for the bartender! I recommend the place, the music is sooooo cool,the place has a unseen decoration and the staff was very nice. We will return!

This place is really very poor. There are suggestions of a vendetta against the restaurant in the comments below, but I can only imagine the favourable reviews are from those connected with the place considering how accurately the poor reviews matched our own experience. There was a large group of us there, so we tried a good range of the menu. I can honestly say that nobody was particularly impressed. The food was, as suggested below, smallish portions, very bland and relatively over-priced. The 'succulent' chicken in the enchiladas tasted more like reheated left-overs, which I really think it was. The texture of the whole thing was just grim. The chicken dishes were OK, though again over cooked and a bit dry. The vegetarian dishes looked and tasted disappointing. The total bill was over £30 a head and we left hungry, dissatisfied but glad to get out.

Party of 10, food arrived at different times - not a single person enjoyed the meal. The service was terrible, staff even worse. Despite not being the loudest group in the place, we was asked to keep the noise down (I guess you are not allowed to talk to a person across from you) When a female member of the group spoke to the mananger at the end of a very expensive and overpriced night, to apologise for any noise, she was pushed and told to get out. How is this place still open?

I dont know what TimeOut is talking about, i went a couple of days ago, and the place was PACKED! i order a couple of starters and they were SO GOOD! i had the empanadas & guacomole and they were really good, the staff was so kind & always lookin after us, we asked for recommendations and the staff knew what they were talking about, I highly recommend this place for a night out, its cool and trendy

Bland, indigestible food - hugely overpriced, service mediocre. Like somewhere you'd expect in Guildford, not central London. Very, very poor. (And no - I am not part of some 'conspiracy' to do this restaurant down for ulterior motives. It is bad overpriced food. Why oh why did Green and Red have to close down - that was good Mexican food.

what a piece of rubbish. the restaurant in itself looks nice but the food and the service make you feel like being in the faulty towers. tiny portions, high prices, inconsistent quality and the slow delivery... waiting for 10+ minutes for a mains (after one had been delivered)... really? boho mexica needs to get their act together. it might be good if you are going for drinks only, or to be trendy with a "don't care" attitude... I can only recommend that if you are considering boho mexica for dinner then get an ecg... insane in the brain...

Just can't understand the strange (and strangely similar) negative reviews of this wonderful, friendly, good-value restaurant which puts a different spin on Mexican food from the usual tired Tex-Mex cliche dishes. Is someone prosecuting a vendetta, I wonder? We've been three times and always found the food original, delicious and reasonably-priced - and the staff warm, efficient and helpful. Diverse, surprising and carefully prepared dishes and delightful cocktails – what's the problem? Perhaps Time Out needs to institute a little "agree/disagree" box so we the punters can give our own verdict on perverse reader reviews like these. Mind you, each time we've been the place has been packed out, so it doesn't seem like the moaners are having much effect on Boho Mexica's business. Good thing too. It's a restaurant with character and an asset to the area, and we'll be going back again for sure.

Is Time Out for real?! I tend to listen to their reviews but God did they get it wrong this time. Which place are they talking about?! This place is great, i think you guys were looking for a burrito place, or TEX MEX with cheddar cheese and tin salsa everywhere loaded with salt and stuff – the flavours at this little place are what they should be, my mom is Mexican and even she says this is just like back in Mexico. I have been going to boho mexica place for a couple of years and if anything the food is just getting better, LOVE THIS RESTAURANT, go and check it out for yourself, don’t listen to negative people – they could do with a bit of a re-fit of the toilettes but that would be my only suggestion to the owners

Went there just for drinks with all my girlfriends and ended up getting a little of everything from the food menu, the drinks are so good they have alot of variety and the flavours are just so original i recommend the Chile In Pink it was to die for, the food its great we had a bunch of the starters just to munch on and they were really yummy, the place has a nice vibe to it and the staff is friendly, what else could you ask for?

This place looked nice, great ambience, comfortable surroundings. The food however, was very Bland, and i mean bland! It was also very expensive for the amount of food on the plates. I had the braised pork, which was not braised at all, It was in fact very dry and hard. the fish ceviche was around £9 3 very small tacos, covered with salad and a small amount of fish underneath. I would not go back to this place there are better mexican restaurants out there oh and the charged extra for chilli sauce!

Excellent food, this is genuinely the taste of Mexico! The tacos are great, the meats are soft and full of flavour. Good fun and a social night out. The pork dish is very tasty too. Service has always been great.

Went there yesterday with a friend, really loved that place! From my experience this is one the best mexican restaurant in London. Food was great and very authentic, I had the "Bistec a la mexicana"….délicieux

Perhaps the best place to get 100% mexican meal in a real comfortable ambiance. Boho has many traditional dishes on the menu : the guacamole is original and tasty, the portions are large and the cocktails and beer selection is impressive. This is a very autentic restaurant that has friendly and smily staff.

My friends and I had a great time at Boho. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was very cool and we thought our server did a great job with us. All in all, I am not sure why these other negative reviews are out there. I am already looking forward to going back there for all of the small plates that were so tasty on our first visit!

