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Taking Dante's 'Inferno' as a reference, this new black comedy from Carrie Byrne and Cathy Rosario is about the perils of internet dating. Two sisters who live in Peckham are on a mission to find Mr Right but become broiled in a search for revenge after several online dating mishaps.


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Interesting that this play received great audience feedback yet anonymous theatre bloggers feel the need to come on here and denounce a play with unhelpful and untrue comments. I'm a paid screenwriter and successful writer for a major TV show and can happily say that this was a good attempt by debut playwrights to produce a deliberately silly and prankful story about quarelling sisters seeking love in middle age. It was clearly produced on a shoestring and has been harshly judged for this. Admittedly the direction could have been better, inaudibility in parts was annoying and the lighting wasn't great, but it was a good evening's entertainment with plenty of laughs. Get a life to those of you who take issue with a badly behaved protoganist!

I write a theatre blog, saw this play and was so appalled that I couldn't bring myself to finish the review. One of the worst plays I have ever seen, the script was juvenile nonsense, the actors looked clueless and the overall presentation was pathetic.

I thought the play was beautifully written and there were some really sharp lines that hit the nail right on the head. The lead characters were very strong and I liked the subtlety of the reference's to Dante's work. @Grant - I saw it last night, and whilst there were indeed some technical hitches, the strength of the performance and the depth of the writing has carried the weight of my rating. I'll be keen to see the next installment of the writer's work.

I loved it! Really good production: I liked the story, the subtlety, the humour, the acting and the combination of simplicity and depth in the play. There are some really good (an appropriately short) monologues that touched my heart. Catch it before the 6th of October.

I heard good things about the play from a friend of mine and went to watch it. Unfortunately, did not live up to my expectations not even close. Don't know where all these reviews are coming from-maybe they watched it another day. Last night, it looked more of a baggy high school performance with gaps in between the scenes and actors arriving late on stage. If you want to do theatre you have to give it the respect it deserves and be more serious about it.

Loved this. Very funny, with a dark edge - two sisters grapple with love, commitment, sex, ambition....Great characters and contemporary types - the gormless PhD student, over-sexed city boy, and jaded sisterly relationship worked well, and I loved the twisted revenge fantasy of the Danish art collector who specialises in unfinished artworks.....You don't have to know much about Dante (I didn't) to enjoy, but it gave me a sense of mystery, and the deeper stuff beneath the surface. Edgy, unpolished venue on Rye Lane feels like an adventure in itself, a good place to enjoy the creative energy of London. Go and see it while you still can!

An emotional play combining drama, fun and thoughts of everyday life took place into a nice atmosphere environment. The change of the scenes were very clever as the director was indroducing the next scene with a very clever and artistic sense. Dispite the fact that the production was low budget, the director plays with the imagination of the audience efficiently. The actors/actresses were really good. A fresh and new script was successfully become part of your life for those 2 hours leaving the audience with a sense of relief, strong emotions and waiting for the next job from the team.

The play was amazing!!Well done to everyone who participated. The director of the play worked very clever by transforming the place into a warm environment where audience and actors/actress were exchanging feelings of laugh and drama. I really enjoyed the play and I recommend everyone to go and see.

I found this play thought-provoking and the two lead characters really impressed me, coming across as very natural (you see them up pretty close, it's a small, intimate venue) and believable within the framework of the play. At times farcical, this new play kept me hooked with sharp observations on the scary extremes of dating and relationships. For me, it was not laugh-out-loud funny but amusing with some subtle twists and turns. Loved the cool alternative venue. Bags of interest - I'd go and see it again. A work of heart.

I enjoyed the play. It was witty and funny despite being a low budget production. I did not expect it to be so good.

Very good play and very entertaining. Great acting in my opinion which went through a spectrum of emotions from each of the characters. The Irish sisters were played to perfection as well. I thought in advance that the storyline revolving around internet dating could potentially be brilliant for comedy moments. I was not disappointed. Highly enjoyable.

Good acting, good play with funny moments and interesting-filmic-direction. This was not a poor theatre production although a low budget one. Credit to the director Natasha Markou who has used the limited resources imaginatively. The play could work better without projections as they did slightly take the focus off the actors

The play is funny, entertaining, touching lightly upon flaming issues between couples. There are many scenes which transit each one smoothly into the other. The venue is cool with a lot of atmosphere. Slight inaudibility

Referencing Dantes Inferno could have been more clear but still a delightful and entertaining play. Good lead characters.

A funny and engaging play with some interesting characters. Some strong unnecessary language used at times.... overall good play.

a play with lots of quick scenes that tracks two Irish sisters behaving badly with younger men. lots of colourful quotes and ridiculous moments that made me laugh.amusing for anyone who has a bossy sister! i didnt get the Dantes inferno bit though? not that it made much difference to my enjoyment of the play.

quirky kind of play that deals with love and revenge with lots of funny little scenes. at times some very strong language that might be offputting. but it is an unusual sort of play more like a film story than what you'd normally expect to see in a small theatre.

interesting play with funny characters. original and made me laugh out loud in parts. a bigger budget would allow for better scenery etc but it is fringe afterall and the actors were compelling.

Funny, fast paced play about two colliding relationships. not so much about internet dating, the daring scenes on sibling rivalry stood out for mhe. Blends whimsy with wisdom! I liked it...