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Tricia de Courcy Ling

Please note, Mishkin's is now closed. Time Out Food & Drink editors, Feb 2016.

Mishkin’s calls itself ‘a kind-of Jewish deli with cocktails’, which is a pretty good description, though it omits the knowingness of the place and the fact that the menu is much too short for a real Jewish deli. Still, what’s listed is generally pretty good. We’re partial to the reuben (pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and russian dressing on toasted rye bread), though it’s no bargain at £11. Sides such as chips, fried onion rings and coleslaw (most recently cauliflower and caraway) are hard to resist too, especially if you’ve plumped for the burger. But some dishes are a bit so-what – ‘house’ fish cakes with beets and horseradish, for example, managed to be bland. It’s an attractive selection, though, mixing tradition (chicken matzo ball soup) and innovation (cod cheek popcorn), sometimes in the same dish (smoked mackerel latkes), and prices are just about reasonable given the location. The small, shabby-chic, NYC-style interior is low-lit, which means diners can’t always appreciate the mass of decorative touches (including a cabin-like table at the back). Staff are young, friendly and attentive, and can mix a mean cocktail. Mishkin’s belongs to Russell Norman and Richard Beatty’s stable of restaurants, along with Spuntino and the three branches of Polpo.


Venue name: Mishkin's
Address: 25 Catherine Street
Opening hours: Meals served 11am-11.30 Mon-Sat; noon-10.30pm Sun
Transport: Tube: Covent Garden
Price: Main courses £6-£13
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I went to Mishkin's pre-theatre on Thursday night and it was great. The Jewish deli type menu is composed of lots of small plates, sliders and salads as well as a couple of sandwiches. We went for the Reuben on Rye, the cod cheek popcorn, the roasted spiced aubergine and the lamb neck with hummus and apricots. If you have just one thing, have the Reuben. This sandwich, full of warm melted cheese and layers of delicious pastrami, is literally one of the best sandwiches I've had in years. The other plates were good, particularly the lamb neck, but didn't quite compare (and were a little cold if completely honest). The Old Fashioned's we ordered were very quaffable but were a little small for the price. We finished with an creamy Oreo milkshake which got a thumbs up from my other half and a beautifully sharp and sweet lemon meringue pie. A great end to the meal. 


Maybe I have got lucky with my orders (salt beef and reuben sandwiches), it seems that these are always reviewed well, but I have always thought Mishkin's was great!  Service was quick, they are open and serving late so good for a post theatre option as well!  Spuntino is one of my favourite London spots and I can see some similarities in the style here, perhaps that is why I look on it so fondly....will have to go back again to make sure! 

Terrible lunchtime service. Waited almost 45 minutes. Told 'it's just coming' on a number of occasions. Really disappointed and left without eating (which we had to do as the food still hadn't arrived. Manager apologised but no compensation offered. Very angry. Reluctant to even give it one star


This Jewish Deli style restaurant and gin bar is the sister to Polpo and worth of the same high praise. Whether you just want a gin at the bar with a slider or the really fabulous whitebait or something more at the tables, you wont be disappointed with the quality, decor or the friendly service. Given the Jewish inspiration you wont be surprised to find both salt beef and Ruben sandwiches on the menu, neither of which are disappointing and nor are the sliders. The hot dogs will leave you full but wanting to come back for more, while the macaroni cheese with ground beef will be hard to resist. In short if you fancy New York style Jewish deli food then this is the place for you.

Having already been to Spuntino and Polpo, I expected good things from Mishkin's last night and I was right. The food is delicious and consisted of a good selection of sharing plates, including sliders, salads and some incredibly tasty puddings. Highly recommend the Lamb neck, hummus & apricots and Pea, radish, feta & mint salad. For dessert the key lime pie and chocolate brownie with salted caramel were divine! Decor is shabby chic with exposed brick and wooden walls and comfortable red booths. The music is also very cool ranging from soft drum and bass to funk and soul. For four of us the bill came to £26 each and we each had a main plate with a side, two desserts to share and a glass of wine. I wish they had a hidden camera next to the bathroom sink, as only one in four of us could figure out how to use the soap and it must be pretty funny watching people work out how to use it! 

This is comfort food central and nothing more than that. Nor does it try to be don't look much further than the mac and cheese with mustard and salt beef. Its a joyful, cholesterol inducing bowl off goodness that is a close to a food hug as you're gonna get. 

