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Tidy Hair (CLOSED)
Tidy Hair
Venue name: Tidy Hair (CLOSED)
Address: 70 Atlantic Rd
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5 of 5 found helpful

I think the reviewers must have gone somewhere else as every time I go I am more than satisfied and look forward to my next visit. I usually get my hair cut by ashley, an irish girl who is always friendly (and has cheered me up a number of times when i was feeling down). Such a nice place and really well decorated. I recommend this place

5 of 5 found helpful

I never ever write reviews but after reading the last few poor reviews felt it was necessary. Went here pretty much on a whim after going lunch in brixton, rang up to see if I could get a booking at lunch, Sean said no as they were fully booked but then kindly offered to give me an appointment inbetween 2 other appointments, which was nice. The cut was simple, short back and sides, but it's very easy to mess such a simple cut up. Did exactly what I wanted, and was a pleasure to meet. Totally relaxed. Very reasonable price too. Definitely going back. Cheers Sean!

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I just love this place! Without doubt the best cuts, from the friendliest and most relaxed guys in Town. Trendy, but totally unpretentious and very welcoming. And really reasonable prices too. Every time I walk out of Tidy Hair, I feel relaxed, refreshed and a whole lot sexier with my new cut! Thanks guys x

Sam H
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Love this place, great to have an independent salon that provides a service which is not your generic high street cutter.  These guys are onto a winner here.  First time in years a stylist has actually listened to what I asked for, gave me advice and I left feeling over the moon.  Wish I had came here sooner, I will definitely be back.

4 of 4 found helpful

I have been coming to this hairdressers since it opened which was quite a few years ago and have been having my hair done by the amazing Steve for 10 years when he was previously at another salon before he moved to Tidy Hair when it opened, i have also had my hair bleached, coloured and cut by a lovely woman Shaz quite recently and i have never had ANY complaints about the service and the end result. Steve has always done my hair exactly how i have wanted it with a brilliant and smooth finish that i would never have been able to achieve myself and have not at other salons that i have tried out previously. I am genuinely shocked about the amount of complaints and bad reviews that i have seen on here because i have never ever experienced any of that at Tidy Hair and my mother who has been going there for the same length of time as me will agree. Honestly if you want to get a lovely wash and blow dry or even styling for a party or night out Tidy Hair is absolutely perfect, i will always recommend Steve, a lovely Irish guy who gives you beautiful results.

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I've had nothing but good experiences with this salon. The staff are very nice, and the place has a relaxed, cool feeling. They do charge an extra £5 for a blowout, but still the price is reasonable.

Sara M
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LOVE LOVE LOVE this place. Felt like I had to write a review after reading a few negative comments below.  My experiences have always been positive, I will actually say that I look forward to seeing the guys there. The atmosphere is fun, warm and friendly.  I am always happy with my hair afterwards and actually have an appointment scheduled for this weekend.  Continue the good work guys and see ya'll this weekend xxx mwah xxx

Ben j

"Thanks for the cut guys"

3 of 3 found helpful

Been going to tidy for the past year. I get my hair cut by Miles and am always happy. Great atmosphere and just a great bunch of guys.

3 of 3 found helpful

I love this salon, the guys are cool and are really interested in helping you achieve your desired outcome. The prices is reasonable enough and to be honest I would be more than happy to pay a little more. The shop is decked out in a vitage/retro theme with some amazing props and memorabilia to keep your eyes entertained. I am never dissatisfied and therefore would highly recommend this. I have seen a few negative post's on here and can honestly say I have never experienced anything of that sort. However, a point that a few have mentioned is the running/organisation of the business. I personally love the independant hands on approach that the team has as this is not a large chain and therefore one can not expect the clinical corporate atmosphere that some of these larger business have. If you are a fan of these salons then maybe Tidy hair isnt for you. If you like a personal, warm, friendly creative environment then Tidy is for you.

zac monro
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OK so part of the reason i like it there is that the old copies of the NME plastered on the wall are the one's we crowded around as a kid in my south London playground, but they tidied up even my funny shaped head without making me look like Jimmy Somerville. Thank you. See you tomorrow.

