Pho Soho

Restaurants, Vietnamese Soho
Branch of the Vietnamese noodle bar chain. The original is in Clerkenwell.


Venue name: Pho Soho
Address: 163-165 Wardour Street
Opening hours: Meals served noon-11pm Mon-Sat; noon-10pm Sun.
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square or Tottenham Court Road
Price: Main courses £7.75-£10.50.
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Staff Writertastemaker

 I really enjoyed my visit so really surprised to see the reviews below.

Firstly I visited on a Thursday lunchtime and the atmosphere was so calm- normally unachievable in Central London on lunchtime. It got busier but still remained calm, and staff were super friendly.

I had the Asian chicken salad and spring rolls, the spring rolls came with both a peanut and chilli dip, both great! The salad had shredded chicken and a sort of spicy asian coleslaw it was massive and super tasty, could have done with slightly more dressing if I’m being super fussy... 

My pal had a chicken noodle dish which she also liked, the whole bill was under £25 with drinks so very reasonable in my opinion.

I’d recommend this place for sure!

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If this is authentic Vietnamese food they I feel sorry for the Vietnamese for the food was tasteless, greasy , the squid had surly seen better days and the "famous" Pho soup looked more like dish water than soup . The service was so bad , the staff looked like the last thing they want to do is serve us while the manager in training was to busy chatting up the bar staff we actually waited to pay our bill. Don't ever go there!!!


although a chain restaurant - its food I find is still delicious. Favourite of mine is the summer veggie roll and crispy spring roll with peanut sauce on the side. 


To be honest, this was a tad of a disappointment. I had a pretty heavy breakfast so I wasn’t really in the mood for something heavy like Pho or even the Bun Sa, which is what I normally like to go for. As such, I went for the Goi Bap Chuoi. This was a rare beef salad with banana blossom, crushed peanuts, and star fruit.

It was a unique and interesting salad because I don’t think I’ve ever had banana blossom before but it was rather good! I liked that they were very generous with the crushed peanuts and the dressing was kept light so the salad tasted fresh and refreshing. There was a lack of star fruit though, with only 2 slices placed on the side, mainly for presentation purposes. This was a shame because star fruit is really delicious – juicy, sweet and crunchy! They were also pretty generous with the slices of rare beef, which were cooked well – I could see the slight pink tinge in the middle and the cooked outer rim. Now although my food was decent, I thought that the proportions were uneven – there was far too much banana blossom and only 2 slices of star fruit.

We also shared a starter, the Goi Cuon. This is a typical Vietnamese starter of fresh spring rolls stuffed with raw vegetables and we had ours with prawns inside. We had a choice between two types of sauces: fish sauce or peanut sauce, and we went for both! I believe the former is the traditional sauce to have with this dish but I’m a fan of anything and everything peanut, so I couldn’t say no to that when our waiter offered to give us both.

According to my brother, the Pho was not the best, and I must agree. The soup was not hot enough to cook the slices of rare beef, as it should normally. It also wasn’t as flavourful as the Pho I’ve tried at other restaurants in London.

To finish off our meal, we both decided to go for a Vietnamese Coffee to go. I had mine iced and without the condensed milk, as I’m lactose intolerant. Although it was an excellent cup of black coffee – rich, bitter, and flavourful without any sugar or milk – it definitely tastes better with condensed milk, as it is normally drunk. My brother had the one with condensed milk and I liked that they didn’t mix the condensed milk with the coffee so he received it clearly able to see both parts.

I wasn’t a fan of the atmosphere at this branch, as the restaurant was really dim inside. Aside from the table by the front window, the rest of the tables were practically in the dark! It would have been appropriate for an evening setting but definitely not in the afternoon. The service was average, our waiter was nice to offer us both sauces with our starter but he seemed quite unsure of the menu when we ordered. I will not be coming back here to eat but it is a good shout for a decent Vietnamese coffee!

One of my favourite lunch time spots to grab some good food with friendly attentive service. I have taken many friends here and everybody has thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommend, Pho real!!

Great venue, good food and beer - at a reasonable price. I like. 

If you're looking for something relatively cheap within the area then Pho is good value for money (a number of mains costing under £10). The food is good (but not amazing quality) and the restaurant itself has a nice atmosphere and friendly staff. 

Popular with the puffer jacket boys of media Soho, this branch of Pho is, to be honest, chaos. Customers placing takeaway orders vie for attention with those picking up their pre-phoned-in ones, the bar, and the sit-in bill-payers. End result if you're taking away is 20 mins standing behind Craig from Stevenage as he expounds some shit to Paul from Bexley. The food is unremarkable, and not really worth it, There are tons of better places 5 mins away. I can't do better than Seabastain's comment: 'I will get hair loss if I continue to go back to this place.' Nice one, Sebastian! And nice puffer jacket!


Solid three stars for Pho. This is one of my favourite chains because it usually feels fairly personable and the food is always good. Spicy isn't that spicy - so if they ask if you want it spicy, say yes! I like the noodles and and the starter of pork spring rolls is to die for (get the peanut sauce with it). I've been many times but the service was off last night, friendly and sweet but basically non functional - they gave our food to our neighbours, didn't check on us and got the payment wrong at the end. Sure it was just a blip, I'll be back regardless! 


As far as chain restaurants go Pho is pretty good, especially in the winter months when a tasty broth is just want you need to warm up. Pretty much their whole menu is gluten free too, so it’s an easy win for people who have a gluten intolerance. The soho branch can get fairly busy so you do sometimes have to wait for a table, but generally it doesn’t take long and you can have a drink while you wait – the apple, mint and lime juice is delicious.


I'm not a big eater of oriental food but my friends dragged me here as they are big fan of the place. Being a vegetarian who hates tofu, my choice was rather limited but I opted for the Bun vermicelli noodles with veggie spring rolls, and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! The noodles were fresh, the nước chấm side sauce had a fiery kick and the spring rolls were simply delicious. I liked the crunchy difference of texture the peanuts gave and the mint too brought a refreshing flavour to the dish without being overpowering. I had the banana fritter for dessert which although it was tasty, the size of the dish was pitiful and let it down.

Although I enjoyed my meal, it's not a place I would intentionally book, but more of a place I'll go and grab lunch with a friend.


I'm not sure why everyone is disappointed with this food. It may be a slightly Anglicised version of Vietnamese but it was tasty and fresh in its own right. I would recommend the Pho, especially on a cold day when it's like a warm, brothy hug. The selection is somewhat limited to beer, vodka and a Vietnamese spirit for mixers but they do a good, spicy Bloody Mary and proper Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk through the traditional drip filter. The staff seemed friendly enough, definitely a Soho vibe to this place but not in an exclusive/cliquey way, and reasonably priced at £40 for two people including shared starter and a drink each.

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Fake vietnamese food cooked by trainee westerners, very bad service as well.

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This place remind me of this an oriental film with all western people acting in it pretending to be Chinese with those silly make up and funny eyebrows.

I went to this restaurant because on their website it said that it's an authentic family run restaurant, it was disappointing because the food were cooked by western amateur with arrogant western waitress.

The food is very heavy taste with lots of msg and spice to fool westerners. I was so thirsty and restless for the whole night after been to this place because of overdosed by MSG and spices combination.

I will get hair loss if I continue to go back to this place.