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Wimbledon Car Boot Sale (CLOSED)

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Time Out says

For three days a week the stadium is filled with 200+ punters selling a wide range of items from clothing to crockery to silverware and gold jewellery, so bring a big bag and expect to fill it. Hardcore bargain hunters can get early bird entry from 7am, but be warned the crowds can be ruthless and you need to act fast to get your hands on the real treasures. We picked up a shabby chic style dresser for £25, and a Liberty upholstered armchair for a tenner, haggled down from £18.



Address: Wimbledon Stadium
Plough Lane
SW17 0BL
Transport: Tube: Wimbledon tube/rail
Price: £2 for the first hour of the sale, 50p thereafter
Opening hours: Open 10.30am-2pm Weds; 6.30am-1.30pm Sat; 7am-1.30pm Sun (except Easter, Christmas and New Year - please check availability during these times)
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3 out of 5 stars

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Of course I found this out at 7am on a rainy Sunday morning wandering round the boarded stadium like a headless chicken so consider yourself warned.

Went to Wimbledon Market last Saturday to find props for a Theatre Production I am working on. And ended up also filling a trolly with things to take home for myself. If vintage is your style then there are some great things, I picked up a 1960's Videocamera for £1 which looks beautiful on my 'Vintage Finds' Shelf at home, I also got a LLoyd Loom Laundry Basket for £4! As well as many other items. There is some tatt, people just bringing their old rubbish but I would say this makes up just 30% of the market. The rest is filled with great stalls offering vintage crockery, household items, costume jewellery, fruit & veg, meat. It's not fancy but that's fine by me as this is why you pick up some great bargains! I'm interested in going back as I hear the household clearances are great!

Attended today as a buyer...... its very much a case of pro's and con's with this one.   You can park on site which is good, but it was cramped and disorganised.   There were very few sellers, in my opinion, and again they lay out at times is cramped.

There was a selection of stuff available, including a fair amount of rubbish, but definitely some decent bigger items. 

It looked to me like the toilets had been tidied up slightly. The ground isn't the cleanest but what do you expect, its a car park and home to banger racing! 

Its useful as you have the meat and fruit sellers there too. So I finished up with getting some decent fruit and veg. 

I would go again as a buyer (I didn't have to pay to go in) but probably without the kids so I could really get stuck in and find the good stuff. 

Wimbledon Car Boot Sale | Wimbledon Stadium Plough Lane SW17 Hi! I would like to the attention of the administration Wimbledon Stadium Car Boot Sale The terrible sanitary conditions on the territory of the market This is from the opening time; a lot of rubbish pits nasty smell, on asvalte the swamp and water lot broken glass in the parking (dangerous, can pierce tires) the sellers site, This Saturdays I scratched heel right leg on a piece of glass ...damaged the sole of my shoe. . Sellers pay, buyers pay What are they paying? A tour of the rubbish dump?! You have an mistake on the site; in the payment of buyers Saturdays; From opening until 7.30 am buyers pay - 5 pounds. The sale is strictly for second hand goods only and trading begins at 7:30am. Admission is £2 before 8:30 and just a pound thereafter. Sellers need to be there for 6:30 on Saturdays and 7:00 on Sundays. Cars cost £10 and vans cost £20.

Anyone who knows the art of car boot and jumble should know Wimbledon is an absolute find anyone writing reviews stating stereotypical views shouldn't be at a car boot. Wimbledon is very busy and yes buyers are savage but the car boot is a treasure hunt and buyers are raring and ready to go. Bartering is part of the game simple the only reason silly prices like 10p exist is because many sellers do not wish to return home with their boot full of what they class as junk. I personally love Wimbledon car boot I have found many a treasure and strongly believe if you want a quiet subdued experience visit or sell on eBay. Wimbledon is all about meeting people from all over the world and at times hearing stories first hand about ur pieces u r purchasing. I visit whenever I can do not let these reviews put you off roll it sleeves up get stuck in and experience the thrill of sourcing a possible treasure or just a few nice pieces.