From all the mex restaurants I have been in London this is by far the worst one! I am from Mexico and the place is expensive, food is more than average and the service is appalling. We ordered around 7 dishes to share between 4 people and they first brought 1 plate... 10 min later.. two more came and 10 minutes afterwards the other 2 arrived. After another 20 min we started to wonder where our guacamole and quesadillas were. So we asked the waiter and he said everything had left the kitchen but they could prepare another one for us. 10 minutes later another waiter came to ask us if we wanted dessert and again we said we were waiting for us quesadillas. Finally the quesadillas arrived but they were cold and disgusting so we ask them to at least melt the cheese. At the end we spoke to the manager and instead of apologising he stated to make fun at us by putting his hands in his face and said "wow your food took a long time and you were offered desert while you were still waiting for your main,that must be like the end of the world right?" and then he said if you are not happy I can just bring you the bill" I have a restaurant in Mexico and in all the resturants I have been in my life I have never seen a manager acting that way!!! Please don't waste your time, the bill was 90 pounds and we had to go to another restaurant to have dinner because we were still so hungry. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!

Really disappointing food at a hefty price. The mains are small and don't come together. My partner waited for 15 minutes for her mains after mine was delivered. The food is nothing to talk about about as mexican as steak and ale pie. Very disappointing and definitely not recommended.

Terrible restaurant, terrible food. I have never received such bad service in London. Time out is losing credibility by failing to revise this rating, and should address this immediately. Its not just inaccurate, its offensive. For anyone considering going, trust me, stay away!!

Incredible food! The best Mexican I have ever been to. The quality of the food was fantastic, the service staff was very friendly, and the price very reasonable. I did enjoy also the música a lot. I will definitively go back!

This is the only mexican restaurant in London that offers a good quality of REAL MEXICAN FOOD. The atmosphere is lovely with a nice decoration, the staff is very friendly and the food is excellent!!!. Dont expect to find BURRITOS in this restaurant because the burritos are NOT even mexican, they are TEX - MEX. The portions of the mexican tapas are quite small but its about quality not quantity. The ingredients are fesh and they are brought from Mexico. I personally love to go to this restaurant.and I think its worth every penny.

For the second time we thought we try Boho Mexica in Shoreditch, and were reminded why we were left feeling disappointed the first time. We ordered a three of the small plates to share which arrived very quickly, but were just above room temperature.The meat in the Tinga Poblana and the pork pibil was watery and tasteless, and the mushrooms in the Los Verduleros were slimy and non-descript. The only thing that could have saved these was lashings of chipotle..but there were no condiments available on the table like you get in Wahaca, and the portions are so small that after a few bites they were gone anyway. Still starving we ordered our main course both going for the Enchiladas, one with the mole and the other green salsa (i am not sure i trusted the waiters opinion of them all being the same and none really hot at all). What appeared at our table for £9.95 were two very skinny enchiladas with a teeny pile of rice, all served the Boho Mexica way at just above room temperature. The tortillas were rubbery and the meat was again watery and me both plates looked and tasted like they had been microwaved and then left on the side for a while. We stayed at Boho Mexica for two Coronas, three (very) small taco plates and two (very skinny) enchiladas and we left still feeling hungry and £50 lighter. Oh how I wish Daddy Donkey would resume their burrito-mobile in brick lane, because they could wipe the floor with this place!

What a disappointment. I was really excited to try this place as I live locally and love Mexican food. And I don't mean greasy, heavy Tex Mex. I mean proper Mexican food based on delicate flavouring and fresh ingredients. The reviews that say people who don't like this place don't know Mexican food are totally wrong. The food here is incredibly bland, which good Mexican food certainly is not. The best thing here was the guacamole, which was saved by the freshness of the ingredients alone. Unfortunately the chips tasted a day old and were under-salted, so kind of offset the goodness of the guacamole. The lamb in the flautas de barbacoa was tender, but really lacked flavour, as did everything in the chicken enchiladas. We had high hopes for the frijoles charros, a bean stew cooked with herbs, chorizo and bacon; but this was the biggest disappointment of all. It actually tasted of nothing. Even when I tasted a bit of the chorizo on its own, it tasted like nothing. It's the first time I've sampled truly tasteless meat. In addition to the food massively lacking flavour, there are no condiments on the table - and I don't just mean tabascos (although they should have these as well). I mean not even salt and pepper, which you shouldn't have to ask for. I'm really hoping that the owners will read these reviews, as I desperately want to love this place. I go out to eat regularly and don't mind small portions and the prices here, but the food has to be worth it and in this case it just isn't.

Please, please use the benefit of social media when it comes to customer's advice here and don't eat at Boho Mexica. Terrible experience. Food was terrible, bland, overcooked steak, greasy. And service absolutely awful. One person didn't eat because they messed up the order. Tried to charge service, we refused, got abused by the waitress, manager was no better following complaint. He actually walked to the table laughing. An absolute joke. The WORST place I have ever been to. Something has to change here...

A stylish little bar East London with a warm and frenetic atmosphere. Not a great place for Mexican cuisine. Food is oily and heavy, flavours unbalanced and the portions are taking the piss. Worst tacos I have ever had in a so-called restaurant - not sure the chef has classical Mexican training at all. Would not eat here again but would stop for a drink if I could find a reason above all the other great little bars in the area.

Food OK, but mole definitely missing something, decidedly tasteless. Didn't mind the small portions as they are advertised and priced as such and the staff tell you when you're ordering. Did mind the whole 'things are served when they're ready' thing when one cold and dried up main was brought before any starters and the other mains (identical to the first except freshly prepared) arrived ages later. Most of the staff were very lovely and helpful, but the guy in charge was rude beyond belief. We deducted the service charge and the (other) guy who took the payment was not surprised. Would not go back in a hurry.