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During the summer of 2010, a quiet bubble of gastronomic intent was swelling under the railway arches in Bermondsey. This unlikely south-east London backwater quickly became a popular destination for a Saturday morning wander with a bit of grocery shopping along the way. A few years on, many new traders have got involved, the recently Ropewalk has become a full-on street market, and some of the original bunch have moved down the road to Spa Terminus. Find out about the gastronomic delights that await beneath the arches.

Ropewalk is now open 9am-4pm Sat and 11am-4pm Sun but Spa Terminus is still strictly Saturdays only (around 9am-2pm for most producers), so that’s the day to take it all in.

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The best things often do come in small packages. This is one of London's smaller markets but is such a lovely place to spend a Saturday morning. It can be incredibly crowded but hang around long enough and you'll be able to grab one of the seats in the wine and cheese bars and believe, you can spend hours here! Whether you're after, waffles, beer, cheese or wine, this place has it all!


Maltby Street Market was recommended to me when I first moved to London, and I am so glad it was! Maltby is a street market only a fraction of the size of Borough Market but makes up for its size in its cool vibe and tasty fare. Can be quite crowded at peak times and hard to find a seat, but significantly less touristy and hectic than Borough Market. My recommendation is 'Steak & Chips' (you'll smell them before you see them).


A great place to spend a morning. Less well known and (slightly) less crowded than Borough market, this is a real hidden gem. With stalls selling all sorts of tasty fare, you have lots to choose from! My biggest recommendation would be a cheese toast from 'The Cheese Truck' they are so epic! Also, pop into St Johns for the best doughnut you will every try. A lovely little market - great for people watching too!

Re-visted this market after several years and it has really picked up! Huge number of stalls with lots of different food on offer. Can get crowded but there's spots to sit along a wall at one end of the street.


Visited Maltby Market last year and this market is such a gem hidden between the arches. Fantastic market with various eateries and a great vibe. Waffle On serve equally great tasting chicken and waffle. It is a must visit! 


This is my favourite market in London. Not only the position is perfect for a different walk into Central London, decorations are lovely and you can find many different kinds of food & drinks. 

My favourite thing to eat must be the famous grilled cheese by The Cheese Truck - just the regular one with cheddar & onion chutney is delicious but if you're into less usual flavours I would recommend the goat's cheese/rosemary/honey one. So yummy. The tartiflette is also really good and if you're a sweet tooth as much as I am you have to try Dhan's egg waffles...the best!


Still my favourite weekend street food market! This place is getting busier and busier so it's worth getting here early on a Saturday / Sunday to browse all culinary options before making your final decision!
A gin bar, a wine bar and a couple of cafes / eateries nestled in the arches as well as your typical stalls of food from posh scotch eggs to wraps, German sausages, tartiflette and the infamous Cheese Truck to name just a few! 
Lots of places to perch along Rope Walk to focus on inhaling your food, and always lovely to wander through the antique shop Lassco which now also serves food and drinks in a dimly lit beautiful little bar full of quirks and antiquities. 

Highly recommend this place for brunch / lunch and to pick up tasty things to take home. While away a few hours at one of the independent bars and get chatting with strangers - it's a lovely place to be.


Quite horrified that I never wrote up about Maltby St Market when I visited last Summer. I love this little street, packed out with independent food and shop vendors. You'll find a busy, bustling street with people standing and others sitting in the bars that line the walkway. Flags pour over the top of the alley and it's quite picturesque. 

Food options are good and they do chop and change from time to time. Big shout out to the grilled cheese guys who are charging fairly extortionate prices but it's pretty much the best thing you'll taste in the world ever so who cares about the price tag... 

Great market with a mixture of street food, bakery treats, cafes and bars. I especially like the gin bar where they serve their gin cocktails out of jars - very on trend! It does get super busy on the weekends so be aware of crowds, but still worth a visit.


Fantastic street food venue with a buzzing atmosphere. My favourite street food stall - Sub Cult - dish out their usual cracking subs. The stall selling fish finger sandwiches is a hit too. We also had some Taiwanese egg cakes served in cute little egg boxes and topped with salted caramel. It was pretty dear though. Don't miss the antique shop, Lassco. Tourists have already descended here but it isn't too out of control yet. Get here before it becomes too popular!


This market is the Mecca of a foodie. It has changed over the years but one thing is for sure: it has amazing food stalls and a great vibrant atmosphere. Young professionals, artists, students, all city's young people (OK maybe some older ones as well) are gathering there every weekend, queuing to get the best grilled cheese sandwiches in town, try some delicious waffles, try out the Taiwanese street desert that tastes like waffle, buy some Greek wine or just sit and enjoy some awesome gin cocktails or just try little bird gin at the Little Bird Residency (where you're allowed to bring food from the market). It gets so busy especially when the weather is good. If you haven't been yet, you should schedule it for your next available weekend!


