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21 ways London changed in 2018

Our city doesn’t sit still. To mark the end of 2018, Time Out writers look back on how London has transformed this year...

By Kate Lloyd

What will we remember 2018 for? It was a year of scorching highs and freezing lows – and that was just the weather. Over the past 12 months we've seen a baby Trump balloon soar over London, we've crowdfunded an LGBTQ+ community centre, we've drunk less, eaten more vegan food, ditched straws and more. For our last issue of the year Time Out writers reflected on the ways London changed in 2018 via data and interviews with insiders and experts. Find out more via the links below... 

2. We drank less

Summer 2018 featured both a heatwave and the World Cup, so it would be easy to assume it was a boozy one. Turns out Brits were getting loads of pints in – of non-alcoholic beer that is. These stats show that Londoners were boozing less than ever...


6. Art got super political

Despite all the hate that gets chucked its way by the red tops, the Turner Prize is a good bellwether for where contemporary art is at. And this year’s shortlist was the most political one ever. Art Editor Eddy Frankel explains...


7. You crowdfunded an LGBTQ+ Community Centre

Our city’s community spirit was exemplified when generous Londoners rallied together to open an LGBTQ+ community centre – the first in London since the early ’90s. Sarah Moore, from the centre's proposed communication's team, explains why it's so important...

8. Drag was more popular than ever

Drag in London has changed immensely in the last few years. This year, especially, has seen the proliferation of drag-themed brunches, drag bingo nights and even a drag karaoke venue. But with the artform more popular than ever, what impact is this having on the capital’s scene itself? Four queens sound off…


10. London gave birth to a baby Trump

#TrumpBaby floated into the headlines in June when it was confirmed that its creator, Leo Murray, had crowdsourced £18,000 to put it into production and float it during Donald Trump’s July visit to the UK. Here's a recap...

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