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Date Night Sky Garden
© David Tett

Date night: drinks in the sky

Every week, two lucky Londoners get to have a night or day out - and it's on us! We sent Catherine and James on a blind date, but did the evening end on a high?

Written by
Eddy Frankel

The venue: Dinner and drinks at Darwin at the Sky Garden.

The couple: Catherine (31) is a fashion and beauty editor who lives in Chiswick.  James (35) is a software developer from Fulham.

First impressions

James said: ‘She was dressed very brightly. She’s a colourful, bubbly person, so that’s good. I found her attractive, but she was quite tall, and I thought that might be an issue because I’m only 5' 10", so she was my height in heels.’

Catherine said: ‘I was waiting at the table for about half an hour. I thought I’d been stood up for the first time ever! But it turned out he’d just been waiting in a different place. In fact, he’d been there for an hour – he was early!’


James said: ‘I probably did more talking than she did. I kept trying to ask her stuff, but she kept deflecting. She was saying how similar I was to her, but I couldn’t actually find out if that was true! But we got on really well and had lots to talk about.’ 

Catherine said: ‘He was really entertaining and he had a lot to say, straight away. He was a lovely person but he’s not really my cup of tea. He’s shorter than me; that’s kind of top of the list for me, lookswise. We were a great match in terms of personality, but height is a biggie.’


James said: ‘I think there was chemistry, but I’m not sure what kind because she held back so much. I sent her a follow-up text, but her response was a bit ambiguous. I’ve just left the ball in her court.’ 4/5 stars

Catherine said: ‘I told him at one point that he was the male version of me – so we got along very well. We exchanged numbers, but there wasn’t really a romantic connection.’ 3/5 stars

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