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Time Out London Sex Survey 2013: on the map

Find out how hot your postcode is with our borough-by-borough breakdown of London's sexual shenanigans

Want to know who's doing what (and to whom) in London? Browse and click our collection of survey-sourced sex maps for the skinny on the city's sordid secrets. Then go and have a long, cold shower and think about what you've done.
Promiscuity, thy name is Bexley. At 35 bedpost notches per person, the south-eastern borough averages a third more partners than its nearest rival. More worrying still, one in three also confess to having had sex out of ambition. Bexley obviously needs to work on its technique, though – three quarters earn less than the average London wage. It’s not just the pace that’s faster in the middle of town – sex with strangers is way more common in the central boroughs than in the suburbs. Nearly two thirds of Hackney and more than half of Lambeth, Wandsworth, Southwark, Tower Hamlets, Islington, Camden and Lewisham said they’d slept with someone they’d met the same day, compared to one in five in the outskirts of the city. Oh, London, this is worrying. In all but two careful boroughs (Sutton and Bromley), fewer than 50% of respondents said their sex is as safe as can be. Most blasé about the threat of their genitals turning green then turning black then falling off/sealing up are the folk of Kingston – less than a third said they took maximum precautions.
They’re straight, but not exactly narrow. A whopping 40% of straight-identifying respondents from Redbridge said they’d had a same-sex experience. Would Woodford? Yes Woodford most certainly would. Kingston dwellers told us they were among the city’s least satisfied lovers (15% say they’re ‘mostly crying’ about the state of their sex life). This could explain why they’re also the city’s second biggest masturbators, averaging 4.6 solo sessions a week – double the London average. It’s official: Croydon is the wanking capital of London. Respondents told us they stroked the salami (or the soya been) on average 5.6 times week. A 56% unfaithfulness rate also makes it one of London’s worst hotspots for cheating. Wanker territory in more ways than one, then… The city’s most rampant porn consumers are in the south, with Bexley, Croydon, Merton, Kingston and Richmond getting through the most gigabytes of grot. In each, more than 85% confess to regularly appreciating the adult arts.



I want to have sex in london

Nursal Livatyali

There is no mention of methodology here. How did you carry out the survey? For example, how many people were involved? What measures did you take to eliminate any bias? Could your results be compromised by any techical errrors? Without any explanations about the methods and methodolgy how useful to start giving results?

Timothy Moore

9/10 people lie about their sexual history when they're asked about it.


I love these kind of statistics. However, I find quite interesting that Bexley's the borough where people watch porn most and is at the same time the borough where people masturbate less. What do they watch porn for? The plot?

Howard Towl

Amazing! Fancy that, Croydon and Bexley. Not surprised about Redbridge. I live in Hackney Wick myself!!