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Broadway Market

For east London’s fashionably attired food-lovers, there's no better Saturday destination than Broadway Market. Quaint cafés, pubs and indie music shops line the street, but the real star here is the market. The food-loving hipster's weekend hangout of choice, Broadway Market is as much about seeking out quality food as it is about just letting your hair down and soaking up the vibe – with a freshly grilled burger (from Northfield Farm) in one hand and a chilled Vietnamese coffee (from Ca Phe VN) in the other. Stalls range from the classic (sweet seasonal cupcakes from Violet) to the exotic (The Arabica Food & Spice Company do a mouthwatering range of mèze, as well as Damascene falafel wraps). Spices, cheeses, breads, rare-breed meat, luscious cakes and olives are all present – it's hard to imagine the need to go anywhere else for your weekly food shop.

The market is also popular for its vintage and new designer threads, old Vogue patterns, buttons, Ladybird books, flowers and crafts. The permanent shops and eateries are worth popping into as well – look out for the Broadway Bookshop, coffee house Climpson & Sons, haberdashery store Fabrications and florist Rebel Rebel. The neighbouring Netil Market is just around the corner on Westgate Street – you'll find more vintage clothes, food, jewellery and bric-à-brac.


Venue name: Broadway Market
Address: Broadway Market
E8 4PH
Transport: London Fields rail
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Broadway Market, for me, encapsulates everything that is amazing about the East End. It’s hip, happening, quant, edgy, indie and more.

Quaint cafes, historic looking pubs, indie and boutique stores line the street, while the farmers market itself is brimming with vendors selling all sort from fresh, artisanal produce to mouth-watering street food.

If you want my recommendation, try the Chicken Katsu wrap. For a fiver, you’re getting an awesome wrap with all the greens for your five a day and that gorgeous crispy chicken we all know dressed in an assortment of sauces of your choice, and all in a warm wrap.

For those intrepid Londoners looking to explore spice up their home with one-of-a-kind homeware, true foodies who would trek through Mordor for some of the best street food in time, fashionista looking for vintages and new threads, then this Saturday market is really worth the trip

That’s not all, the small but mighty Netil Market is just around the corner if you still have the energy left to explore another market in town.

It has a similar vibe to nearby Columbia flower market (without that many flowers, obvs) but it’s not as busy because the road is much wider so you can wander around freely without feeling like you’re on the tube.

Even if you’re not here for the food or looking to decorate your home with unique ornaments, then that’s ok - Broadway Market is just as much about letting your hair down and soaking up the vibes on your day off.

One of the top things to do in London on a Saturday, Broadway Market is an award-winning London attraction and rightly for being sooo London.


As my local market, it's too easy to take it for granted but it really is pretty special. There's great food on offer both on the stalls and surrounding shops, but also such variety of other goods too, with oodles of East End quirky charm to boot. It has expanded over recent years and there's also more often than not performances of some description going on down the street  Ther are also plenty of great pubs, bars, restaurants not to mention coffee shops on the street too, and also in the summer London fields for BBQs chilling in the sun and the Lido. What more could you want from a market?!

A really lovely market. The food is AMAZING, even tried my first tofu dish, which was a success...YAY! It's great to support the local businesses. The perfect place to visit for a trendy afternoon out in East London. 


Brilliant street market with a great selection of food, vintage and craft stalls. The market also benefits from the street itself have great coffee shops, restaurants and stores alongside it. Would recommend getting food and walking to the top of the street to eat it in London Fields for the proper hipster experience!


If you had to describe Broadway Market in one word, I think that word would have to be "Nom". Every Saturday, this Hackney outpost becomes a foodie's heaven. There are so many delicious foods and stalls to choose from (with lots of good veggie options too - the large fried tofu wraps from Katsu Wraps are particularly delicious and good value). Make a day of it and visit the nearby London Fields Brewery afterwards.


Broadway Market is meant to be the foodie's paradise, so I was delighted to learn that the new flat I moved into, is only a 11 minute walk away! Now, don't get me wrong, it was good. Maybe I just built it up too much in my own head. Maybe I should've gone earlier, like the crack of dawn? Maybe I shouldn't have stalked their instagram, because as great as Instagram is, we all know it's a lie and food never looks like it does in the photos. 