I love Wimbledon Carboot. It is my go to place anytime I feel the need to scour for something interesting - whether it be furniture, crockery or quirky vintage finds. Wednesdays are my favourite day as that is when many of the house clearance traders go. If you don't enjoy rummaging through bags and boxes to find what you're looking for, then this is not the place for you. Some traders have lovely neat stalls and others litterally throw everything out of their truck onto the floor, but that is where you pick up the best value for money items - sometimes you find some incredible rarities. Prices for the most part are good. Just remember to take some wetwipes for your grubby hands - because they will get grubby.

I wish I had read some of these reviews before packing up my vintage items & crafts only to be horrified. It was like a prison grounds full of broken or knocked of old tat. People rumaging in my car before the engine was turned off. The stall holder that boxed me in appeared to have a lot of dubious games & phones with an illicit side line behind the car, No buyers wanted to spend more than 25p & i wanted to pack up & go 10 minutes after i arrived. It was awful as a seller & having walked around the stalls myself, wouldn't have bought anything either. I eventually escaped about 1pm when it started to rain & cars moved having sold virtually nothing. I highly recommend queen mary;s hospital boot sale.. it's quiet but the people are lovely & the stalls are full of trinkets & decent stuff, not worn trainers. When i thought of Wimbledon, I thought 'village'. How naive am i?

Wimbledon car boot sale is an absolute joke. I went there on a Sunday morning, I got up rather early for that purpose. It was my first time there and what a disappointment that was. Being famous, I was expecting the car boot sale being rather big, it was not at all . Most sellers there were flogging junk (dirty dolls, filthy juicers, old ashtrays, 20 year old printers..). Most sellers come from council estates trying to get a few bucks from their tacky and cheap possessions. AVOID!

Absolute JOKE!!!! Tuned up for the boot sale at ten to seven this morning saturday 1st june waited 45-50 mins in this time the stewards where all walking about and not one seward gave us any infomation about what was going on. We just sat and waited and waited until i had to get out of the car and walk to the front of the quew to ask what wasgoing on they then told me that it was full with an attatude they left at least ten car and vans waiting. ADVICE you need to work on your coustmer service and pay a bit more respect to the people who are providing you with all your money.

This Was My First Time Going To The Car Boot On A Wednesday. Im Glad I Went As I Found Some Artificial Flowers And A Plant Which Was Lovely As On Tuesday I Was Going To Buy These At A Shop Called Wilkinson Which Would Have Come To 15 Pounds. Its Like The Flowers Were Waiting For Me They Only Cost 3 For The Lot. I Also Found A Lovely Green Vase For 2 Pounds Happy With My Purchaese Will Be Going Again On Wednesday. Its Not As Busy As The Saturday However It Depends On What Your Looking For.

There Is Me Looking Forward To Going To The Car Boot, I Went All The Way On December 22 There Wasn't One. Does Anybody Know When The Next Car Boot Sale Is On Thanks Chantelle.

last Wednesday (05/12/12) was my first time as a seller at Wimbledon, I have sold at many car-boots closer to my home on the South coast. I had not expected any more or less form Wednesday's sale, was i in for a shock. First the set up area, the car park seemed full of broken glass, not helpful for those with tyres in flatted with air, also not very nice for buyers with dogs or young children, in fact not very nice. Another obstacle to watch out for was the lake, a very large puddle that benefited from having a large mattress in the middle. It was nice setting up without a crown around you getting in the way, that made a pleasant change but part from that the day was for from pleasant. Once set up i could not believe the rudeness of (buyers) in brackets as i had more items stolen than paid for. A few customers were happy to pay from 40p to £3.00 for baby items (vests, clothes. coats and shoes) that have been washed ,cleaned, packed, free from defects and presented neatly, for some the cost to high. People would drop items on the floor and then walk on them, without any thought for the work and effort and cost that had gone in to getting them ready for sale. People would offer to buy the whole stall for as (much) as £25 pounds, (which is the cost to sellers for entry with a van) or 10p for a £3.00 coat I don't not mind offering people a discount and in the past have given 25% but to get up at 3.00 am, drive 70 miles, wait in the cold for hours, i would like some fruit for my labours. Once the sale was over , (which could not come soon enough) i needed to use the facilities, as these were windowless a light or lighting was of major importance, but the facilities were in total darkness. On the whole my experience of Wimbledon will stay with me for a long time, not for the right reasons. The venue is small, dirty, dangerous and poorly equipped.

