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Rochelle at the ICA

Food Chain: A look inside chefs' favourite restaurants

The concept behind our new snackable short-film series ‘Food Chain’ is simple: sharing

Samantha Willis
Written by
Samantha Willis

Always wanted to know where your favourite chefs go when they’re hungry? Welcome to our new video series Food Chain. It’s your inside guide to the places London’s most clued up foodies go to eat. Wanna know how it works? 

First, one of London’s top chefs, Magnus Reid, will show you the place where he loves to eat most. Then the chef from his chosen restaurant, Wei Guirung, will tell you about her favourite food spot, and so it will go on until the masters of our city’s eating scene have taken you to all the holes-in-the-wall, elegant fine diners and bustling bistros you might ever want to venture into in this lifetime. 

Warning: it’s addictive stuff. But hopefully, by the end of your ‘Food Chain’ binge you’ll have a fair idea where our city’s top chefs and culinary insiders go when they’re hungry. Maybe you’ll even spot one of them in front of the counter on your next eating-outing.

Time Out's Food Chain


Magnus Reid visits Xi’an Impression


Wei Guirong visits Sabor

Nieves Barragan visits The French House


Neil Borthwick visits Rochelle’s Canteen at the ICA

Ben Coombes visits Black Axe Mangal


Lee Tiernan visits Smoking Goat

Ali Borer visits Max's Sandwich Shop

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