Ginger Johnson: Ginger All the Way, Soho Theatre, 2023
Photo: Ginger Johnson

Adult Christmas pantomimes and shows in London

Forget the kids. From 18-plus pantos to cabaret naughtiness, these shows will give you a festive night out, with none of the cliches.

Andrzej Lukowski

Going to the theatre this festive season doesn't have to mean family-friendly Nutcrackers and the usual PG-rated panto dames. These festive nights out are pitched at adults: some are simply not for kids, others would scar your little ones for life if they saw them, all will help to quell the Christmas cheese overload with everything from drag and LGBTQ+ pantos, edgy comedy, (Christmas) dinner theatre to wintry circus wonderlands. And no kids allowed!

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Adult Christmas shows in London

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Located just around the corner from the new, totally unaffiliated, immersive theatre show ‘Wishmas’, Humbug is a festive immersive drinking experience that bills itself as Santa’s favourite dive bar.

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