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16 pictures of sheep and goats chilling in London

It's Chinese New Year, and the Year of the Goat (or Sheep!) has arrived. But these photos prove that our caprine friends have been Londoners all along

By Kate Lloyd

The Chinese Year of the Sheep has arrived! Or has it? It's actually the year of the 'horned animal', which could mean goat, ram or sheep. To mark this confusing occasion we've rounded up all our favourite photos of the animals in London, from pubs to sculptures and actual live beasts. Gong Hey Fat Choy! 

UK Ministry of Defence

Taffy the regimental goat

He holds the rank of Fusillier, and eats two cigarettes a day. Allegedly

Photo: Ministry of Defence

Michael Goldrei

City sheep

Freemen of the City of London have the somewhat archaic right to drive sheep across London Bridge. In October 2014, the Worshipful Company of Woolmen decided to exercise it.

Photo: Michael Goldrei

Peter McGowan


Space goats are, probably, one of the most popular kinds of goats.

Photo: Peter McGowan

TGR 2011 2.jpg

The Goat Race

Each year, the Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race sees two goats go head to head, a cuddlier rival to the Boat Race which happens on the same day. In 2015, April 11 is the date.

Green Park in 1939
Leonard Bentley

Green Park in 1939

A 1931 photo of sheep being herded from Hyde Park to Green Park - they were used to keep the grass trim in summer until 1935.

Photo: Leonard Bentley


The Goat Tavern in Mayfair

Somewhere to go bleat about your day over a pint.

Photo: Mark Baynham

Spitalfields Market Goat
Mike T

Spitalfields Market

A 3.5 metre statue entitled 'I, Goat' in Spitalfields, by Kenny Hunter.

Photo: Mike T

John Kortland

Paternoster Square

The bronze sculpture ‘Shepherd and Sheep’ by Dame Elizabeth Frink sits in Paternoter Square, next to St. Paul's Cathedral.

Photo: John Kortland

Lambeth Sheep Shearing Show
Michael Goldrei

Lambeth Sheep Shearing Show

Q: How do shepherds say goodbye to sheep?

A: Shear later!

This is the Lambeth Country Show, which takes place in Brockwell Park each summer.

Photo: Michael Goldrei


Urban grazing

Another view of the Mudchute Farm flock.

Photo: Ian Smith

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