Heels on Wheels

Heels on Wheels, Pitango Bikes Press Image, 2013
Onn Halpern

For gals who dream of speeding down the streets of London on a two-wheeled steed, weaving expertly in and out of traffic and flawlessly navigating the roundabouts, you may want to register for 'Heels on Wheels'. Pitango Bikes, the Islington bespoke bike shop that designs lean, mean cycling machines, is launching female-only bike courses on Saturdays through October to encourage the daintier sex to hit the roads. In the course, apprehensive female cyclists will learn, among other things, how to deal with complex traffic situations safely, proper road communication, basic repairs, the right equipment to buy, and of course, how to properly cycle in heels. Registration is free if you're in the mood to purchase a flashy new Pitango bicycle. 


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