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Rawduck – CLOSED

Restaurants Hackney
3 out of 5 stars
(22user reviews)
Rawduck (©Jamie Lau)
©Jamie LauRaw Duck photographed by Jamie Lau for Time Out
Rawduck (©Jamie Lau)
©Jamie LauRaw Duck photographed by Jamie Lau for Time Out

Time Out says

Please note, Rawduck has now closed. Time Out Food editors, April 2019.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a hunting-lodge themed duck restaurant, but it’s not. Instead, it's the second venture from the people behind Ducksoup in Soho, who've decided to head upstream to Hackney.

Echoing the venue’s name, the look here is raw, though it’s no ugly duckling. The thin strip of a space is flanked on one side by a poured concrete counter, and on the other by matching concrete tables meant for sharing. Friendly staff and old vinyl spinning at the back give the place a comfortably casual feel.

As with Ducksoup, the emphasis here is on quality ingredients, assembled simply. By day, Rawduck has a trendy café vibe with buttery breakfast buns from nearby Violet Cakes, sandwiches on E5 Bakehouse breads, and coffee from Caravan.

By night it transforms it into a wine bar with natural and biodynamic wines, mostly French and Italian. If you’re not a natural wine buff, then it may be worth trying a few before you choose – these too can have a ‘raw’ quality not to everyone’s taste. Don't be put off by the prices on the board, the bottles hanging in front of it are generally cheaper, as are the carafes.

A scoop of soft rillettes speckled with black pepper made a pleasing accompaniment to a punchy Apulian red. Our spatchcocked quail looked like it had got in the way of a cartoon steamroller (or sandwich press perhaps), but the meat was still surprisingly tender.

As much of a morning café as a post-work wine bar, Rawduck’s proximity to Hackney Central station should make it a popular stop-off.



Address: 197 Richmond Road
E8 3NJ
Transport: Tube: Hackney Central overground
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3 out of 5 stars

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I live nearby and me an my husband visit Rawduck at least one per month for the Sunday brunch. The reason why we pick this all the time is because there is a nice vibe, a lot of plants and an original menu. It's not just eggs and bacon or avo on toast, there are many options I never seen before anywhere else. 

Last time I went I took a simple toast and I was disappointed, the bacon was too hard and the plate itself quite small for the amount of money I paid for it, around £12. 


I went to the raw duck 2 weeks ago because one of my friend heard good reviews about this place. We went there a Saturday for brunch.

I had a look at the website first and the instagram. The menu seemed great and different from what we are usually have for brunch, more creative.

The place is quite big, there are long tables to share. It wasn’t busy when we went so perfect to talk. The interior decoration is very nice and modern. If you like the trendy atmosphere of East London you will like that place.

I ordered the Sunny fried eggs, coconut rice, chilli samba, cucumber & peanut dish. It was really good and different, exactly what I wanted. Both fresh and filling and a little bit spicy. My friend had the Tarka Dahl and she really enjoyed it as well. So I would recommend to go there if you’re bored of the classic full english or avocado on toast.

However the service isn’t great. As I said, it wasn’t busy and we had to wait to be seated, to order, even to pay and we had to ask the waitress to wipe our table. Plus, waiters were not friendly at all.

I also found the experience a bit expensive but I guess that’s the game with brunch places in general.


This is a nice cafe which blends in to the usual Hackney scene, including wooden tables, blackboards, a trendy and unpretentious atmosphere, while dishing out a more unusual array of plates. Think toasted rye with smoked mackerel, miso butter and cucumber or pumpkin pancakes with goats curd, toasted seeds, honey and watercress. However, this spot could make more of an effort in presenting its dishes and drinks, particularly given the strong competition in the area for the perfect latte art. Also, Rawduck’s website and Instragram account make it look much cosier than in reality, which may cause slight disappointment when entering. Coupled with the fact that it gets quite packed at the weekends, this definitely takes away from the atmosphere. Not a bad a spot overall, but Rawduck could do better.

