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Halloween make-up tutorials with Illamasqua

Cult beauty brand Illamasqua share four spooky Halloween make-up tutorials to match your fancy dress

By Katie Rosseinsky

There’s no point spending weeks planning your spooky costume if your Halloween make-up looks like a toddler’s face paint. Four top make-up artists from cult beauty brand Illamasqua have put together these striking (and surprisingly simple) tutorials for you to follow on October 31. For more spooky style inspiration, check out the best Halloween costumes and the best fancy dress shops in London. 

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Halloween make-up tutorial

Dead Skull

Step One: Create a ghostly base with Skin Base 01 and for skull-like contours, sculpt Powder Eye Shadow in Incubus into cheekbones.

Step Two: Buff Precision Gel Liner over the eyes, creating a circular blown out effect to form the skull sockets. Soften the edges of the sockets with Powder Eye Shadow in Daemon and set with Pure Pigment in Berber.

Step Three: Sketch in the nose and add fine detail to the face, lips and around the eyes with Precision Ink in Abyss.

Step Four: To finish, add red rhinestones around the face.

By Charlotte Savoury, Illamasqua International Brand Ambassador

Dead Kitty

Step One: Blend Precision Gel Liner to create a base for your smoky eye. Follow with the Neutral Palette to add intensity and depth, blending out to create a feline-shaped eye.

Step Two: Apply Precision Gel Liner to the tip of the nose, extending a line down to your bottom lip. Fill in only the bottom lip. 

Step Three: Apply whiskers as a finishing touch.

By Zoe Peplow, Illamasqua Brand Ambassador

Dead Graphic

Step One: Layer Skin Base 01 and set with Loose Powder 010 for a clean, ghostly white complexion.

Step Two: Buff Powder Eye Shadow in Pivot and Anja into your natural facial contours to create the dramatic, comic style shadows. Use Anja to add more details around the eye socket and nose too.

Step Three: To contrast against the vivid green and blue, apply Lipstick in Eurydice.

Step Four: Use Precision Gel Liner to outline the cheekbones, lips, eyebrows and eye line.

By Nilofar Mussa, Illamasqua Head of School of Make-Up Art

Dead Drag

Step One: Highlight the face with Skin Base 1 and add contours using Skin Base 18 for a hollow, deathly effect.

Step Two: Flatten brow hairs by brushing upwards and create a new shape with Precision Gel Liner, drawing claw marks into one of the brows. Start from the top of the brow and finish under the lower lash line.

Step Three: Mix Pure Pigment in Berber with Sealing Gel and paint blood drips randomly around the eyes and claw mark.

Step Four: Fill lips with Lipstick in Box and paint additional blood drips from the lower lips down to the chin.

By Tonee Roberio, Illamasqua Educator

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