If you're expecting big bold flavours, massive portions, and honest prices - go elsewhere. This place is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the London resaurant scene at the moment. As small cafes and delis offering great food, but no marketing, go out of business, their offering is chewed up and spewed out into this sort of faux, bare-brick, bull dump. Save yourself £11 a make yourself a better 'reuben' with three thin slices of pastrami from the supermarket. Everything I had - macaroni, coleslaw, fries was bland, stingy, and massively overpriced. Who's the schmuk here? I'm afraid dear Londoner, it's you and I.

I came to Mishkins for a chicken soup without the matzo balls. I was pretty speechless when the bill came and I was charged £5.60 for it. It was tasteless water and the portion size was tiny. If you compare the price of a miso soup being roughly £1.50, this is pretty shocking. #DaylightRobbery #Won'tBeGoingBack

Food is lovely, service need to get into the same level i guess, but overall a great value in covent garden.

Perfectly fine food, but as an experience, remarkably poor: the bartender had 'forgotten' to order enough wine this week, a sandwich topping couldn't be omitted because 'everything is pre-made', orders took ages to arrive (and one was forgotten altogether), and worst of all, a 90-minute time limit on a pre-booked table meant that we were asked to leave on the dot of 9pm, having had time for only a single course.

If you don't like cocktails you may end up having to drink "Will Skidelsky's lemonade" which ain't great and is over-priced.

I tried to go here at 4pm on a Thursday when people were inside, and the man behind the bar said "We're closing now, you can't eat here." and hustled me out. That was enough for me!

Nicely decorated, with a cool feel. However paying £7 for 3 small finger sandwiches and a handful of crisps really made me feel like i had been mugged. Most of the portions that i saw on other diners lunch plates were small too - really seemed like they could be more generous with their pricing/sizing. Ruined my experience.

Really, really average. Particularly given the price – which wasn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Nothing wrong with the food really, just nothing good about it. Quite a vibrant atmosphere, but service was quite slow. I wanted to like this place but I won't be going back

I am an American and I can honestly say that this place is as far from a NY deli as one could get. Yes, they tried to recreate the style of a NYC diner but it ends up looking and feeling contrived, not authentic. The prices at face value seem decent for a restaurant in the West End but when my order arrived I was in disbelief by the size of the portions....so so so tiny. My main course "all day brunch" was, and I am not kidding, served on a mug saucer. My friend ordered a sharing plate of macaroni and cheese and this would be the typical size of a SIDE DISH of macaroni and cheese in any other restaurant ...... disappointing.

Decent and different lunch time comfort food. Not sure I'd feel the same as a dinner venue

I've been twice to Mishkins and loved it both times. The meatballs are excellent, as is the salt beef and the cocktails are fantastic - not for the faint hearted. However the crowning glory is their lemon drizzle cake - mwah!

Lovely decor and okay menu - would be average at best in NY. Quite unpleasant experience with guy in charge of seating, he was rude and arrogant and we didn't feel very welcome. Will not visit again

Delicious dinner the other night - and on a Monday the noise level was much more mellow. The new chicken/leek/tarragon knish on the menu was a triumph: with its own jug of creamy mushroom sauce on the side. Generous portions of market greens and mushy peas. The only disappointment was that they'd run out of a cheesecake special, but they've promised it will soon be a regular on the otherwise rather short dessert menu. Hurrah for that!

The Reuben seems to have been much improved, as it was crammed with layers of deliciously melting pastrami. However when it arrived, in its enormity it towered embarrassingly over my fellow diners' fun-size meals, which led to a certain level of food envy and bad feeling among the group. Portion sizes could be adjusted for certain items - even if it meant raising the price. Perhaps a better place for lunch than dinner, but the quality of food and the atmosphere were very good.

Yummy lunch had with fellow NY'ers on a Sunday afternoon. Milkshakes, Reuben, and onion rings were very good. loved the decor

Very average food (like going round for dinner with a friend who can't really cook but has decided to do a NY Jewish themed meal without a proper cookbook) . Good atmosphere though and friendly staff.

Popped in to check it out this afternoon and an hour later and with a heavy heart I had to leave but would have stayed for another one or even two hours if I could have done.... friendly helpful staff; great, simple & yummy Yiddish/NYC style food; amazing cocktails; good coffee and a fabulous atmosphere and decor. If only they had a proper Yiddish/NYC style store next door where I could buy some great Knish, cream cheese and bagels I could give up on my 'must move to NYC' pipe dream.....