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I always go here for my haircut. I have short hair and for a woman that can be tricky but I always get people asking where I get it cut. It's always busy in this salon!

3 of 3 found helpful

Shop is amazing! its a definately must!! great work, great atmosphere, great chat and GREAT coffee

3 of 3 found helpful

Fabulous. Sean has been cutting my hair for about the last 8 years. I've gone long, short, brunette to blonde. When I don't know what I fancy he always comes up trumps. The shop is wonderfully laid back, all the stylists are great. I've sent nearly all my friends here and all of them come back. The kids look forward to having their hair cut too. But then that might be the sweets.

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Amazing guys, shop is fantastic and the experience was an all round pleasure. Not too sure about the comment below so thought i'd share my experience with you. The only downpoint was that I would have preferred an appointment later on a Sunday but they finish quite early on Sundays... good work guys

jenny g
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Never experienced any problems what so ever. Good work guys! 

I was considering this place
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I went along to this place as I was in desperate need of a cut and was referred by a friend of mine. She has been getting her hair styled by one of the guys for the past 8 or so years. I'm not sure the name of the person that saw me that day but regardless to say I was completely happy with the outcome and therefore have rated this place with 5 stars. As I mentioned earler, I was referred to this salon by a close friend of mine. I explained to her that I wanted a drastic change but didnt quite know what I wanted. I underwent a throrough consultation until I was happy and we both agreed that this was the right thing to do for me. Both the colour and the cut were perfect and will definately go back for more! The coffee was a delight as was the company and chat of the other customers in the shop. Such a lovely enviroment I just cant wait to go back.

Gillian G
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I live in Brixton and had heard mixed reviews about Tidy, but having passed it many times i thought i’d take the plunge and try, wanted to get it done before the Lambeth Country Show ! I saw a guy called Jack (scottish) who from what i gather is quite new to the salon, he gave me a really nice cut/dry, which so far I’m managing to do easily myself, very happy with it and have got lots of compliments ! (forgot to add the cut did cost me £40 and it mentions £35 on the time out web page ,however I didn’t mind as it's long  and he spent some time on my hair, talking it over before and a great blow dry). OK it is quite scruffy in there but I know other people who are regulars and they always go back. I thoroughly recommend Jack tho !


I went to this salon as it is my local, it was Sunday and I was too lazy to go to HOB salon in Camden. I have never been to hairdressers where they did not ask me whether I wanted my hair cut with clippers or scissors. I always thought everybody used scissors. Wrong. I explained the lady I wanted longer on the top and short sides and she told me she was going to leave it a bit longer so we can work on it. As usual I expected my hair to be washed. No, this is a different kind of place. The next thing she had clippers in her hand and she ran them from my forehead right over my head to my neck. I was stunned and speechless. I asked her what she was doing. She said you wanted number two and you got it. I asked her if she could use scissors but it was pointless. She was ready for an argument and I decided to keep calm as it was too late for anything. I have been to the army but I have never seen anybody using clippers and starting a haircut from the middle of my head. Not even in the army. Needless to say she just went around my head and cut it all off. I kept telling myself to calm down as it was too late and the hair was going to grow anyway. I did not have any choice really after a strip was cut right across my head. A part of the clippers kept falling off and I have few bold patches on the top of my head. People ask me if I had actually paid for the haircut. I went back to ask her to cut my hair a little bit shorter around my ears so that at least there was some sort of styling there. I was actually kidding myself as there was no shape and no style whatsoever. She did it but I could tell she was not happy as I left the salon without her saying goodbye. How she thought she was going to work on it as she promised when there was no hair left. I asked her to shape it at the back of my head but I can not even describe what it looks like. It is hideous. This place is something else. I never had my hair washed before the haircut. I was not evern asked if I wanted to. An apron was filthy. The place was freezing cold. My friends told me I should have asked for a guy to cut my hair. It will take me months to get my hair into shape. I could have bought clippers and did it myself if I wanted this sort of haircut. Hideous place. I just want to forget I have ever been there but each time I look in the mirror I am reminded of it. Never again.