Absolutely love this market. Very cozy and not to touristy yet... This market is hidden behind the arches and if you don't know about it there is not really a way you just stumble upon. You'll find a lot of healthy, fresh snacks, a small branch of St. John restaurant (great meat and bread), different sort of beers and fun cocktails, the most famous are the grapefruit gin tonics! For the antique lovers, there is a few really nice big vintage furniture/accessories shops worth checking out!


Located at south of river Thames, very close to Bermondsey street, Maltby street market offers a great experience to all visitors.

The market is set up under the railway arches with many of the food stalls offering sitting under them. This is a great advantage of this market over most of the markets in London. Even if the weather is not good you can still visit the market and enjoy drinks and food under the arches.

Even though it is quite small, you can find almost everything: Great Spanish tapas and wines, breweries that open only during the weekend, Greek food, antique shops, St. John's bakery and a lot more.

My absolute favorite is Little Bird, which serves amazing gin cocktails. Grab food from any of the stalls and head under the arch of the little bird. There you can enjoy your food together with a gin cocktail.


Can't believe it took me so long to go here! Considering how close it is to borough market, it is a great alternative for anyone looking for something a little more quirky and less touristy. The little bird gin bar does a great G&T (in takeaway cups as well!) and the food options are quality. Generally a great market and a brilliant place to bring people visiting town

It's easy to forget that for all of Matlby's charms, they food spots close ridiculously early on a Saturday - but that's my only qualm with this pretty market. It looks lovely in the sunshine and offers a great variety of stalls including the wonderful Waffle On, which does an incredible chicken and waffles. 


My second favourite market in london! Definitely give this one a go on a sunny day and give yourself the time to slowly move and eat from stall to stall.  Much more pleasant than tourist filled borough around the corner, and now open both days on the weekend!

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Living in the vicinity of Maltby St Market means I end up here most weekends... usually dragging some family member around as it's so much more pleasant than Borough. I often end up wanting to buy something from the second hand shop but as yet have failed to commit, i've got my eye on a wine decanter though! The food is excellent and really varied - I've had the Brazilian Samba wrap, Herman Ze German and some of the cakes (the caneles de Bordeaux are wonderful) down there - every single thing was brilliant. I'll be venturing back, no doubt this weekend, to try out the rest!

It's worth pilgrimaging down here early on a Saturday morning just for the St John doughnuts. Eat in their new bakery restaurant and have a few with a glass of bubbly for an extremely decadent sugary start to the weekend. Their granola is also awesome, so worth picking up a bag of that too while you're down there. 

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My favourite Market in London, can still be considered a hidden gem and it's just a 10 minute walk from overcrowded/touristy Borough Market. You can pick food from different stalls and then sit in funky vintage furniture shops under the railway arches and enjoy a drink. Street food stalls always very but St.John bakery resides under one of the arches where you can now dine or just grab one of their mind-blowing custard doughnuts.


One of my favourite markets in London on a Saturday. Far less crowded than Borough, but still with a tantalising array of options. The Dirty Burgers- stacked of seriously juicy meat, or falafel wraps (only £4! In London!) are my go tos. A great vibe, fells relaxed and lots of options but not overwhelming. A great option for Saturday brunch or lunch. 


A lot has happened since I last visited Maltby Street Market, and all for the better.  With Ropewalk now a throng of food stalls and quirky caverns.

With an introduction to honey mead (three for a tenner with free tote bag!), gin cocktails at Little Bird, losing daytime in Spanish ham den Bar Tozino, and lapping up wine in a seafood sun trap, there was a lot to take in!

Myself and a friend got down there at 11.30, and business had really picked up an hour later.

Maltby Street Market was what a splendid Saturday market hangout, with intriguing places and friendly faces in quick succession.  I’ll not be leaving it two years again, especially with some establishments open through the week - Bar Tozino for example is open Wednesday through Sunday, jam'on.

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I live two minutes away from Maltby Street and can 100% blame this market for the extra tyre I have acquired since living in London. If we manage to see a few remaining hours of sunshine on a Saturday before winter properly arrives I would totally recommend coming here for a leisurely lunch consisting of a couple of Little Bird Bloody Marys, a grilled cheese sandwich from the Cheese Truck followed by a bad brownie (and repeat).


Great for a stroll! The stylish atmosphere make it a wonderfully swoon-worthy day date spot. It’s a pretty narrow street so can get quite rammed but go early and you can miss all the commotion. There were so many sweets and treats I must have been drooling. Had the largest cookie I’ve ever seen, seriously it was the size of my face (picture for proof.) The whole thing took me two very determined sittings. But don’t worry, there’s plenty in the way of scrumptious savoury food and alcoholic bevies too. 

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