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An unassuming Peckham Rye pizza joint.

Pizza Pickup – a pared-back little box of a restaurant on the foodie strip of shops that line the north end of Peckham Rye – is an assuming spot. Its look, with a wall of bare bricks, some faux-retro Italian city posters (Firenze! Roma! And so on) and fake-marble-topped tables is far from hip. Menus are roughly printed. The pies are thin and crisp – no blistering Neapolitan cornicione here – and the toppings basic. It may have started as a street-food van, but artisanal and high concept this is not. The ciao? Fine. No more than that, but certainly passable if you’d rather avoid the 15-minute schlep west to Franco Manca in Dulwich or east to Four Hundred Rabbits in Nunhead.

A focaccia was nothing of the sort. Rather, it was a salted, plain pizza base. Soaked in grassy olive oil it was not. Both the tomatoes and mozzarella in a caprese salad were fridge cold and drizzled with a sweet balsamic syrup. Pizzas were tomato heavy and cheese light, though the meaty toppings on ours – cotto ham and prosciutto – were generous. Tiramisu was a tad cakey and needed more booze. Pizza Pickup is almost retro in its lack of ambition – plus, the most expensive bottle on the wine list is a fizzy red lambrusco, which even they admit is a non-ironic nod to the 80s – which in 2017 is pretty novel in itself.

By: Tom Howells


Venue name: Pizza Pickup
Address: 64 Peckham Rye
SE15 4JR
Price: Dinner for two with drinks and service: around £60.
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Delicious and authentic pizza, gf and vegan options, friendly service. Very tasty Bellini, too.

Echoing what all the other reviews say - the Time Out review is way off base! 

The marble is real, the owner is ace, and the pizza is delicious. 

Plus, they welcome furry friends, which is always appreciated as a dog owner. 

I think they're owed a re-do. 

I think you need to re-review. Perhaps Mr. Howell's was having a bad day last April.

Wonderful pizza truly Roman style, and lovely atmosphere too. Very friendly service.

Great food and ambience. The tomato sauce pizza base is the best out of Peckham pizzas for sure. Reasonably priced and friendly service. 

Will be returning soon. 

what an unfair review! the pizzas at pizza pickup are amazing! they are lovely and crisp, and remind me of holidays in rome. have been several times and the food is always consistently good, and look forward to my next visit

Great Pizza. A different offering to other pizzerias I've visited in the area - Fantastic crispy base. Really friendly service and pretty good value. Will be returning.

So good! Reminded me of the best pizza I’ve ever had... which was in Rome! Also great service!

Great service, friendly staff, amazing pizza. Have been here a few times now and it never disappoints. Great local pizzeria with really authentic Roman pizzas. Desserts are great too and wine is always lovely as a bonus. 

What an unfair review!

We've been several times to Pizza Pickup because we so perfer the thin, crispy pizza to the likes of Franco Manca. Having visited Italy a number of times, this pizza takes me straight back there, it's authentic and covered in delicious topping! What's more is that the owner and his staff are so efficient and friendly- just what you need! If you're after thin and crispy pizza, just like the Italians do, Pizza Pickup is an absolute must; you won't be disappointed.

Completely disagree with the Timeout Review on this place, Pizza Pickup is doing pizza the proper way with its thin base and restaurant setting reminiscent of a proper Roma pizzeria. The staff are friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and the pizzas are super tasty. A great addition to the Peckham high street!!

Time out, as usual, searching to find food vendors that fit their sterile mould of 'artisanal' and 'high concept' restraraunts. The end-product Roma pizza at Pizza Pickup is miles ahead of local competitors Voodoo Rays (which Time Out have described as 'impeccably hip') in quality and taste, the service was great and the staff (we were served by Nic) were friendly and knew their stuff. Will definitely be eating their Pizza again!

I get pizzas from Pizza Pick Up quite often, both take away and eat in, and I think they are the best pizzas in our next of the woods.  The crust is excellent, the toppings are really tasty, the atmosphere is really nice and casual, unlike some of the local alternatives (one in particular where it is a nightmare working out the byzantine ordering system).  Would thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for a take away or eat in pizza in or around Peckham.


I ate at Pizza Pickup last weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was great, the restaurant clean, and food amazing!!! The time Out review was simply cruel and as someone described it, ‘snobbery’ I am so pleased and may I say, proud to have the ‘Pizza Pickup’ restaurant so close by, I know where I’ll be going for my pizza fix from now on. The Focaccia bread was not a ‘crispy pizza base’ as described by the Time Out review, it was indeed a crispy Focaccia bread!!! and may I say, scrumptious. Having heard the history and hard work put in to the restaurant by the owners and it’s development, this makes you appreciate it even more. Picking holes in ‘wall signs and table tops’ is plain daft and serves no purpose. Well done, great place to eat, and very reasonably priced.