As other people here have expressed, I had an awful experience going there. If you read my whole story you'll see I had issues with every single moment in the process. And I'm not usually a hard customer to please! I'd say the worse is that I had to deal with a very unpleasant (and seemingly stressed) Irish woman and I didn't even get a good hair cut out of there! First of all, my hair is wavy/curly. What I got here was a very nice haircut that worked on wet hair (so, when my hair is straight) but it lost all it's appeal when became dry and wavy/curly again!! You would expect a hairdresser understands the difference between cutting straight and curly hair!! Second, why I didn't notice that the haircut didn't work straight away? Because after paying £35 they leave your hair still wet! Before starting I had asked the price and she had told me it was between £35 and £40. I asked again what was the difference and she told me that £35 got you a quick blast blow dry and £40 a long one. Maybe it was my mistake, but it just didn't even cross my mind that £35 doesn't even pay for you getting your hair at least dry. Third, the Irish woman cutting my hair had no intention to engage in any sort of conversation. But even worse, she kept badly telling me off because after a while my head was not in exactly in the same position she had placed it initially. Well, I'm not a statue and if someone pulls my hair from everywhere, it's just very difficult that my head doesn't end up slightly moving! Forth, the woman who washed my hair kept changing the temperature of the water, ranging from quite cold to very hot. She didn't even stop to try to get it right. Even worse, she managed to shower me in one point, my T-shirt ending up all wet. Fifth (the ice of the cake), when I arrived I left my coat on the chair as I was not offered any place to keep it. While my hair was being washed, someone else wanted to use that chair, so a man took it and put it on some hidden coat hangers they had. It's just simply bad manners them not offering me hanging my coat in the first place and then moving your stuff without asking. I definitely won't recommend anyone going there!!

paul melbo

If you want to have your hair cut, averagely, whilst not being listened to, by a very rude man, then tidy hair is the place to go. Looks nice but when people are paying to have a haircut the least you can do is listen to them and at least pretend to be polite.In all honesty the haircut they have my girlfriend wasn't too bad they were just thoroughly rude. Disgrace. Would thoroughly NOT recommend.


Unimpressed. Nice looking place but way up itself. Banging music, unfriendly, rude staff... I don't know about the quality of the haircut - I popped in trying to get a walk-in, they were fully booked so I asked if I could make an appointment for later in the week. At this point the phone rang and the woman talking to me answered it and then spent 10 minutes talking to someone on the other end about their colouring treatments. Fine. There were 2 other members of staff who were not doing anything (it was very empty for somewhere "fully booked") who could have found me an appointment, or answered the phone but they just stood around, looking bored. Eventually I left, with her still on the phone... a shame, really, as I'd heard good things about this place.

Carolyn Partrick
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It's interesting to see these recent reviews... some of these bad experiences mirror my own. I paid £49 for a haircut in Feb this year. I had the same Irish woman others have complained of. I think her name is Aisleen. She: offered me to 'throw your coat down there' It was the hairy floor!; asked me 'Do you WANT a cup of tea or coffee?', meaning 'you don't , do you?'; asked me, while washing my hair with alternating too hot/too cold water, 'Do you WANT conditioner? I don't think it needs it'; left my hair cut to different lengths on my right and left; and then asked, having started to dry it, 'Shall I bother blowing it dry? - again meaning 'You don't want it dried, do you?'. The funny thing is, she seems a really nice person, but her customer servicing is DREADFUL. Buck up your ideas, Aisleen!

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First sight the place looks really good and cosy. I've been offered some coffe and tea and they were quite nice even if a bit cold. I asked them to bleach the roots (I'm blond) and I expect them to correct the color afterwards like after every bleach I ever had, but they didn't! They left me with this yellow/orange color after bleaching brown hair, terrible!!! I had some highlights as well and they left the brownish part untouched, so now I have yellow fluo bleach, brownish and blond, amazing!! Plus I show them a pictures about the cut I wanted and the result was not even close. I have a bland haircut, totally unexpressive, I really look awful. With the blow dry it looked nice but after being washed I'm just ashamed to go out! Another thing that I found really annoying has been the guy who cut my hair, correcting the position of my head almost every two minutes, and I had to be with my neck bended (like watching the sealing) for at least 15 minutes and it really hurted a lot!! How can you stay steel if he is pulling your hair all the time?!? I don t know. I've never been corrected all these times by anyone else, never. I have to say the most terrible thing was the color, no serious hairdresser would ever let you out with such a color, seriously, I paid 80£ for nothing. I would suggest not to go to those guys, they don't know what they are doing. Please don t recommend it.

