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There’s a scientific theme at play here, with staff in lab coats, chemistry sets on display, and a high-tech machine for shaking the drinks. Flavours range from simple assam and jasmine teas to taro, almond and kumquat.



Venue name: Bubbleology
Address: 49 Rupert Street
Opening hours: Open 11am-11.30pm daily
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
Price: Unlicensed no alcohol allowed
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Bubbleology is great but it doesn't quite keep up with the standard of the authentic Taiwanese bubble tea shops flooding into London. The base for most of the milk teas are a powdered formula, rather than fresh milk and the non-milk tea versions are flavoured with a syrup rather than freshly brewed tea. Plus, it's on the pricier side. That said, Bubbleology is spread out all over London (unlike the Taiwanese bubble tea shops) so you're quite like to find a shop to cure your bubble tea craving when you're not in Soho. The lychee and white peach flavours in Bubbleology are lovely and they have a good range of pearls and jellies to choose from.


Love bubbleology - although I've only ever been to the Angel version.

The basic bubble milk tea tastes good but some of the flavoured boba pearls are absolutely amazing! The quite literally burst in your mouth and come in a variety of fruit flavours (you can even buy a jar to take home).  If you haven't tried these yet, do yourself a favour and ask for a sampler.  You'll be hooked


A fun, unique café bar, following the new craze of bubble tea. Part drink, part snack, bubble tea is a strange concept which works in a weird and wonderful way. The “bubbles” are made of yummy balls of tapioca and sugar and come in all kinds of flavours and colours. My personal favourite is the kumquat and almond. You can even ask for a low sugar dose if you like.

The place feels just like a chemistry lab with the “bubbleologists” dressed in white lab coats creating handcrafted beverages in test tubes. With bright lights and a crazy atmosphere to match, this is sure to impress!


Bubbleology is the perfect solution to those liquid snack cravings. Bubble tea first started in Hong Kong and has proven quite the hit in London. It consists of either milk or fruit teas with sugar and tapioca pearls (chewy balls of starch) that you slurp up through a wide straw. The clever marketing tries to make this sound like a healthy treat (think ‘freshly made’, ‘vegetarian’, ‘tea benefits’); however don’t be fooled, they’re rather sugar laden and can quickly stack up calories. 

Of course there are healthier options if you choose the non-milk teas without dairy creamer and ask for a lower / zero sugar percentage. Either way if you haven’t been before this is a definite must try! My personal favourite is the rose milk. 


This is a fun twist on bubble tea, and not really more expensive than more traditional bubble tea places. It's not a good place to linger, though, as the space is small and the seats are few.

Staff Writer

My daughter insisted we go here as she had heard all about the Korean bubble tea craze and wanted to try it ... I'm glad we did. The quirky laboratory feel of the place infers you are going to have something a little different. The teas are very refreshing, I prefer the cold ones, you must have the tapioca balls which are included by default and the fattest straw to suck them up with. There are many flavours, milk-based, tea-based. Weird and wonderful, if you never tried it give it a go, it's great fun.

Great little bubble tea cafe in Soho. Service can be quite slow at times, but it is worth the wait.

Bubbleology is situated in a great location SOHO, which is my favourite place to venture out in. I like visiting new and different places in the area, so when I saw the bright lights glistening off the Bubbleology sign I knew that it was a place not to walk past. I have only visited Bubbleology once but was pleasantly surprised with what it had in store for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my bubble tea when I went- the staff recommended I try their hot taro bubble tea, which is very popular amongst customers. It was delicious and very creamy, which I loved. I also liked that way that the bubbleologists were busy creating our bubble teas through the test tubes and using that sealing machine- it was fascinating and it really did seem like you were in a lab with the nutty professors working away. I am looking forward to visiting the store again when I am next in London

I discovered bubble tea about a month ago and am now absolutely hooked. I read quite a lot about it so was keen to try it out. It's such a different drink - nothing like I've ever had before. You sort of drink and chew it at the same time and it comes in all these cool brightly coloured flavours. Great to carry around and a bit of a fashion accessory. Apparently there are lots of celeb fans of it too. The store is crazy inside so definitely worth a visit and the staff are very nice and the drinks reasonably priced!

So delicious! I stumbled upon this place when wandering through soho and i will definitely be going back. I had one of the fruity ones but the milk ones looked tempting too. Cool atmosphere and just a really nice place to enjoy a refreshing drink. I'd definitely recommend it.

