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Five Guys
Andrew Fladeboe Five Guys

Following the opening of the first UK branch of this American burger chain in Covent Garden in 2013, Five Guys now has a second branch in Islington.


Venue name: Five Guys
Address: 71
Upper Street
N1 0NY
Opening hours: 11am-11pm Mon-Wed, Sun; 11am-midnight Thurs-Sat.
Transport: Angel tube
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2.7 / 5

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My guilty pleaseure meal...

Five guys is not a high class burger place, but for me the flavours are mouth-watering, they have nice topping options and here big fries means BIG fries.

Yes, it's a bit dirty most of the time and a bit overpriced, but worth going there on a cheat day (way better than McDonals and friends).


The same, good (if not slightly overrated) burgers as usual, but this Angel branch was really let down by the poor front of house service and cleanliness. We visited on a Friday night in December and you'd expect it to be slightly busier than usual, but the experience and sight that awaited us wasn't great - a sea of uncleaned tables strewn with rubbish, and most of the condiments had totally run out and were empty. It hasn't deterred me from going to other Five Guys in the future but I'll definitely bypass this particular branch. There are so many good restaurants and food chains in this area, so they really need to improve their front of house experience.


I felt really confused when I entered and left Five Guys. People gush about it, I've seen many a celebrity talk about them in interviews, and so many Instagram influencers pose with Five Guys cups.

I went to the one near Oxford Circus and when I first walked in, it wasn't clear from the immediate menu how or what to order that warranted it's high prices. It wasn't till I saw flimsy leaflets on the floor and tables that I realised what had to be done when ordering.

The staff at the cashier seemed very done with life and the lady sneered at me several times when I asked a question or too. So already I wasn't in the best of moods when waiting for my food to arrive.

I felt a bit cheated because on one hand the image surrounding Five Guys is that their burgers are AMAZING and none taste like it, but then the service and atmosphere kind of felt like a fancier McDonalds.

I did like the endless choices of toppings, the bottomless drinks and the packaging making it feel like a proper American dinner, but my meal of a cheeseburger, fries and drink coming to £18.20 felt overpriced for the experience.

I know I could pay less for a similar quality burger and enjoy a more relaxed environment in a nice pub or restaurant elsewhere.

Even watching the food be prepared, all slopped around, made it feel like the price I paid and the experience I was getting wasn't worth it.

The food did taste nice but I honestly wouldn't go out of my way to a Five Guys. I can imagine this is the kind of place people with a lot of disposable income would treat as their more upscale McDonalds.


Unless you are overly hungry I would not go to a Five Guys. Not this one, not another one. I give one star to this one as at least it is not as busy as the one near Covent Garden for example. However, I think it is overrated and I don't like the drinks that are overly sweet. After having one burger with toppings and drinks, you will just want to go to bed with a tea! In one word, regret.


Same that applies to Five Guys restaurants. Not the best burger you will ever have, but good enough for a fast food burger joint. The meat tastes a lot like a McDonalds burger. You do get to choose your toppings though, which is great. The chips are delicious too! Taking the price into account (at least a tenner for a burger and chips) Five Guys I would prefer queueing for an Honest or Patty & Bun burger.


So intensely overrated - frankly, I'm baffled by the appeal of this place. The cajun fries are awful - can't taste cajun at all! Bland and tasteless. Don't do it to yourself!


Ohhh dear... what on earth is going on here? The burgers are just overpriced thin slabs of grey meat. Compare this to a GMK or an Honest burger... now there is a burger. You get 2 thin slices of minced meat served up on a decent bun but where was the taste? Where was the passion... nope nothing. There is truly, honestly NOTHING special here. Very average burger, fries not bad but you don't go for the fries. 

Don't go to this over-hyped chain, try something more honest, more genuine, with infinitely more taste and eat at Honest. Or failing that GBK does a mean burger and they are a decent burger with enough meat in them to allow the juices to remain and not to be forced over by overly aggressive frying!


I've only recently discovered Five Guys and I love it so much :) cheap, tasty and the guys working there are so cheerful and friendly all the time. Prices are great and you can choose as many toppings as you like free of charge. You can also eat a ton of monkey nuts for free, which is amazing!

Their fries are to die for, and I was so excited about them the first time I tried them that the waiter gave me a free extra bag! Another thing I suggest you to try is their grilled cheese, just when you feel like something different.#

Don't believe the low ratings here, this is a really good fast food and a great value for money. If you're looking for a gourmet burger go elsewhere, but if you're looking for a tasty, filling meal, this is the place for you. Much better than McDonald's!


I was running late and wanted to eat something before going out and because it was Easter Sunday evening almost everything was closed so I stumbled into this place.

I'm on the hunt for the best burger in London and personally for me this burger is only a tiny bit better than the best version of Mcdonalds.

If you are looking for something quick and average this is the place for you but if you are looking for a GOOD burger then go somewhere else.

Don't believe anybody who doesn't give Five Guys five stars. The best burger around, hands down. And more chips thena you know what to do with...

They do some amazing burguers in here! The ingredients are of good quality, and the staff are really nice and efficient. The price is a really good deal for a burguer which is that good. There is a wide variety of drinks and you don't have to wait forever to get your food. I would definitely recommend it!


A good burger! Not amazing! There's a lot of hype about the place. A hamburger is £6.75 and has a double pattie. All ingredients are fresh. You get to choose your toppings at no extra cost. The milkshakes are nice but pricey. They have a huge range or sodas which are refillable. Service is fast and you can help yourself to unlimited monkey nuts whilst you wait!


It really is a good burger! I like five guys,I like having five guys in Islington! My only problem with a five guys burger is that I really want a burger and a half! I am not a fan of double patties- it gets in the way of all the yummy toppings and then it can become a precarious burger. I always think when I go- more burger less chips!

I think Five Guys is a must visit for anyone who is always on the seek for a good burger. I also like that you can eat it with your hands and it squishes with your hands,so you have the perfect grip for munching!! 

Service is good,nothing write home about,but it's fast food, as long as they take the right order and don't spit in it,I am happy.

Yes go and have a five guys,tell your friends,tell your mum- it's yum!

I also like the peanuts,which are free, they have for you to much on in the cue or just whilst you wait for your burger to be cooked. I have been know to fill one of their brown bags full of the those nuts as a going home present : ) don't do that.....or do! Or just make sure you eat your fill before having your meal!!

Bonus to selling beer and a fun selection of soft drinks too,also they have a good milkshake on offer. Around about £8-£10 per head,not bad at all

Recently the Hamburger seems to have been a little over-glorified, and Five Guys has a reputation that I don't entirely understand. However, they have made grub-on-the-go more fun if you are after a quick meat feast. I like the decor - it has sense of fun , and although not cheap , I prefer this to the Golden Arches any day.

I went in with some friends who couldn't stop talking about Five Guys. What a disapointment! Burgers are expensive, sit in area is dreadful (ultra basic white and red furniture, no windows downstairs, smelly place) and staff was mean (a girl in front of us in the queue was not fluent in English and instead of helping her order they started to make fun of her English). If you want to enjoy a good burger in a nice restaurant with respectful staff (for the same price) you can just cross the street and visit Byron!