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Photograph: adidas
Photograph: adidas

The best vegan London-based stocking fillers in this year's Black Friday sales

If you're looking for some nice vegan gifts for the plant-based people in your life then look no further. We've curated a bunch of fantastic Black Friday deals

Written by
Rhys Thomas

Ah Christmas, that time where you need to buy gifts for people. Sure, it can be stressful, but it can also be an opportunity to show someone you care about something new. Something a little outside of their comfort zone. It can also give you a chance to do the buying and stuff we're all oh-so obliged to, but sustainably. So with that in mind, we've made a list of good vegan, London-based items that'll make great stocking fillers and beyond. Oh, and also, because why not be savvy about these things, we've made sure they're all Black Friday deals. Might as well save a few bob for those Christmas drinks, don't you think? 

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Want more Black Friday deals? Here are the best ones currently available.

CBD, might feel like a buzzword these days, on the account of virtually every posh corner shop stocking gummies or oils made from the stuff, you’d maybe think it is. But, that’s not without reason. People love the stuff: good for anxiety, sleep, stress, pain-relief, acne relief, it does it all! This bottle from London-based Dragonfly should help you get through them scary Sundays. It’s a high dosage, meaning a little will go a long way. And no, don’t worry, it isn’t actual weed. It’s THC free. Just CBD blended with some organic hemp oil, simple.

Price: £25.49 (was £49.50) 
Deal ends: November 29

The McCartney lot are pretty good when it comes to vegan things. From sausages to shoes, they know their stuff. Stella's the one smashing out the sustainably made vegan fashion. All of which are super desirable. So if you know someone who's been eyeing up clobber from the Lambeth born designer, why not get it while it's discounted? 

Not only are these trainers nice to look at and in-the-know enough to get a nod from sneaker heads, they're made from high-performance recycled materials. If you're looking to use them for function instead of pure fashion, then these are a great shout. They were designed and tested in development for 10km runs.  

Price: £150 (was £200)
When the deal ends: While stocks last! 


Ooh, a nice warm soak in the bath. Sounds good doesn't it. You know what would make it better? Guilt-free, luxury bath bombs. For the ultimate bathtime, why not try these organic vegan bombs while they're so much cheaper? 

Hand-made with vegan and sustainable ingredients, this six-pack of beautifully scented bombs is a great unwinding option. For that lucky someone, or your own happy stocking. Scents include Lemon, Orange, Cinnamon, Rose, Strawberry, Fig, Peach, so there’ll be something for absolutely everyone (and yes everyone does like a nice bath when possible, maybe on holiday, more showers in London isn’t it).

Price: £28.49 (was £37.99) 
When the deal ends: November 29

Nice smells, that should be a gift that is universally appealing, right? But sometimes, it’s not, sometimes it can say: You need to smell nicer. Or more often: I had no idea what in the Westfields to get you so have something that smells good. You know what would help? Variety. Say to them (via stocking filler) “Hey there’s this nice set of vegan fragrances from a shop based in Covent Garden, figure I’d give you the chance to try a variety of them!” Needn’t mention the Black Friday discount if you don’t want to!

Price: £11.20 (was £14) 
When the deal ends: While stocks last! 


CANDLES, two easy reasons why these win: everyone loves them, everyone is grateful when they’re gifted a pretty nice one because it’s really too much money to justify buying them as often as we all do. These have a third and fourth reason to gift: They’re made in London, so there’s less of a footprint, and they’re made from good animal-friendly soy wax. This particular candle has Neroli and Geranium scent that’s almost as sweet and refreshing as the discount. A simple, easy, winner of an option for any stocking.

Price: £18.57 (was £32.00) 
When the deal ends: November 26 

Balance Me is made in London, and the whole idea is that – balancing the skin out, making it nice and healthy and glowy. Pure and clear ingredients are also at the heart of it. They make a point of using naturally derived, vegan, cruelty free products that have results. This one is a winner for those with combination and oily skin types, it'll also help to minimise redness and spots. The neroli oil is an active ingredient in that sense, while bergamot is in there for its skin-brightening properties. Coincidentally they’re two lovely smelling botanicals too. The formula is nice and lightweight too, always a plus when for oily skin types. 

Price: £18 (was £24) 
When the deal ends: While stocks last! 


Really, the ultimate present you can fill a stocking with is something that the person wants but can’t really commit to buying (whether that’s financial or just because they’re like, eh, do I need it though??) With that in mind, here’s a little wildcard option. Some supplements that are natural and vegan, with a focus on boosting cognitive function. We’ve all sat in the office having a post-Pret crash and feeling like we’re drowning in work, wondering if there’s a healthy way to perk up. Well, here it just might be.

Price: £17.20 (was £22.95) 
When the deal ends: November 29


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