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Brick Lane Beigel Bake

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4 out of 5 stars
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 (© Elisabeth Blanchet / Time Out)
© Elisabeth Blanchet / Time Out
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Salt beef bagel at Brick Lane Beigel Bake

Time Out says

Open 24 hours, this East End institution serving freshly baked filled bagels has become the snack-stop of choice for clubbers, drinkers and taxi drivers.

What do we love most about this institution? Perhaps the brilliant moist salt beef, carved as you wait from a slab kept warm in the front window, or the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese, or the bagels (boiled before being baked) these fillings go into.

Or could it be the 24-hour opening with hot bread pulled fresh from the ovens all night, or a Brick Lane location that makes this the snack stop of choice for clubbers, imbibers and taxi drivers?

Indulge in a piece of New York-style cheesecake or a super-sweet almond slice if you wish (ignore the pastry-heavy sausage rolls), but remember that the bagels are what have kept punters coming back since 1977. A narrow counter caters for eaters-in. And if there’s too long a queue, try the Beigel Shop two doors down – there isn’t really, truth be told, all that much difference between these longstanding Brick Lane rivals.

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Address: 159
Brick Lane
E1 6SB
Transport: Overground: Shoreditch High St Tube: Liverpool St
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4 out of 5 stars

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I make it a point to eat one every time I come to Brick Lane. It's not out of this world, but it's still pretty damn good, and that mustard really brings tears to your eyes. Five stars for how iconic it's become, its affordability, and most of all how it's open TWENTY FOUR HOURS.

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cheap, convenient, and most importantly OPEN PAST MIDNIGHT (which can't be said for many eateries in London). A great alternative to a roadside kebab. Great option for a quick bite before heading down to the nearby bars which open late (but don't serve food...)

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FINALLY-- after quite a long time of being in this lovely city, got to sample the salt beef at this establishment. The queueing system made little to no sense as when I ordered I got pushed up to the front of the line (WINNING but still apolgised). 2 salt beef beigels for £6 -- with giant gherkins. This is not a NYC bagel, lets just get over that people and move on and appreciate this for what it is. A chewy, slightly sweet beigel which is the transport method for some tasty tasty salt beef. 

Maybe it is the booze talking--- but this was definitely tastier than a doner, so if you are in the area give it a go! We went around midnight and the line was not too bad, and see above... I waited maybe 3 minutes.  

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A bagel to fall to the ground! Really bring out tourist paths and go to this shop where the bread is delicious and bagels amazing. Your papillae will remember it for a very low price, excellent !

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If you're an NYC style bagel person like I am, you won't like these. These bagels weren't big enough, chewy enough, tasty enough and no options like everything bagel. 

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Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a bagel at 4am, after a night on the razz? Quite simply, no. Then imagine the utter joy of that snack being an absolutely stacked salt beef and mustard delight, in a fresh, melt-in-the-mouth bagel, baked in-store that day. A dream come true, right? That all awaits you at Beigel Bake on Brick Lane, and it’s so popular that the queues are usually halfway down the street. The beef is deliciously moist, the mustard provides that flaming extra kick and you can even add some gherkins, if you’re into that. Best of all, it’s open 24 hours, so you can feed your bagel craving at any time – I’ve often stopped by on a Saturday night.

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Beigel Bake is the bagel phenomenon of Brick Lane. With freshly bagels produced in house, do not be distracted about anything else: this place is about the amazingly soft melt-in-your-mouth salt beef that is cut to order, and fills the little bun with the company of firey mustard and a generous gherkin. With the bliss of being open 24 hours of the day, and ever present queues, I recommend spotting the bagel production in the back window, a true art.


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If you go out at night around Shoreditch, you can't miss a stop in this place! It's open 24 hours, it's cheap and delicious. The staff might be a bit grumpy at times but who wouldn't if they had to work at 4am? They're quick, their products are fresh and it's nice to know there's a place ready to fill your empty drunken stomach whenever you want. My pick: classic salmon cream cheese. Yum!