Long story short, the food we had was good - haggis scotch egg. The walk was delightful, if a bit short. And I will be visiting again, albeit a bit early (and also cause I live nearby). 

I saw on Instagram a scallop and bacon butte, and I want to go to there. So I will. I will track this scallop and bacon butte down until it's the last thing I do. 


Love hanging out in Broadway Market area - especially when the days are getting sunnier and warmer! It's definitely one of my favourite places as you don't feel in Central London. It's more like being in a village with an East London Touch we all love. My ideal afternoon would be - #1 walking along the canal from Angel - #2 Searching for a gem in one of the bookshops and unique designers, art and crafts stalls - #3 Grabbing something freshly cooked from the food market, a bottle of wine, and simply enjoy a lovely afternoon with friends in London Field.


My favourite Saturdays somehow always included the broadway market. If it was shopping fresh and organic meat and vegetable, a boozy brunch or evening drinks. It's really lovely and vibrant street with so much to offer. Books, restaurants, cafes and amazing stalls with food and other products designed by mostly local artist. A gluten and dairy free foodie like me can find their food heaven there as well. Definitely worth a visit even if you don't live close by,


Say you've been on one or two successful Tinder dates (drinks, duh) and now you need to be more creative with your next date. Go to Broadway Market. There is so much to eat and entertain yourself with that even if you don't like your date now that you've seen them earlier in the day (and sober?) you will have enough distractions to balance it all out.

In all seriousness though, this place is a true London gem. Although tourists have started to catch wind of it, as opposed to Borough Market you can still avoid massive crowds here and there's a great selection of things to eat and people to watch. Avoid the mistake I always make of sitting down somewhere to eat and just eat a bunch of different foods and pastries at the stalls. Although the restaurants are also really good and you can have nice brunch, the magic is in the market. The scotch eggs will change your life and you can get a dope coffee at the Pavilion Bakery to keep you warm on the walk you take along the wonderful canal if your date goes well. 


A food lover's paradise. There's so much on offer that it was too hard to choose. So far I have had a bit of a hit and miss experience. Being a cinnamon fanatic I couldn't just walk by a basket of cinnamon buns and pretend they weren't there. Nyborg's cinnamon buns did not make me a happy bunny though. The bun was tough and put my jaws to the test. Might I add, the cinnamon level was on the low side.

Dumpling Shack's infamous dumplings cost £7.50 for four pork and prawn dumplings is pretty steep. Add on the waiting time of 30 minutes and you know that things are getting serious. Imagine what is was like then to bite in to one of these dumplings, complete with a dashing of soy sauce and vinegar, and feel rather sad. There was no joy, no party in the mouth, no dazzling array of flavours - it just tasted like your average pork and prawn dumpling. It's not small enough to throw the whole thing in your mouth so the soup ended up at the bottom of the paper plate. While I welcomed the crispy base, the doughy and undercooked twisty top annoyed me. Worth the wait and price? Sadly, no.

Those were the two misses - the hit was a beef rendang from Makatcha. While I was not keen on the long grain rice and choice of pulled beef it was still a cracking dish. The flavours were awesome. I practically inhaled the pickled vegetables and the peanut sauce was a welcome addition.


Broadway Market seems to be one of those places you'd point out as London, the same way a hipster uses a typewriter. It's a place to escape the reality of the contemporary hyper-commercialised high streets and mind-numbing maze of Westfields. Not that there's anything wrong with either.

There are some genuinely good food, fresh bread, cheese, meats, and coffee. It's certainly not as crowded as Borough Market, which leans towards catering a more populous taste. Here the yuppies are king (or queen), free to soak in the rustic-chic of the good old days without any of the bygone inconveniences, for a pretty penny. Unfortunately we are still unable to avoid rainy day, which parts the crowd into the various craft beer establishments lining both sides.

Expect to see, a banjo, tiny dogs, oversized moustaches, and massive crowds on a sunny day.

Lost some charm what with the increase of non-dinks...pushchairs ought to be one in one out system! Ha


I recently moved from Hackney to Belsize Park and I can honestly say that I officially left my heart at Broadway market. So much so that I would happily wave goodbye to the plush greenery and ruddy cheeked children named things like Poppy and Orlando and return to my shoebox of a flat just for the sheer pleasure of waking up on a Saturday morning and wandering down to the market. 

