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In this age of Snapchat and Twitter, it seems there is no end to the ways in which we can express ourselves. This month’s Barbican Weekender, part of the arts centre’s annual spring and summer programme, focuses on just that – the myriad ways in which digital media can help us attention-hungry homo sapiens make our mark.

We Create: Technology for Self-expression (Sat and Sun 11am-6pm) is a programme of family-friendly exhibitions, shows and classes (the majority of them free – but you’ll need to book most events in advance). There’ll be all sorts of gadgets ready to be mucked around with in the name of navel-gazing – have a go at making your selfies into photographic masterpieces with The Photocopy Club or replicate your own head on a 3D printer under the guidance of tech wizards Black Country Atelier.

Most tempting, though, are the interactive aspects of We Create – including Transformer (Sat Mar 1, Sun Mar 2 1pm), a multi-player game for anyone over 16 that lets you dress up in a hi-tech suit of muscle-sensors and lights and race around collecting light tokens in the dark. (Sci-fi geeks, rejoice).

For those of an even more exhibitionist leaning, ‘I’ll Be Your Mirror’ (Sat Mar 1, Sun Mar 2 11am) lets you walk through a brightly lit corridor and have a hologram mimic your dance moves. But be warned: the contribution of each wannabe-MJ will become part of a live show to be performed on March 8 – so you might want to save the twerking for home. Flo Wales Bonner



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