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Camden market A Dandy in Aspic


Camden market Alienate design


Camden market A Dandy in Aspic


Camden’s sprawling collection of markets offers a real smörgåsbord of street culture. Wander past loitering goths and punks to join the throng of tourists, locals and random celebs fighting it out at the vast and varied selection of shops and stalls. Saturdays are not for the faint-hearted – crowds craving lava lamps, skull rings, fashion, interiors, music and vintage swarm about. To avoid the rough and tumble visit on a weekday, though weekends are better for variety and atmosphere. Camden Market proper (on the junction with Buck Street) is the place for cheapo jeans, T-shirts and accessories and the same goes for Canal Market, now happily reopened after being destroyed by a fire in February 2008. Down the road, a multimillion-pound redevelopment project is in the midst of transforming the once boho Stables Market into something a little more sterile. Still, vintage threads can still be found here alongside crafts, antiques and the now-sprawling Proud gallery and bar. Next door at the pleasant, waterside Camden Lock you’ll find everything from corsets and children’s clothes to Japanese tableware and multicultural food stalls.


Venue name: Camden Market
Address: Camden High St
(junction with Buck St)
Opening hours: 10am-5.30pm Thur-Sun
Transport: Tube: Camden Town
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Lucrezia A

It doesn't matter whether you live in London, or you are just visiting for a few days, Camden Market is a place you should visit at least once.It's true, it used to be much less touristy 5/6 years ago, but still, it's a nice place to stroll into and stumble upon things you might not find anywhere else. Whether you're interested in punk, goth or cyber fashion; you're just wiling to try some street food, or you have a sudden crave for vintage/retro clothes; then Camden Market is the place for you. You will find all the above mentioned types of fashion, food and vintage clothes, plus, there are several stalls that sell lovely handmade jewelry and clothes; and few stalls that sell records (Shellac, Vinyl, CDs) where you're surely find hidden gems, just waiting for you to pick them up and bring them home. 

**Bonus tip: Do you want to get to know cyber fashion and culture, then don't miss "CyberDog", you'll recognize it once you get there, as it is surrounded by two giant robots and the music can be heard from far. You cannot take pictures inside, but their clothes are absolutely weird and lovely!

**Remember: If you want to avoid crowds of tourists visiting the Market, then go during a weekday

Kritt N

Camden Market is quite rightfully one of London’s most famous markets and it’s easy to see why.

It is a sprawling collection of markets and a hugely diverse place. You’ll spot a few goth and punk shops around which, far from being scary, is actually pretty cool and unlike many other places around London. Among the crowds, you’ll spot the usual throngs of tourists, families, punk, goths all mingling peacefully, casting their curious eyes around unique items.

It’s also an incredibly vast. There’s an outdoor street food market on one side. The smell from the outdoor food vendors is so tempting. On the inside, you’ll find the stable markets where you can find loads of diverse stalls and shops around from vintage trinkets to vintage homeware to vintage threads, crafts and antiques. 

It will be absolutely jam-packed on weekends but the atmosphere will be alive. But if you’re looking to visit on a quieter time, the weekdays is best.

Camden Market is well worth visiting even if you’re not looking to buy anything. The atmosphere, sight and sound alone are worth a visit. Visit Camden Market for a proper London experience.

Neil H

Camden Market does indeed have a wide variety of street-food style food options (especially the stalls near to the canal / Dingwalls) but these days, this is generally one for the tourists (although Cyberdog is worth a visit - more of an experience than a store). Visitors also flock to get selfies with the bronze Amy Winehouse statue. The site is busiest at the weekends so if you do want to go, try to go on a week day. Tastemaker tip - if the weather is good, take the short(ish) walk up the road with your takeaway food to admire the London skyline views from Primrose Hill.

Linsey DB

Perfect way to spend your Sunday. Go to Camden Town and stroll around this adorable, quirky town. Make sure you don't get lost in all the aisles, because I bet you will not remember what you have already seen or not. There are some hidden, little gems in and around the Market. For example there is a beautiful shop with all lace clothing in Camden, which was great to do some shopping. We ended our Sunday stroll with a dessert from one of the countless food stands. Although it gets really crowdy on a Sunday sometimes.. 

Ruth J

A wonderful way to spend a couple of hours on the weekend. You never know what you could fine. A fabulous selection of street food on offer and lots of very random and fascinating stalls to peruse. Go on a Saturday to experience the hustle and bustle, it's not as daunting as some of the other busier markets in central London.


What an infusion of people, products, food and back alley sales. The vendors here have permanent stalls so there products are top quality and their service savvy. After looking around and trying to not spend all your money you then stumble across the various food stalls that offer everything from burritos to Korean food to falafels, you name it. You can really lose yourself in here, but do just that. Go with the flow and enjoy the vibe.


Camden Market is just HUGE and full of amazing shops for all your jewellery, art, vintage, decor, food and even massage needs! I love the architecture with brick walls and cobbled stone streets, its just a maze of places where you could easily lose someone! There's a lot of incense smoke wafting around, which does become a little intense, but you'll be sure to find some great presents for Christmas this year! One of the better markets in London! 