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Staff Writer

Excellent bagels and also pastries and really good. Salt Beef is my favorite, but also salmon is really good. It's cheap and with one bagel and cake, you have enough for lunch or dinner.

And the location is excellent. In Brick Lane street ...

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I visit the father in law in Bethel Green a few times a year or my wife visits without me and every time one of us is here we ALLWAYS visit this bakery for the salt beef bagels, I first had one when I was at a tattoo convention at the Truman brewery and was rather drunk on my way back to the old fellas flat and stumbled into the bakery as it was open at a late hour, I ate my bagel and raved to anyone who would listen how good they were, next morning when I woke up I wondered "was it just great drunk food or is it really as good as my hungover mind remembers" so I took a 15 minuet stroll back to the bakery and tried one for brunch and YES YES YES it was just as good 10 hours and less squiffily later.

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Can't beat this place when it comes to BAGELS with any kinda filling and of course apple STRUDEL. I am not going to mention brilliant atmosphere and efficient ladies who serve in this shop. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my snack except here! Brick Lane wouldn't be so cool if not for this place.

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Forget kebabs and curries, if you're in the area and need filling grab a salt beef beigal from beigal bake. Great bagels, mounds of melt in your mouth beef and it's open 24hrs.


This place is an institution, the salt beef bagels are perfectly done, the meat just the right amount of salty and the bagels just the right amount of chewy. They have got their service down so it's quick, efficient and no-nonsense, I like that it's an independent shop, I just wish there were more in other parts of London and that they accepted card!


Completely overrated. Long queues, poor quality bagels and rude staff. Just not worth your time at all with so many other great places to eat in the area. They are cheap though so it gets two stars for that!

I spoke to this bakery on the phone, i found them very helpful, informative and most of all they had a loaf of bread available.  Bob your my long lost soul mate.


OMG This place is super awesome! This is the best salt beef bagel I've ever tasted, and I've sampled deli treats such as in NY's Katz's Deli. This place has the late night grittiness that gives it real atmosphere and character. The queues are long but move quickly. You just can't help make friends with your neighbours as you move along the line for that savoury treat. The balance is there with a super generous helping of beef with sweet pickle and mustard without it being too salty. A little fatty in places but that's the nature of the beast.  Awesome late night treat!


Don't overthink your bagel selections people.... This a 24 hour bakery/bagel shop, the salt beef bagel in particular is very tasty and is a smashing cheap, quick snack. What more could you want from your bagel shop?!

This is the only beigel shop I go to so I'm going to say it is my favourite.  A salt beef with pickle and mustard will sort you out whether you're drunk, hungover or just hungry.  I can't visit without grabbing a half dozen plain ones to shove in the freezer as well .  So cheap, so convenient and supporting the local community.  What else could you want?  You can also watch the master bakers in action out the back and they do a nice selection of naughty things.  The cheesecake is especially worth a mention.

The Beigels are super fresh so it's worth noting that if you're buying in bulk either eat them within the day or freeze them.

I usually end up going to the yellow sign bagel shop bu the end of the road because this one has massive queues but this time I decided to check what the fuss is all about.

Really good bagels and the salt beef is yummy but to be fair I don't see much difference with the other one.

Regardless it's worth mentioning that this one seems to be the original or oldest one, so if you are looking for a bit of British history try this one, and if you want to avoid the queues go to the other one because the difference is very small ;-)


Usually the busier of the two famous bagel stores (a real 'Great British Bake-Off!), you can usually spot this renowned East-End haunt easily at the weekend - it'll be the one with the big queue of people all the way down Brick Lane. Can their bagels really be worth it? It is debatable (and I've yet to try their salt-beef speciality), but I can say their smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel is pretty fantastic (and a quite reasonably priced lunch or snack, for only £1.90). If you are on a budget, you can also buy buttered bagels for less than 50p.


