Battersea Park Fireworks

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Battersea Park Fireworks

Award-winning pyrotechnicians are behind the illuminations set to fire up the Wandsworth skies. Tickets almost always sell out in advance, so get booking early to see bonfire-torching and an eye-popping 22-minute display. Gate opens at 6pm, the bonfire begins to blaze at 7.30pm and fireworks kick off at 8pm.

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This event was incredibly crowded. It became more about how to deal with the crowds and get dinner than it was about enjoying the fireworks. We, unfortunately, spent the fireworks in a food stall queue (as did many others - there were several hundred queuing for food at all times). So a warning: DO NOT attend this event hungry. As soon as we got our food and found each other everybody was making for the exits at the same time.

I've been to Battersea Park fireworks every year for the last 15 years, and they have always been some of the best in London. But this year was the biggest disappointment. The performance started late, there was a very bad choice of music which you could barely hear, and it was shorter than ever. There was clearly a technical fault with the speakers - and the finale ended on one single firework - most of the audience didn't even realized it was over. I'm afraid there is no way they can claim to be 'the best in London' anymore.

The display was good (once it started), but got very freaked out by how many  people were there.  Very Very very overcrowded. Petrified I was going to lose my two young grandchildren.  Lots of groups of adults there with no kids, all mainly drinking and out to have a good time............. but had no concept of the idea that families were around them (Swearing, standing in front of very small children, sometimes even falling over them).  By 8.10 there were still crowds of people coming in. I am not sure if this was why there was a delay but do feel that If they had of started the Fireworks on time, I think it would of caused of surge with the hoards of people still coming in as they would of been worried about missing some of it.  The worst part was trying to get out as it felt it was like survival of the fittest, with the fittest being people with no children, buggies or wheelchairs (not sure how health and safety standards were met here, as it was quite scary at one point when  we were all being squashed together to get through one part where it became quite narrow.  As stated earlier, the firework display although short, was fantastic, but very much spoiled by severe overcrowding and people drinking (bottles of broken glass on one part of the pathway while we were trying to get out) and unless this aspect of the event is seriously looked into, I doubt I will go again as I think it is an accident waiting to happen.

Went to see the fireworks last night, show was delayed by about 15 minutes so not an impressive start but only lasted 15/18 minutes, couldn't believe how short the display was after charging £8.00 a ticket, on another note, food stalls were good but won't be returning to battersea again.

 I really cannot fathom these negative reviews?! Battersea Park fireworks are by far my favourite display in London, always impressive and fun, with great music to match. They're always on my calendar and I think I've only missed out twice in the past 10 years. Let's not forget the British Weather people ... if the skies are chundering for a whole week it's not exactly the organisers fault you got a bit damp... 

Worst fireworks I've ever paid for. The music could not be more out of time or inappropriate to the display. also tiny space and rammed in - avoid. Trying Brockwell Park this year.

What a disappointing show. Queued for ages to enter the park thanks to ticketmaster's digital entry system slowing everything down. Paid an extra fee for booking tickets. The bonfire was smaller than ones I've had in my garden. There was just one bar, with literally thousands queueing for it. The fireworks lasted 20 minutes (I've seen free shows last longer) and contained no big bangs, fancy fireworks (smiley faces etc) and the choice of music was awful. And they have the audacity to ask for extra donations after charging £10 for entry? Avoid these fireworks and go to one of the other fantastic free displays like Blackheath. If you are looking for a real bonfire try Brockham or Carshalton.

Decent (if somewhat late) fireworks, but the bonfire was disappointing. It was more of a smouldering 3ft high mass than a proper bonfire and once the crowd built up you couldn't even tell where it was. Agree with Kev about the compering. Aside from the screaming competition I really didn't need to be told where the toilets were every 30 seconds.

Another year, another fantastic display. I bought my £6.50 ticket early and directly from the athletics track in the park so no Ticketmaster fees. I thought the sound track fitted the halloween theme very well, we were dancing in our wellies :) Shame about the bonfire but with the wind it was understandable, though disappointing

A decent display, but awful compering (including a screaming competiton) by ''award-winning comic'' Eddie Kadi (according to Wandswoth Council's website). The sound track to the fireworks was also very odd.

it would be an £8 ticket except ticketmaster want to apply an admin fee and a service charge which puts it over a tenner in total - disgraceful. I wish all the money was going to Wandsworth but middleman takes their 25% cut. No option to buy on the gate so you have no choice but to give your charitable donation to fleeceitmaster (or boycott the event)