Staff Comp

So it completely slipped my mind that this place was only around the corner from my flat, and i'm gutted I've only just ventured in. 

There were 3 of us, and we ordered 6 small plates to share in total. We visited for Indian Summer Sundays, so punchy charcoal spices were apparent through every dish. Highlights were the quail, the lamb, and the monkfish - all grilled to perfection. We also had to order another portion of the chickpea fritters because they were simply delectable. All dishes were paired with a dipping sauce which mainly consisted of fresh yogurt, beautifully flavoured with a variety of different herbs and spices. Think Dishoom, but a whole lot more sophisticated and delicate in flavour.

The only gripe (and it was a small one at that) was that there really wasn't enough on each plate - when you think you're ordering a main dish (because it was priced and labelled as such), there really wasn't enough when it came to the table - so we had to order another two dishes.  

The house white was crisp and moorish, but for a 500ml caraf, it was little steep for East London. That said, it seems these folks aren't aiming for cheap and cheerful - there is no expense spared in the loos, complete with my favourite Aaesop hand soap... 

I will be back for Dumpling Mondays!


Updated review for brunch:

My friend and I met here for brunch Saturday. The menu has very interesting-sounding dishes such as pumpkin pancakes (which I got) and 'Beirut Breakfast' Charred Flat Bread, Sweet Pistachio Dukka, Honey & Labneh (which I also got). There are numerous drink options and I tried the Indian-spiced kombucha which wasn't spicy at all but just very refreshing. A bit small glass size though for 4 quid. The pancakes were three (or four?) quarter dollar size discs with a rich pumpkin flavour and a yogurt/creme fraiche topping. The flatbread was loaded with honey and pumpkin seeds and was served fresh out of the oven. So good! The labneh was fluffy and a perfect accompaniment but there was a measly amount for the number of flatbread given. All in all delicious but I was hungry again only two hours later!

For dinner: 

Mixed review here. I made a rez for 8:30 last night and was seated at the bar. Then I waited for quite some time for a waiter to come over; I was actually on the verge of just walking out. Many of the meat items on the menu were out and the waiter apologised but it was fine by me as a vegetarian. I ordered a glass of one of the orange wines, the labneh, dukka, olive oil (out of sourdough but the cook substituted rye toast which was good) and the lettuce leaves, asparagus, shaved radish and salted ricotta (I asked for it without the poached egg). My food took a while to come and the waiter forgot my wine. The food was beautifully presented when it arrived; IG-photo worthy. But the salad was pretty bland; the labneh was rich and creamy with the dukka generally enhancing the flavour. The waiter noticed at some point that he had forgotten the wine and offered me a glass of red (not very good) on the house and also took the labneh off the bill. He then apologised for the poor service, noting the restaurant was much busier than they expected. For this professional conversation, I would return, but only for the interesting-sounding brunch menu. 

I LOVE this place - been about four times now and never been disappointed.  Great food and wine and lovely atmosphere.


Rawduck isn't a patch on its big sister Ducksoup which is a lovely Soho gem. Sadly, Rawduck,is just a little bland. I visited for brunch and the menu looks like anywhere else. Think poached eggs, avocado, crispy bacon, mushrooms etc etc etc. You could make it at home. I think I am ready for a brunch revolution. Their evening menu looks more interesting and probably worth a return visit. The ambiance is nice and we weren't rushed out the door which is a massive massive plus. 

Rawduck is a rare treasure. Tucked away in Hackey, the resturant strikes the prefect balance between spacious and cosy with its long wooden communal tables, rustic pottery and abundance of fresh potted plants. 

The menu boasts a variety of thoughtfully considered dishes that make the most of local seasonal produce but borrow widely from the best of contemporary international cuisine - while remaining utterly humble and down to earth. I'm always spoilt for choice, wanting to eat almost on offer. Thankfully the portions are fairly small and affordable so you can try a few dishes at any one meal - making them perfect for sharing with friends or family too. 

Rawduck make their own interesting drinking vinegars and fermented products which can be enjoyed with your meal. Occassional workshops on how to make them are also offered. 