Bubble tea here varies in taste (I had a very bitter hot mango tea last week - over-stewed Jasmine tea was the cause, I think), but the bubbles themselves have a good amount of chew. It's good to taste a wide range of teas from different places and just find one you like, as the flavour selection varies quite a lot from place to place

Bubbleology is all you could wish for on your first Bubble Tea experience. It’s neon-bright and full of colour, with a fun scientific theme (Bubble Tea is a precise science after all) with bubbling test tubes and conical flasks of super-bright liquids all around. The staff wear lab coats emblazoned with ‘Bubbleology’, so you know they either take their tea very seriously or they are great fun (or maybe both!). They even serve wonderfully kitsch looking Taiwanese toasties which are prettily topped with fruit. Our large teas set us back £3.75, and I added some extra boba for 50p which I was only too happy to hand over for what revealed to be wonderfully prepared Bubble Teas. The choice isn’t as good as some of the places we found in Berlin, but there is still more than enough that you could go a great few times and never have to have the same twice.

I think of it more as 2.5 out of 5... I went there once with some friends, one of whom was completely unacquianted with bubble tea, and the other who I'd taken to Candy Cafe more than once. I wanted to try Bubbleology because of all the buzz and hype around it, and to see how it compared to the existing competitors. What I like: - The mix-and-match concept, which sounds like it could be fun. What was okay: - The almond milk tea... the flavour was okay, but nothing amazing. I've had better at Candy Cafe. What I do not like: - The massive publicity campaign which has pushed this as the 'first'/'most authentic' etc. bubble tea place in London. As others have pointed out, it has been available here for several years now, and at places I wouldn't sniff at or dismiss. Maybe this is just sour grapes, but if you are going to proclaim yourself as the best/first etc., then prove yourself, make it damn good and outperform the others. - The gimmicky theme, it all feels rather brash and contrived to me. I don't get the link between lab chemistry and bubble tea, but maybe that's because its ubiquitousness in Asia. I'd like to see this improve, and maybe offer more 'authentic' snacks as well, rather than toasties. One to watch... but for now, I'm happy going elsewhere

Bubbleology is this amazing bubble tea shop right in the heart of Soho. It has a great scientific theme as the employees there wear lab coats and they have a chemistry set in the window. The people there are really friendly and know their facts about bubble tea. I believe that Bubbleology is one of the few places that makes an authentic style bubble tea as they use both milk and juice bases and mix the flavours with either white, green, or black tea. They make the tea using this crazy machine that shakes the tea up really fast then they have a machine that seals the top on with a piece of plastic. The tastiest part of the tea is the unique boba in the bottom of the bubble tea. These are little black tapioca balls that are chewy and delicious and when you drink the tea you suck them up through the massive straw they give you. This place is fun and a unique experience that I recommend everyone tries.

The must try of summer 2011 – Bubble tea. Stumbled upon Bubbleology on Rupert Street and I had to write a review on it. The staff were extremely friendly and the shop looked like a high tech science lab. I thoroughly enjoyed my bubble tea with little boba balls, which was tailored to suit my taste and I will be going back pretty soon.

Wow! My word...Bubbleology is a great little cafe right in the heart of Soho one of the coolest places in London. They have a fabulous science-type chemistry themed cafe, even the staff are in Lab coats! The staff were really friendly and talked me through the two different types of Bubble Tea. Milk based tea's (milkshake style) or the pure Bubble teas. They even explained how they made the chewy bubbles...little chewy balls which taste sweet like a jelly baby or Haribo...hmmm yum. They cook them up fresh each morning. I had the Assam Tea and my friend had the Passion fruit...and we might even take my daughter for a Bubble Tea party next month...a little b-day treat. Highly recommend this place...it's fun and something new to do with my daughter.

Ahhhh the bubbles...I don't know why don't Bubbleology make more of this?? It's a new taste for me - great! They are not bubbles but little bits of chewy yummy gum kind of like gummy bears. Yes the drinks are a little sweet but I loved it - it's a lunchtime treat much better than a Latte or Cappuccino. Cool little bar right in the hear of Soho.

Tried the Taro milk tea on the opening day as it came recommended by the girl behind the counter. It was very sweet, thick and powdery. I managed to finish the drink and had an upset stomach all day at the office. I think it was way to sweet and heavy for me. Will try a fruit tea maybe next time but without the balls as they are just as sickly. Or better, I'll just buy myself a flavoured iced tea from somewhere!