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Playwright Anton Chekhov was not only a master of drama, he was also a master of the short story. Here Belka productions merge his beautiful tale of impulsive love 'The Lady with the Little Dog' with Ivan Bunin's 'Sunstroke' into one play. During a hot Russian summer, a Muscovite banker meets a married woman on the Russian riviera and a lieutentant has a chance encounter with a beautiful woman. Each of their lives are changed forever. Starring Russian model Katia Elizarova.


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When will the show come to Russia? I loved it! Just reminded as I watched a clip on TV! The stories may have been better separated into two, instead of being intertwined, but the abilities of the ensemble to convey their tragic love stories wasn't debased by and staging confusion. In their respective tales Pucci and Elizarova shone, each very differently bringing originality to the exquisite set. This show deserves a transfer.

I felt insulted that a "model-turned-actress" performed for me. I paid money for this and I was expecting professional actors to entertain me for an hour or two. Benjamin and Pucci were great. But Elizarova should just stay as a model and do reality show gigs if she wants to be famous. And it's obvious she wants to be. You don't have it, dear. Sorry. Sato is amazing.

Tip for small productions like these, don't ever cast an untrained "actress". Elizarova was dreadful. I'm sure there are a lof more skilled, talented and even prettier trained actresses that can take her place. You're not giving your production company favors by casting wannabees.

Sunstroke was a nice night out. I loved the dancing geisha, even though she felt slightly out of place. Benjamin and Pucci were extraordinary together. Oliver King gave it a good try, but he just couldn't force chemistry with Katia Elizarova, who was the weak point of the night. I'm not really sure how she even got cast...she is not an actress and seemed really out of place. But overall, Sunstroke was a visually beautiful presentation and left me recalling my own lost loves.

The staging was atmospheric and innovative. Some critics found it opaque but I loved the artsy elements. The use of movement artist Masumi Saito between scenes, seemingly to illustrate the nature of desire, provided unexpected emotional swings. Rosy Benjamin and Stephen Pucci were perfect together. There may have been some vanity casting - executive producer Oliver King didn't quite pull off chemistry between himself and a six foot Russian supermodel, but that can't be easy.

Stephen Pucci is wonderful as Gurov and lends considerable talent and flair to the production.

I saw Sunstroke on its second preview and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The set, lighting, sound and thoughtful projections all merged to create a stunning visual backdrop. The cast did an admirable job with a text that was at times lacking. The couple in 'The Lady with the Little Dog' (Stephen Pucci & Rosy Benjamin) had a somewhat easier job, with a story that has more meat on the bone than 'Sunstroke', though Pucci at times verged on the declamatory. The Sunstroke thread was a briefer and fresher job, which Katia Elizarova and Oliver King played with aplomb. However, I was disappointed by Elizarova's only fleeting appearance in the second half. Regardless of these quibbles highly recommended for an evening out...

Beautiful set, it feels like being on holiday. Full marks to the designer and the lighting designer. The story is from another time altogether. Stephen Pucci in the Chekhov story is amazing, it's like Chekhov standing there and telling you the story. Katia Elizarova is great - models do make very good actors sometimes!