Ok - I promised a definitive review of Mishkins and here it is! Having grown up on Jewish food and also sampled some of the best in New York I feel well qualified in providing an honest review. I'm also very forgiving when it comes to food places because, well, mainly because I love food! Mishkins when you enter isn't as cosy or as 'warm' as their beautifully shot website photos would have you believe. It's a little faux 'old' and unfortunately doesn't quite work, the interior is a little confused. Firstly contrary to comments here the staff were really quite lovely. We hadn't a booking but we offered either a table or sharing a booth with an elderly gentlemen which was fine. The good - the Matzo ball soup! This was pretty good although why they put herbs in the matzo ball is beyond me because it ruined it! My friend ordered the chopped liver, he said it was ok. My pastrami Reuben though was pretty bad. Tasteless pastrami almost the same you'd find in a packet M&S sandwich, stuffed into a mush of tasteless dressing / sauerkraut in between two thick chewy toasted breads. UGH. I sat there thinking 'How could they get it so wrong?!?!?'. Visit Katz's in New York and you'll just laugh at what they're trying to pass off as 'Jewish' food in Mishkins. Then the bill. It's overpriced, period. £40 for a sandwich, chopped liver, soup and two coffees?! So in summary - I wouldn't waste your cash or time at Mishkins. There's no atmosphere to speak of, the food is poor, the prices way too high. What a total and utter dissappointment.

Went with the girls the other night and must say that I was very happy with the food and our waiter, but totally disappointed with the manager and his behaviour, he was very rude when it was time to pay and this totally ruined our, before that very pleasant, experience. This is not the type of behaviour you expect from someone running the restaurant.

Expensive. Sandwich £9 which my son said was quite good. I had chicken soup £5.The portion was very small. Not so good. Had an unusal taste. Certainly not as good as mine. The bill came to £15.75 (12and a half % service added on). I had no problem with this. However I had a major problem with the fact that I gave £20 note and waited a while for my change. WhenI asked the waitress for my change she had the audacity to say she thought I said don't worry about it (meaning they will keep the change!!!). No words crossed my lips when I passed over the money!! Nice try, but I am on the ball. How many others have fallen for this. Not a good customer tactic!!! We will NOT be going there again.

It's a shame but they aim low, and don't even get there. The place is lovely to look at. As you turn the corner and glimpse the facade your spirits will be raised. As you enter, the place feels warm and welcoming. The staff are plentiful and milling around happily. A scan through the menu and you're guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy. But you'll probably just end up excitedly pointing at something wafting past, on it's way to another table and ask for that. Then the food arrives... Having lived in New York, the reason New York style deli food is so simple is because the ingredients are fresh. The bread is not supposed to be stale, the meat is not supposed to be dry... There are countless little things that are missing, each a corner cut which tarnishes the effect slightly more. The place is nice, the staff are good but overall you'll feel like you've been packed in and taken for a very expensive sandwich. Simple food in a relaxed atmosphere shouldn't be that hard to achieve, but Mishkins doesn't manage it.

I absolutely love mishkins, how many places can you go where you know it's going to be an incredible evening, have a laugh and banter with the staff, eat great food and come away happy? Notting hill is crying out for somewhere like this. My only regret is they didnt come here!

"I'll-have-what-she's-having" As the plates fly past me and I grab the nearest waitress to ask what was that??? Actually forget telling me, just get it to my table!! I can't seem to get enough of this place, its been open for a week and I have been 5 times.  I myself am also slightly jew-ish, just like Mishkins, my mother converted, but my Jewish Grandmother made some pretty mean chicken soup in her heyday, and I know if Grandma was still alive, and I took her to Mishkins she would have absolutely of loved the place (although she may of made a few comments about the tattoos on the waitresses). But then of course, I would have taken her at lunch.  The evenings are for me and my girlfriends, when the blinds are down and the music is cranked up, this place is like some hip downtown New York film. From the cocktails, to the overly cool clientele, I do not want to leave... its a scene with great food, a slight Norman stamp... but hes broken out of his own Polpo mould. What next????? Has Russell Nornan really made Covent Garden cool again?  Move over tourist, I think he may have done...

I beg to differ on the Reuben! It's my favorite in town! This is my new best hang out, maybe because the staff is so sexy, or because the portions are so generous in real NY like fashion. The diamond fizz is amazing too.

Simply in a league of its own in London. Food is good to very good but never great, but that isn't the point. Young, fun staff, great music and vibe, not for old people (my wife's parents HATED it). Love love love it and can't wait to go back.