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Dreadful. Had my hair butchered not once but TWICE by this salon, the second occasion was when a more senior stylist tried to fix the Bizzare cut I received from the first. Even worse, a blind, drunk, double hand amputee could have done a better job, hardly any attention paid, just hacked in to it. Lopsided, rough, slap dash approach. I would never, I repeat never go back for a cut here, let along trust them putting any sort of chemical on my hair. You get what you pay for here.

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I'm just copying this from qype where ive left the same review: I just hung up the phone on the women here because she evidently didn't really want to take the booking or want my business. Rather than giving me options, it was just one word answers to me chucking times at her. People who live in london are normally very busy, so maybe someone should educate her as to how to work with a potential customer to quickly find a suitable time. And the tone of someone that actually wants to leave a good impression would be nice too. It is a shame as the one haircut i have had here was actually very good, even if the guy who cut my hair was about as sociable as a corpse. I decided to go back despite it being a generally awful experience, but given the phone call i just had I've decided to take my business elsewhere. Customer service is key, but sadly these people have not grasped that just yet. Going by the other comments on here i'm surprised they are still open.

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After all these great reviews, thought I'd give it a try. Had a really rude hairstylist that left me waiting in the shop without anyone in there to begin with. He wouldn't give me advice on what I should do to it as apparently "you are meant to be telling me!", so I ended up leaving with the exact same hair minus one inch off the ends (which he'd done in a straight line)! Maybe this is a good place, but the stylist I had was bitchy and rude throughout and I felt on edge the whole time I was in there.

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DIRTY! Health and Hygiene rules don't apply here! My chair was sticky, the towel stank like a drain and there was hair stuck under tape on the floor.

its me
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I thought I'd try out somewhere local to me, and Tidy certainly looks good on the surface. I went on a saturday morning, and it was reasonably busy, but I'm not sure this could be used as an excuse for how generally disappointing the entire experience was. The towel used to dry my hair wasn't clean, it smelt strongly of damp, which made the initial process of having my hair washed pretty unpleasant. The man who cut my hair didn't even have the foresight to look at my hair when it was dry, which meant he had no idea of the texture or shape of my hair before starting. He was impatient with me because I was prescriptive about what I wanted, something that I may not have had to do had he bothered to ask me what i wanted prior to being sat in front of him with my non-descript wet hair. He spent about 10 minutes actually cutting my hair, he didn't redo the layers, he didn't even ask about them. My major reasoning for choosing a salon like this one was because I wanted a small undercut, a miscommunication led to him giving me a grade zero, me saying 'no that's not what I meant' and him clearly panicking and trying to cover the error by leaving the undercut half done. He didn't style my hair, and didn't offer to sort out the undercut once it had grown a bit, which frankly would have been the polite thing to do. They do have nice wallpaper though. Go somewhere else.

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I wish I had listened to the reviews of this salon - it really should not be recommended by Time Out and I hope they take it off their website. The salon is fabulously decorated and has the best vibe, Shaun (owner) is utterly charming and I didn't have to wait long to be seen (I arrived early). However, it isn't the cleanest salon and they clearly have a problem with organisation. It transpired that my slot had been double booked so my haircut was the most rushed haircut I've ever had and I am not very impressed with the results at all. I left with it looking alright but not like I'd just paid to have it done professionally. Had he not been rushed I think it would have turned out better but I was rushed, the other person wasn't seen to until 20 minutes late and I witnessed another girl just leave because she also wasn't being seen to on time. Really not worth it, unfortunately.

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Tidy Hair was by far the worst hairdressing experience I have ever had. From the moment I walked in the door I was treated with what can only be described as disdain; what people have said on here about them not wanting the custom seems very true. The Irish guy that cut my hair was rude and dismissive. If the cut had been good despite being treated like that I might not be on here, however he did a terrible job and I'm still trying to grow it out. Really disappointing and left me almost in tears at the end. I'm a local and I would never recommend this place to anyone.