They also have, without a doubt, the best butter I have ever tasted. 

While I've only ever visited for Sunday brunch I would wholeheartedly recommend rawduck for dining at any time of day, season in and season out. 

Small dishes at high prices. It all tastes great but I can't imagine it would cost them must more to increase the portion size. Squid mains was exactly 'a squid' not a large squid just a normal, if not small sized squid. I know it's Trendy London but £6.50 for a bottle of beer and when a side of 5 small baked potatoes costs you £4 you know your going home with an empty wallet. Not sure if I would go again.


Headed to Rawduck for a Saturday brunch. The place was full of people but we managed to get a table beneath the tens and tens of green plants. Ordered a simple avocado on sourdough with poached eggs. The dish itself was excellent, but it took almost 45 minutes to arrive. Worth a visit definitely.

Went last night, excellent service, great food, the "natural"wine not to our taste (too cidery) but we were allowed to try to a few to make sure we found one we liked.  Would throughly recommend 

I booked this restaurant apprehensively after reading some of the below reviews, but as it’s so close to my house I decided to give it a try (plus I could bring my dog which always wins me over). I have to say, the service was pleasantly surprising; attentive, cheerful and unpretentious. They were happy for us to sample the wine before making a choice and brought out some water for our dog. The food is definitely quality over quantity, which was fine by us. My boyfriend even said his ‘taste buds were going mental, in a good way’. It’s not cheap but I felt it was worth it for the overall experience. I don’t normally leave reviews but after reading some of the below, I thought it was only fair to share my very positive experience here; every member of staff we encountered was lovely. We enjoyed it so much we’re going again this weekend.

ABSOLUTELY SH*T SERVICE BUT GREAT FOOD. On both occasions now, so more fool me for trying again. I can deal with slow and unorganised service, but rude/snotty staff - no. Go if you like very good sourdough, fab harissa eggs (which eventually arrive unless your waitress has forgotten to order them) and your card thrown at you when you decide not to pay the discretionary service. Unbelievable.

OVERPRICED. While we really enjoyed the inventiveness of the chef and creative hip menu, the size of portions was painfully small. Drinks were fun (Drinking Rhubarb Vinegar £3 or Ginger&Turmeric £3 hot infusion - nice). Many people around were having eggs on sourdough bread (£9). 

We wanted more substantial food and opted for what looked like "mains" which they call "plates". Squid with tomatoes and roasted hazelnuts was delicious, but £12 for three pieces of squid and four pieces of tomatoes?? My friend got cauliflower with freekeh (like barley) with pistachios and youghurt - £12!!! For cauliflower and grains?... And the portion was quite small. 

Overall, it looks like they serve tapas for the price of a main. Not worth the trip to Hackney. The owners seem too greedy.

Wow! What an amazing place. Went tonight for dinner, and was impressed by the quality of the service, wine and menu. Would recommend this place to anyone! My favourites tonight were the tsukemono starters, buttermilk fried chicken, pork bell (wow) and hake mains.

New favourite in Hackney. 

Lou x

great food nice place to be worth a try

fast line mini cab service 0208 5332727

Its a really nice place but the service is rubbish and unfriendly and the prices are ridiculous! £7.25 for a sandwich which had a tiny bit of pastrami in it and a bit of cheese. Our breakfast bill was equally silly, paying over 10 quid for an egg, some ham and a few little chilli peppers. And 4.50 for a croissant with cheese and ham which was mnot very nice! The coffee is also dreadful and the people working there can't even get the basics right - e.g a black americano has no milk! Over-priced, over-rated and smug. Despite it being our nearest coffee place we wont be going back.