Great pizza, thin crispy base, fresh tomato sauce and classic toppings. And a very nice place to spend half an hour. Food was quick and hot and service was great. 😚👌🏼

Ate here on Saturday night - Time Out review is nonsense. No, I'm not italian and don't know how a Rome pizza should truly taste, but I've eaten at just about every pizza place in London and would therefore like to consider myself well-placed to judge. The foccacia and Pepperoni pizza i had were genuinely delicious and i defy anyone to say otherwise. And the atmosphere and the staff are great. What more could you ask for from a pizza restaurant?

Pizza Pickup is a small, or indeed large slice, of delightful atmosphere and service. The review offered by Time Out frankly reeks of a snobbery so boring that it comes across as a parody of themselves.

Enjoyed a very good pizza. Light dough and good quality ingredients. Friendly staff. Braviiii!

Great pizza!!! Great service. Seriously great.

Weird time out review...if the reviewer needs to be distracted by flashy decor to enjoy his food then he may need to check his attention span... and maybe check out a few authentic trattorias on his next trip to italy.

I did think Time Out was always a reliable source of impartial reviewing but how wrong could they be.

Clearly the reviewer had been tapped up by another outlet to give such a poor review. Not real marble! WTF

Really very good pizza best I've eaten outside Italy.

Go eat local and support a top local pizzeria 

Make no mistake - this is a great pizza place if you look authentic Roman pizza. No stodgy thick bases loaded with cheap melted cheese here. Friendly and informative service by the owner who clearly had been sadly affected by the poor and underserved 2star rating by Time Out. Give this place a go - we liked it a lot.

I think the Time Out reviewer needs to take a moment and return, with a decent night of sleep beforehand, as his two star review doesn't make sense.  I went to Pizza Pickup last week with some friends who live in Clapham after hearing about it. I live in Fulham.

The pizzas were simple and delicious. I rarely eat the crusts but all of our plates went back completely clean, which is something I noticed about the other plates going back from other tables.  I had the garlic focaccia and it could not have tasted better...and the bread was exactly in type as I've had when in Rome.  Re: the Time Out review of the focaccia, focaccia is a flat bread and comes in different thicknesses.  It was exactly as I had hoped for.

What was great that there was no bloaty feeling after eating the pizza, leaving room to try the home made Tiramisu. I couldn't finish the portion, but wish I had the room to as it was also delicious. One of my friends had the 'pizza cioccolato' that had Nutella and sea salt on. Well done whoever invented that!

All in, excellent and defo a five star from me. This is the sort of place I would travel to and I will certainly be back again, but I have asked the owner if he could please open a Pizza Pickup in Fulham to make returning a bit easier! 

By the way, the marble is very much real. 

Great local pizzeria. Tasty thin authentic pizzas and friendly staff. Refreshingly unpretentious will definitely be returning.

the thin roman pizza at pizza pickup is perfection! not stodgy and a pleasure to eat with excellent choice of toppings to experience an authentic roman pizza. this is made even better by the the friendly and attentive staff. the owner and chefs are italian themselves! 

they even offer pizza and beer for a tenner on monday tuesday and wednesday!! brilliant!

Had pizza at this laid back joint last week - One of the BEST pizzas I've ever tasted - second only to what I ate in ROME. . . . Wow - this pizza is worth travelling for. Ignore the rubbish that Timeout has written - who gives a F if the table is marble (they are real marble BTW) - who gives a F if the posters are fauxretro (what does that even mean?! - and they are from the 1940s . . .google) Who gives a F if the place is small - good - this means the really nice staff can focus on the customers. My group had a great time and the pizza is EXCELLENT - one of the best in London. I'll be telling my friends and coming back and back. Shame Timeout got it so wrong - I won't be relying on them as much as I used to . . .

We had a great time a Pizza Pickup Saturday night! Delicious food and refreshingly unpretentious environment. If for some bizarre reason you are turned off by fake marble tables, rest assured they are not fake, they are real marble tables. The service was great and there was a real genuine enthusiasm for creating authentic Rome style pizza. Overall highly recommend!

Pizza Pickup is perfection! The vibe was relaxed and friendly; quaint and homely. Plus the pizza (not really mentioned very much here Timeout) was GREAT! I would definitely recommend you try this gem of a place! On a Saturday night, when every where else is packed, get yourself down to Pizza Pickup. We were pleasantly surprised by how perfect it was. Thank you!

The pizza pickup is incredible! The atmosphere is chilled and friendly. The pizza is tasty and traditional Roma pizza! I feel the time out review was done by someone who doesn't know good food but thinks they're very cool. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who loves pizza :) x x x Hannah

Oh do chill out a bit, Time Out. I don't always want a massive sourdough crust served on a breadcrumby table by a topknotted hipster anxious to hurry me up and get me out so they can seat some more of the shivering masses queuing outside! Sometimes all I want is friendly service, crispy crusts, generous toppings, decent prices and time and space to sit back and have another beer once I'm done. It's comfort food, lighten up and enjoy it. Goodness me.