Within This Year I Have Been To 3 Car Boot Sales As This Is One Of The Biggest This Is One Of My Favourites. A Couple Of Weeks Ago I Bought A LAMP For 2 pounds, egyptian papyrus paintings which were 1 pound each, some books which were 20pence each Im especially proud of The Bachman Books By Stephen king with 4 books in one that was my bargain of the day and a ornament for my mum. Very good for 10 pounds. I have been back more times and if the weather is good on Saturday will be going.

Never 2000 sellers.... The place is far too small. On a good Summer's day you might get 150 max! And that's only on a Saturday. The other two day are a lottery! If the forecast is poor the attendance is poor and sellers don't pitch. It's abit of a scramble! Riddled with those horrible granny trollies... Trip over one of those and you're doomed!

Without doubt the best boot that I have ever visited. I managed seeing about half the stalls in the time available to me. Lots of interesting items from tat clothes to computers and retro Hi-Fi. I wish I had bought the 1500 watt UPS for £10, but it was so heavy I decided discretion was better than a twisted back, I hope the guy is there tomorrow (14th oct) as the UPS is MINE.. hands off, you oaf :-)

I am a seasoned Car boot buyer especially for clothes, shoes and been at it for years but went to the Wimbledon today and arrived late about 12.30noon took £1 to enter nd gave me a ticket to go in ( never paid to shop before) I got a brand new River island dress worth £45 for £5 then blazer, cardigans were £0.50 bought a dress for £1 any way took in £15 and brought 10 very near new clothings that I wil be wearing to work. Haggle though..definitely the best Carboot for a buyer.

A depressing boot fair where sellers are put to a hard task of basically giving things for peanuts such as 20p, 50p max !!! the type of clientele is only good if you really want to get rid of your extra junk!

This is on every saturday of the year and has been for over 15 years. It is easily the best car boot around if you are a buyer, once a year when the greyhound derby is on then it is cancelled sometime in june. if you are selling and you are a dealer then beware, buyers here are very savvy and will simply walk past your stall without even looking, eg you have a stall full of new stuff/antiques/have professional display cabinets etc. sellers should always beware of those that approach them when setting up, this is when they know you are busy and is the time when items are most likely to get stolen so just tell them to come back once you have set up, if you start dealing with these people then within minutes you will have a swarm of people pulling things out of your car and you will not be able to keep track of it all.

I have stalled at Wimbledon on Wednesday several times over the past 2 years. You do have to get there early to get a pitch (no advance booking, just turn up); once I arrived at 8.30 just in time to be given one of the last 3! The fee seems to vary between £12 and £15 for cars according to season, more for vans. There is a good mix of stallholders, from people just getting rid of unwanted items to professional dealers. Every time I have been there I have sold most of my stuff. The only downsides are that on a windy day you get covered in dust (from the tracks, I think), and the two-hour wait between arriving early enough to get a pitch and being allowed to set up (strictly not before 10.15). There is a relatively short selling time - 10.15 to about 12.30, when people start packing up - but it's well worth it for the number of customers (private and trade) and the rare luxury of setting up in daylight, even in midwinter. The Saturday and Sunday car boots are run by a different company, start much earlier and are a couple of pounds cheaper; they are well worth trying too, but of course there are far more options at the weekend, whereas a midweek event in this part of London is a real find.

really disagree with previous comment (angela) mixed bunch of sellers, genuine bargains, it is busy on sunny days, just have to arrive early

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After attending this boot sale today i thought it my duty to warn others of its underwhelming, dirty and unbelievably overpriced nature. Almost every seller looked as through their merchandise had been poured from a dustbin, dominated by men in vans attempting to offload their roadside pickings.  I did enquire as to the price of a couple of items only to be told how much they go for on eBay, or how much i could sell them for on eBay.  Not a pleasant experience and certainly not a one i will be repeating.

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