iPhone 6S review: five reasons you'll want one

The new Apple smartphones are in stores now – here's a handful of features worth coveting

We've been using the iPhone 6S (the smaller one) and iPhone 6S Plus (the massive one) for two weeks and though they look like last year's models, inside there's a lot of new stuff going on. Stuff like this:

1) The camera. The megapixels have been upped from eight to 12 (and from 1.2 to five on the front-facing camera), leading to more realistic images. And then there's Live Photos. You shoot your picture as usual, but the iPhone grabs frames for several seconds before and after you press the shutter. Result: a miniature video that adds a little context to the moment. Curious, but utterly captivating. You can now shoot 4K video, too.

2) The new touchscreen. It's as smooth and responsive as ever, but it now also responds to pressure. The feature, called 3D Touch, is a revelation. Firmly press on a message in an email list and it pops open, closing itself when you release. Or press hard on the Music icon and it'll offer you shortcuts to music playback. 

3) The flash new rose gold flavour – it's stlyish without being garish. 

4) It's tougher. A more robust casing and screen means clumsy folk needn't panic quite so hard every time it clatters to the floor mid-selfie.

5) The fingerprint sensor. It's now quicker and smarter – a godsend for anyone who's previously tried to use it to activate Apple Pay on the tube and ended up causing a pile-up at the gates. 

Bottom line: Once again, the iPhone is the smartest smartphone around.

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