I'm not sure if this is the yellow or the white bagel shop, nor do I remember which one I went to - but the salt beef bagel is awesome. The team seems to be family run and adorable.


Yes yes yes! Totally delicious selection of bagels and other delights, sweet and savoury, but we all came for the salt beef bagel right?! Yes. Lip smackingly juicy stack of salt beef with pickles and mustard packed inside a bagel. Cheap as chips and great any time of day. I have bought one and then taken home and grilled to eat later or you can just grab and eat on the go. Great after a few drinks also.... 😀


This is the best place in London to get bagels, hands down. I moved from the US three years ago and was really missing a real bagel that was thick and chewy, and was SO excited to finally find a place that makes a proper bagel. The salt beef bagel lives up to the hype and is worth a trip to Bricklane to get. They are generous with the portion of Salt Beef they put in the bagel, which has the best texture. I always get the mustard and pickle, but be warned that the mustard is HOT. I love spicy, but this took me by surprise. The place is always packed, but the queues go quickly. I always also get a dozen bagels to bring home to eat later. I absolutely love this place and go here whenever I need my bagel fix


If you're looking for a good Salt Beef Bagel, this should be top of your list! Beigel Bake truly does make a really good version of this sandwich, paired with a squeeze of mustard and slices of pickles, it's the perfect combination of flavours in every bite. They definitely do not skim on the amount of meat they're stuffing into the bagel, as you'll get a hefty mouthful each time. My friend and I shared one of these signature bagels along with another standard combination, the Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese. This latter one was pretty good too, but then again, there's not much to it. It was a simple bagel smeared with the right amount of cream cheese and filled up with slices of smoked salmon. I enjoyed the actual bagels in both combinations, as they had a soft interior and slightly harder exterior. Much like with Beigel Shop, the river bagel bakery next door, they did not toast their bagels before serving them. I'm not used to an un-toasted bagel so this was a little strange for me at first but I'm learning to like it too! 


Dense bagels, melt-in-your-mouth meat and cheap-as-chips prices makes this infamous Brick Lane haunt a must for all Londoners!

I've been going to Beigel Bake for years, every time I visit Brick lane in fact. Why? Well because the food is simple, sumptuous and cheap. The long standing bakery isn't going to win any awards for customer service any time soon, but the blunt, indifferent women behind the counter add a certain kind of charm to the experience and could never spoil the taste of the food anyhow!

I am yet to stray from a salt beef bagel and carrot cake slice but I have no doubt that the rest of the menu is just as good. So, whether you are looking for a drunken early-hours feast or a bit of pre-Brick Lane fuel, you cannot argue with <£1 cakes and bagels for between £1.50 & £5. 

Add it to the list and don't forget the mustard and pickles!

Five stars for quality and value for money! Brilliant place, unique in its own right and style! Big Thank you for the service its been providing for the local community and other worldly people.


Help! I never want to eat at another deli again. And, being from the far reaching stretches of Zone 5, its a bit of a trek. This was the ultimate in artisan and wholesome drunk food on NYE - the queue was throbbing and pulsing more than the club I was in did....Can't recommend enough. The only downside is the size: you never know what you've got until its gone!


As you might have heard, this place is the best one for bagels in London, as the true foodie I am, to see if this was true I gave it a shot as soon as I read about it. When I arrived it seemed like an old fashioned bakery with grumpy staff, but I wasn't there for the people I was there for the bagels, which they have a huge variety of and pastries as well. But I was not there for any bagels I was there for the most wanted in town, the salted beef bagels. That's right, write it down. The place was full of hipsters taking pictures with their huge cameras at every

angle possible, me? I took a shark bite as soon as I had

it in my hands and sure ate a second another bagel after that.. And I've got to admit it's pretty legit, those

were the best bagels I've eaten in a very long time. It's just simply delicious, simple because it's like three igredients done right. The salted beef was so tender it melts in your mouth, and the saltiness of the beef balanced out perfectly with the spice and acidity of the mustard all this with the perfect chewiness of the fresh beigels. Fully recommended, so good you won't want to share with your bae.


