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M Date Night
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Date night: Dinner in the City

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out – and it's on us! We sent Alistair and Rose on a blind date, but did they hit it off?

By Eddy Frankel

The venue: Dinner and drinks at M Restaurant

The couple: Rose (25) is an assistant producer and lives in Chalk Farm. Alistair (31) works for a digital agency and lives in Earlsfield.

First impressions

Rose said: ‘He’s not my type at all, but he looked lovely: nice smile, nice eyes, nice shoes. His shirt wasn’t my favourite, but he explained he’d spilt something down his planned shirt and had to change it at the last minute!’

Alistair said: ‘First impressions were good. It was a bit awkward to begin with, while we had our picture taken by the photographer. But I thought she was very lively and attractive, and once the evening warmed up, it got easier.’


Rose said: ‘I found him interesting, chatty, outgoing. He had good manners – when he realised he didn’t have his napkin on his lap he apologised profusely. He’s intelligent too, which gets a big tick. We had a lot to talk about. Conversation flowed naturally.’

Alistair said: ‘She was easy to chat to. There were very few of those awkward silences! She seemed open, and up for trying new things. We talked about our hobbies, our families, places in London we liked – all the usual things on the first-date spectrum.’


Rose said: ‘He took my number, and texted me after I’d got home. We had already arranged to see each other again. And yes, there was a kiss while I was waiting for my Uber!’ 4/5 stars

Alistair said: ‘After the meal, we stayed on for a few drinks, and left just before the place closed. I hope to see her again for another rendezvous. There may have been a goodnight meeting of lips...’ 4/5 stars

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