(Also I'm afraid I did think the table tops were fake but didn't massively care.)

Love the pizza! We often order via Uber Eats but always enjoy the quality of the food!

Went with a group of friends on saturday night and we had one of the best pizza meal in a while! Pizza is simply like the ones you would have in Italy - non-fussy, tasty and deliciously light and crispy dough with fresh wholesome toppigs. Service was super friendly with the staff making you feel like you're visiting friends for dinner and the ambience was cozy and relaxed. Fancy this is not, but if you're looking for a great neighborhood pizza to satisfy your tastebud and stomach then this is a place to check out. Forget making the trek to the overrated Franco Manca - faux marbletop table or not this place is homely, bang for your buck delicious delight.

This Timeout review is unnecessarily harsh. Pizza pickup does a decent pizza - crispy base, tasty tomato sauce and plenty of quality toppings. It might not be the fancy-pants pizzas of Franco Manca or 400 rabbits but who needs that the whole time? Pizza Pickup is a great place to pick up a few pizzas to eat on the Rye on a summer's afternoon.

I love it.

I went with my girlfriend last week and we were very good!

The waiters are nice!!!!

The pizza is very good, i took a Crudo Rucola (super tasty!) and perfect seasoning in all pizza

I'm sure see you again!

I'm sorry timeout but you got it wrong

Thank you PizzaPickup!!!!

I live 20 meters away from Four Hundred Rabbits and I just can't stop making my way to Pizza Pickup when I fancy real good pizza. Simply, the best quality pizza in Peckham and at an affordable price. No point in clarifying the marbel table tops are real. What really matters is that this fine crusty pizza is fresh and comes with abundant topping. I recommend the Quattro Stagioni with Birra Moretti Toscani. Nice and friendly staff.

Just went here again tonight to pick up pizzas (see what I did there?), and they smell just as lovely as the ones I had recently here tasted: thin, crisp base, and generous amounts of good quality ingredients.

Decor is minimal in a friendly and tasteful way, and the owner recognised me from my last visit and was again very nice and helpful.

Lovely find this place, I'll most certainly be back - and not just because I live a stone's throw away!

Went to Pizza Pick Up this evening and thoroughly enjoyed a Vegetariana pizza. Really tasty tomato sauce, nice crispy base, and excellent selection of toppings (often not the case for veggies!) The chilli oil had a good kick to it too.

Staff were really friendly, and the owner himself came to have a chat with us at the end. Comments on decor seem a bit unfair / irrelevant. The place has a nice low key vibe. Certainly not particularly trendy, but since when did anyone want a pizza restaurant to reinvent the wheel anyway?

All in all, a nice atmosphere for a tasty, good value pizza. Exactly what it says on the tin.

No no no no no! This new pizza place is absolutely lovely! And to destroy the critic's review in one stroke, the table tops are not 'faux marble' by any means, but were mined from a quarry close to that where Michaelangelo himself mined his own Carrera marble. Nor is it a 'pared-back box'. It is exactly the kind of typical small, cosy pizza place young Romans might go to in Rome itself. No, it is not 'hip' as Tom Howell says, but it is real. And 'hip' is so last year, and fake, let's face it. I do not usually like pizzas in this country, but when this place was recommended to me - by two Italians! - I went there tonight. The pizza was as good as the one I had in Rome. The base was crisp but very edible and tasty, the toppings were amazing. Followed by affogatto and a grappa. And wonderful, personal service. I'm sorry, but this review was spiteful and vindictive - especially considering they are hard-working young people just setting up - and with a Roman heritage themselves. Unfair and cruel - and wrong. Bow your head in shame Tom.

You got it wrong Time Out. Open the door and smell the great pizza. The pizza here is gorgeous and the setting is clean and fun.

Time Out reviewer is wrong!

The pizza here is gorgeous, light and crisp. The staff are friendly and efficient and the place is cosy.

Pizza pick up serves my fave pizza right now and it is great value as well - my kids are slightly obsessed with the nutella pizza for pudding...

This has just become my new Pizza Joint! Great authentic Italian pizza. I was very impressed with how quickly both eat in & take way customers was served and the staff were fantastic. So glad this is on my way home of and evening because I can't wait to go back........ did someone say Wednesday night Pizza Night? 

The pizza here is great and actually tastes Italian. Unlike the over-salty mess at FM's in East Dulwich

The staff are lovely and the food is quick.

This place is exactly what it is, a small pizza joint, without pretension or hype, somewhere to go when you want a quick feed that is delicious.

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