I was brought up on smoked salmon bagels, which were the staple of Sunday mornings throughout my teens. Alongside chopped eggs, olives and other tasty morsels, sat fresh bagels, chewy, slightly sweet, lightly crunchy on the outside and thick with cream cheese. Whilst other families were preparing for their Sunday lunch, my Jewish family were fighting over the last bagel half.......

......roll on a few more years and a bit more nutritional awareness and bagels, which are not the lightest foods in the world, but easily one of the most addictive, became an occasional treat. Then when I moved away from the local kosher bakeries I probably didn't eat one for quite a few years as good ones are hard to find. Bagels in supermarkets should be banned for wrongly labelling themselves as such; just because it has a hole in the middle does not make a so-called 'New York Bagel', (you know who you are) the real deal. And anyway, bagels originated from Poland not America. Oy vey!

I digress. Thankfully several years ago I was kindly pointed towards Beigel Bake after a rather drunken night out. And thank goodness for that. Now I make it a point whenever I am in the vicinity to walk down Brick Lane and snap up a smoked salmon and cream cheese one. Occasionally I buy a few to pop in the freezer (they freeze perfectly well), but try not to do this too often as I find will power not very strong. Bagel, lightly toasted, buttered.......heaven....gobble, gobble, gobble.


Absolutely amazing! The bagels are incredible and for once affordable which is a very rare thing to see in London. The service is quick and all the products I have tried have been great. The pastries are not as good as the bagels, but still worth the price. Every Londoner knows that this is THE place to get bagels. 


I first came here with a friend I was visiting in London in April 2013. I was so shocked to see the lineup out the door - but it was worth the wait! I completely forgot about this place until probably a few months after I moved to London in fall 2014 and WHOA DID IT KNOCK ME ON MY ASS. The beigels are so tender and chewy and the toppings are such great combinations for these doughy vehicles of happiness. I love the smoked salmon and cream cheese, but the salt beef (with pickle and hot mustard to clear out your sinuses) is incredible. I love that it's open 24/7 and there is almost always a queue, but trust me when I say it is a London institution and so worth it.


Very much NY's bagel shop vibes around here!
My first visit was during one alcohol fuelled night in Shoreditch and I was told I NEED to try their salt beef bagels. They were right. My personal favourite is salmon cream cheese, which is lovely.
They have wide selection, their service is quick and the prices are surprisingly pocket friendly.

Obsessed by the salt beef bagels at Beigel Bake - sooooo good!



Beigel Bake is the end of the night destination for everyone in Shoreditch, the staff may be a little moody but only because they're trying to serve everyone as quickly as possible. Everything they offer is so affordable it makes sense that they'd want a quick turnover. I've had their bagels and their desserts, everything was amazing value for money.Considering the neighbouring shops will sell you a sandwich for £7 a £1.50 bagel is definitely the way to go. The food tastes like east London, kinda rough around the edges but a good experience overall. 

Excellent beigels, but they disgustingly handle money, as they are preparing your beigel...with gloves on, permanently....everybody knows, nobody says anything and the staff is rude anyway. Hygiene inspection and induction needed asap. But yeah, excellent beigels...

The beigels are absolutely lovely. However, one tip for the shop. I purchased several beigels on Sunday. Among them was a smoked salmon and cream cheese beigel. This was not prepared as I waited but had been pre-prepared. This resulted in my daughter suffering extreme sickness due to food poisoning. The beigels containing somked salmon must be kept refrigerated until required. Fortunately after 3 extreme bouts of sickness she fully recovered. I think this would be most dangerous if it had happened to an elderly person.