It's all things to all people and great fun at any time of day. Hit it on a Saturday morning and you can pick up a steamy coffee from Climpsons and sons and pick up a delicious pastry as you wander amongst the vintage stalls and old bookshops that line the side of the pavements. 

Go down at lunch and you can fight your way through crowds of disgustingly good looking people to get a table at the infamous market cafe that is always heaving and always delicious. There's also an equally great tapas restaurant that does a pancake breakfast to die for and a franco manca for good measure. Or you could admit defeat and head back to one of the market stalls for a variety of food to rival borough market. Mushroom risotto, gigantic scotch eggs, curries, vegan burgers, iberico ham, pasta, crepes - you name it, it's there. 

There's some pretty great pubs too. The Cat and Mutton has sadly been refurbished and I do long for the days when your feet stuck to the floor and you were greeted with a scowl at the bar but perhaps that's just the nostalgia talking. Most other people agree that the food menu is much more varied, (it's often home to lots of pop ups) and that the interiors are as cosy and welcoming as the staff. 

If you're looking for late night boozing you could move from one of the many pubs to the underground whiskey bar Kansas Smitty's tucked underneath Off Broadway. 

See, it's got everything. Sure, the market only runs on a Saturday which is borderline inconvenient for my desire to stuff myself with as much street food as humanly possible but with all the other amenities you could still have just as great a time visiting this street any day of the week. 

amazing variety and excelent quality at reasonable prices, the best Saturday market in London

This whole area is gorgeous but the market in particular is really lovely on a Saturday and there's some really good street food.


This is a cute market with a few lovely stalls offering wonderful artisan dishes for you to enjoy for your lunch or take home later, as well as a few well known street food vans selling infamous burgers and other delicious hot meals. But it's not necessarily a destination market. I know I shouldn't compare it to the likes of Borough Market but it doesn't really stand up to the variety and buzz... but it's nice for a lazy stroll on a quiet Saturday

a great atmosphere and the street stalls are great. Plenty of places child friendly. Lovely destination on a market day.


I headed down to Broadway Market for the first time on a Saturday last weekend and was blown away by how lively and full of activity the entire stretch was. I'm not usually one for arts and craft type stalls, but I couldn't help but stop by a few stalls, such as the leatherwork and the needlework ones. Of course, the food stalls were no slouch either, and I grabbed myself a tasty meringue from Meringue Girls (who are still one of the best sugar crafts[wo]men) after a fried chicken burger. I'll have to come back another day to experience everything the market has to offer! 


A brilliant little market between the Regent's Canal and London Fields for a Saturday stroll. You'll find everything from artisan produce and crafts, to retro clothing and homewares. The street itself is quaint, full of coffee shops and cafes, book shops and bakeries. It's a nice alternative from the overcrowded Borough market and still maintains that East End charm. 


I literally go to Broadway market every Saturday.  It has something for everyone: Vintage clothes, New clothes, Fresh produce, prepared produce, cooked meals, jewelry, gifts, vinyls... the list goes on.  What I love is that there's always something new/a little different and the food is absolutely amazing - especially the buttermilk chicken burger from Butchies (rated in the top 10 in London)!  It's a non-touristy version of Borough market (and less expensive).  For those who like people watching it's great to sit at one of the cafes, or even the viewing area of patio seats in the middle of the market.  Little known fact is that there are actually 2 more markets connected to Broadway: The Schoolyard market and Netil market - which I would also highly recommend.  Finally, right at the very end of the road (past the other two markets) there is a bakery called Yeast with the best sweet, soft, crunchy, pastry treats!  Go there this Saturday... (you'll probably see me)

I love coming here on a Saturday to soak up the atmosphere; busy but full of relaxed people wandering around, getting a bite to eat or people watching from the surrounding cafes (La Bouche or Little Italia are my favourites!) Definitely worth a stroll through on a lazy Saturday to watch organic families, East hipsters and tourists combined! Ali x

Excellent market. Try the bratwurst stall at lunch for an echte bratwurst experience.