Seeing as this little trendy cafe is just around the corner from my flat, I was really looking forward to having a good pit stop on the way to work to grab a cup of coffee and a snack or sandwich. So, so completely and totally disappointed. The coffee tasted burnt and the milk in it reminded me of something you get from the corner shop five days ago and only drink because you have no other choice. I kept going back in hopes it would get better... it hasn't. The pastrami sandwich, upon first tasting, was phenomenal. The meat was piled high and the sauerkraut added the perfect blend of tang and scrumptiousness. The chicken sandwich wasn't as good, but still, it was passable, albeit seriously pricey at £7 a pop. Again, I kept going back, in hopes that this place could be a good little sandwich shop, rather than my local cafe. Sadly, if you continually serve utter crap, the good first impression eventually wears off. Since that first try, I have gone back (stupidly, I will admit) two or three times and the last time, I finally threw my hands up in exasperation and said "never again". The tiny little piece of meat didn't even cover the length of the bread and I couldn't even tell what type of sandwich it was without inspecting it's insides. It was just.... depressing. So, in conclusion... this place is serving up overpriced, uninspired poo. They need to hire some decent baristas (or get better quality coffee and milk) and stop skimping on the already exorbitantly priced ingredients in their meals. I still want that quick cuppa just before my morning commute but, alas, I fear it's a dream that will never be realised.

Thru my experience in restaurants, i could probably say raw duck is one of the worst places i`ve been in a long time. Overpriced and non flavoured food, unfriendly people behind the counter with no idea of what thet are talking about, especially the manager, or who i thought was the manager answering your enquires giving you his back and being quite rude. Please, if you work in a restaurant, try to, at least, learn the menu. No apologizing for any mistakes. Really upsetting coming from a good place like ducksoup. Good concept and potential, but they dont really now how to use it.

Was excited to see such a nicely designed place open up right next to Hackney Central, especially upon spying the lovely coffee machine. Sadly, I had the worst coffee I have had in some time. Admittedly, I am a bit of a coffee snob, but when I order a flat white I do not expect it to be burnt, thin and undrinkable. There are so many great places to get coffee in London, this is not one of them. This is sad as the location is great and the food my husband and I had was tasty and original. None of the coffee being served matched the quality of the food. I live in hope they will get better trained baristas as this would become a regular stop off.

The perfect venue for a breakfast catch-up with friends on a lazy, summer Sunday. It was a nice level of busy- with only a few other customers there, we were able to get a table to ourselves in the back garden. Drinks did take a while to come, but after a gentle reminder, the friendly waiter brought us some perfectly-frothed, dangerously-drinkable cappuccinos. The décor inside is minimalist and open; airy, fresh and with what I like to call ‘headspace to think’. The menu is vast, and covers all breakfast, lunch and alcohol needs. I recommend the’ brioche with salted dulce-de-leche’- as a daughter of a Chilean, I think quite highly of anywhere that serves this spreadable heaven! Definitely worth trying for its laid-back vibe and interesting music choices; after all, it does sound better on vinyl.

There is really nowhere to grab a good coffee on my morning commute. With Raw Duck so fortuitously positioned to Hackney Overground I thought I was in luck. Sadly mistaken, the coffee I had was too hot to sip, burnt coffee undertones and in a huge cup - I had asked for a flat white. Although the lady was perfectly nice, and the vibe is pleasing you can't really be thinking of charging 2.60 for a coffee that bad. Needs improvement!

Glad to have somewhere like this in Hackney Central which, despite being (apparently) hipster heaven is woefully short of good cafes. Lovely décor and potentially a nice back garden space make this a nice place to hang out and check your email and listen to the music on the turntable (yes they use vinyl - unfortunately on my visit it was very loud forcing a couple of customers to go outside to use their phone). lots of nice details - charred wood ceiling, Japanese ceramics and cast concrete tables all contribute to the Zen meets Brooklyn vibe. Unfortunately the coffee wasn't very well prepared, took an age to arrive and was £2.60 - they either need to hire a barrista from Flat White or lower the prices a bit. Cake was also very expensive at nearly £4 for a small slice and wasn't that special in terms of flavour - should have been £2.00 really but maybe it was organic and made by nuns or something.......Overall thumbs up for décor / ambiance but too expensive - especially for Hackney. Is anyone who lives nearby really going to pay over £50 for a bottle of wine?

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