London is one of the most diverse cities in the UK and no place epitomises this better than Camden Market, with meals and threads from all over the world, if you're looking for kitsch / hippy / gothic / just plain different, this is the market for you. There is always a great vibe about the area and it is one of those streets that has stood the test of time, with little changing over the years in comparison to many other areas of town. 


The twisting warren is the closest thing we have to a souk in London, and brings back so many memories of being a teenager. As an adult now, it's slightly lost some of its charm - you see the same old tat time and time again, but there are still some beautiful vintage gems and antiques, you just need to put in the leg work. Definitely worth a visit - just be warned for the crowds and the tat!


Is place reminiscent of my youth, I spent a lot of time hanging out here with friends as a teenager so this always going to be a special place for me. This is great  to explore where you can see all sorts of interesting and fascinating characters. I just love the fact that residents of Camden in particular just champion great individual fashion style, which just makes living in London so great. There is the stables market and there are quite a few market and vintage stalls to browse through which sell a variety of different things. Lots of food stalls and restaurants and you are just moments from little Venice if you fancy a stroll along the canals and narrowboats. Cyberdog is also a place to check out, it’s just like going to a club once you’re in there and you will amazed by all the crazy clothes on sale in there.

Hanna L

It's vibrant location where everyone will find something for their liking. Whenever it's vintage clothing, records or food 😄


I have been coming to Camden Market since I was a teenager..........quite a while ago now! In all that time I've never stopped returning. Full of every kind of shop and every kind of shopper, Camden never fails to disappoint if you just want to do a spot of people watching. It's true that the place has changed and some of the chains have moved in, but luckily, despite the slow decline of the punk, there is no shortage of leather, studded and rubber wear on sale, should you wish to purchase that sort of thing.

Tattoo shops are still flourishing and the stables markets holds some of the same vintage shops we used to visit before going out to Car Wash at The Electric Ballroom to find a dodgy 70s shirt, back in our youth. But now, instead of just vintage, crafts and leather goods, you've also got trendy designer wear, British designers selling 'local' and some great quality furniture shops. 

And where I'd say the market has actually improved is that you can now pick up grub that consists of more than just some dodgy fried and you can actually sit down and enjoy it. I hope the chains don't increase and a little less imported rubbish from China would be nice, but overall Camden Market, in my opinion, is still a great day out - whether you're a shopper, a voyeur or simply going for some great grub.....

Rellie Loves

work in the area, so I have a love-hate relationship with Camden Town in general. If it wasn’t for the millions of snail-paced oblivious tourists hogging the streets, intoxicated homeless folk begging for change, excited school kids crowding the market during half-term and the countless amateur photographers lining up against the Lock Bridge with their Nikons, it may just be bearable. If you’re a newbie to London or just visiting, it’s one those iconic places to visit. The Stables Market itself which is spread across outdoor and canvassed market stalls is crammed with all manner of overpriced street food vendors, indie shops, antique stalls, vintage knick-knacks, record shops, independent artists and cheap printed tees. West Yard is strictly food and drink is marginally more appealing. Of course, Camden wouldn’t be complete without the tourist trap souvenirs shops selling overpriced British flags and gothic costume shops for the rebellious fashionistas. I would recommend you stay away from the Chinese food stalls selling bright orange fried food and shoving it your face as you try to meander through the crowds. You’ll find a few nicer places to graze though – like Honest Burger or La Tua Pasta. Gilgamesh and Shaka Zulu are classier options although somewhat out of place. If you’re looking for a simple liquid lunch with a view, Weatherspoon’s by the Lock is a fail-safe option.


Tom Bruce

Camden Town is at the heart of all that is weird and wonderful about London. The market place, which has more knock off clothing stalls than you can shake a stick at (a glow-stick, if you've just come from a Cyber Dog rave), is best known for its variety of counter culture trinkets and accessories. Goths, Punks, and Steampunks gather here to trade pennies they stole from buskers in exchange for bangles and clothes patches and other such knick-knack attire. 

Drugs are a big one at Camden market, but there are separate, special sites for those kinds of reviews. Luckily, the paraphernalia is all legal to sell, so you can pick up bongs, pipes, grinders, snorters, and mushroom drying kits to whet your substance-dependent appetite. A forty year old English guy with dreadlocks might try to sell you a yo-yo. It's just the Camden way.

Quality clothes, furniture, and fashionable antiques wares can be found in some of the more upscale permanent shops in Camden, close to the bridge above the canal, in and around the Stables market. The Camden Town tube side is mostly junk and junkies but has a rebellious charm to it regardless. 

Nazreen O

I love Camden Market. This is the market of teenage dreams. A little rebellious spirit in every stall, incredible food and pulsing music from a hippie store. You'll find so many incredible delights. It always feels like a treasure hunt when i step into Camden Market. GO! #TOT

Victoria A

Like the Camden Market. Always busy and so much to see and buy. A fantastic place to visit.