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Behind the lens

SuniThe photographer: 'I grew up in Kingston before moving here after university. I tend to take my camera with me whenever I’m going somewhere that has potential for interesting shots and rarely plan a photo walk. After 29 years around the city I’m still finding new places and discovering new history all the time. I love learning, improving and trying new photography techniques.'

The setup: 'I use a Canon 7D with 15-85mm and 50mm lenses. I love the high frame-rate of the 7D, which means I never miss any action but I would love a full frame camera too for the wider field of view. I use Lightroom for post-processing and really appreciate the way it streamlines the workflow.'

The work: 'I experiment with all kinds of techniques from macro to composite panoramas, action, long exposure, low light with and without flash and on all subject types from landscapes to portraits and abstract.

'Since I really started to get into photography – about six or seven years ago – I’ve looked at everything differently. I try my best to shoot and process my photographs in a way that's sympathetic with the mood of my surroundings. I like my photos to be photos, not digital art.'

Like these photos? You can follow Oliver on Flickr and buy his snaps as prints here

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