This is one the places I do not miss out when in Brick Lane, even if not hungry I always stop and have a look inside, read the menu to order my FAVOURITE salt beef or cream cheese beigel. I would not debate how delicious it is because long line of people waiting for their beigel can prove that but this bakery have oldest tradition of an excellent service and reasonable prices that draws me to this magical place of true East End vibe! I love the way they run this place with a strong identity of quality customer service with a smile and hello and i always leave with a happy feeling. There is no bakery in London that beats this place and there is no day when in Brick Lane to miss a bite on my favourite beigel.

This Beigel Shop: My favourite "Restaurant", My drunken saviour, my "I cant afford any food but I will pay for them expensive vintage shoes" hero! Being a West Midlands Born and Bred gal I am always asked by friends back home "How can you afford to live in London?" Very simply I answer..."with a £1 Cream Cheese Beigel" Now this place may be slightly falling apart and may not be as sheek as the "BoxPark" down the road but this place is the heart of the East End. The place is a must in keeping the old cockney spirit alive: From the WW2 ruins, the street art, the rickety houses and the few original cockney's that you do bump into. Step into this place and you feel you are diving into history. I can even feel my Grandmother (a true born and bred cockney herself) stepping into this bakery. This Beigal shop is essential break from the hipsters and trendsetters that strut and pout down Brick Lane turning the street into yet another corporate take over (who allowed for "Joy" shop on Brick Lane!!) On top of your obvious Beigal's you have diet busting deserts: from fresh jam buiscuits, marble cake and RED VELVET (at a price of £1:20 its a bargain!) So where to eat these prizes? There isn't a place to sit, especially on a Sunday where it feels everyone in London is in one lane. So what I recommend is that you take your brown paper bagged beigel lunch down some street art back streets and find yourself sitting in the peaceful and beautiful "Arnold Circus" (I highly recommend you take ping pong ball and can guess why) and enjoy where the only thrift wearing species are the pigeons! May no corporate company buy this place on!

Every one should make the pilgrimage, we went from west London and were amazed and have been back with more of us for more bagels, croissants, apple strudel, cheese cake. I rate the hot salt beef in fresh bagels as tops! The queue speaks volumes. It was recommended by an insider and when we mentioned it they did not want to charge us! we had to insist on paying, excellent customer service & good will! Others should follow. We have informed all our Asian friends who head to Brick lane for a curry to change direction. Well done! keep the tradition going. Jeanne

Had to stop on our walk up brick lane for one think and one thing only...the salt beef. The look and feel of the place was something of tradition and long term standing on the street - that said, I was excited! The service could not be faulted depite the 30 large queue on a early Sunday evening, but i did remain disappointed. The beigel was amazing, soft, sweet and tasty, but the salt beef ended up back in the bag it was served in - fatty and chewy are the only things that come to mind at the moment. Its great if you really have a craving, but i'd rather I hadnt taken the plunge.

Without doubt the worst customer service I've received. Trading on an old reputation alone. Tasted far better beigels around London!

Who the hell wants a crunchy bagel?? They are how they should be - soft and chewy. Crunchy, then they are overcooked. The salt beef is sublime, but because the bagel is so good, any one will do. I also love their cream cheese packed with chives.

The Salt Beef Beigels are what the BB is known for and what they do best. Great Value for money and they taste amazing. I always want two! However, the other items available are not so great. I was really disappointed with the pastries. The prices on whole are very cheap so even if you buy something you don't like, you're not burning a hole in your pocket.

Fantastic, and oh-so-affordable. I had a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Beigel today, and it was filled with tasty salmon -- not at all like what the other commenters have described.

I've moved out of London now, but still dream about hitting the bagel shop after a gig or a rehearsal or a night shift at the Bass Clef Club ..... the best oral sensory experience that is ever to be had. I just hope they are open on the 28th of Dec 'cos I'm gonna be hungry!

Simply the best beigel you'll ever sink your teeth into. It's not local to me, but if I have a hankering/need/want I don't mind the 80mile round trip. That says how good the Beigel Bake is. Don't be scared by the ladies behind the counter, they're GREAT!

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