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London’s best, and best-known, food market is chock-a-block with takeaway choices, should all that prime produce make you hungry on the hoof.

The food hound’s favourite market is also London’s oldest, dating back to the 13th century. It’s the busiest too, occupying a sprawling site near London Bridge. Gourmet goodies run the gamut, from fresh loaves and rare-breed meats, via fish, game, fruit and veg, to cakes and all manner of preserves, oils and teas; head out hungry to take advantage of the numerous free samples. A rail viaduct, vigorously campaigned against, is now in place, which means restored historic features have been returned and works disruption should now be at an end. As if to celebrate, a new Market hall, facing onto Borough High Street, has been opened: it acts as a kind of greenhouse for growing plants (including hops), as well as hosting workshops, tastings and foodie demonstrations. You can also nip in with your snack if the weather’s poor.

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Venue name: Borough Market
Address: 8
Southwark Street
Opening hours: Open for lunch: Mon, Tue 10am-5pm; Full Market: Wed, Thur 10am-5pm; Fri 10am-6pm; Sat 8am-5pm
Transport: Tube/Rail: London Bridge
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As a foodie this is my favourite place to be :))) Highly recommend to anyone living in London and coming here to visit! 

Tracey S

Don't visit if you are feeling too hungry as you're likely to eat your way around the whole market! Not only is there so much choice and everything looking fresh but there are unusual foods that you may not get in your local supermarkets. Kangaroo burgers and liquorice covered in white chocolate and chilli powder are just a couple of the delights. If you want to stop and take photos of everything (like I do) then avoid going in the middle of lunch time as it can get very busy.


A wonderful little market filled with delicious foodie delights serving everything you could possibly want from a Insta-worthy market. However, if like me you attended on one of the busiest days/nights (Evening of Cheese), The Market Porter pub, right next to the market, is a great place to take refuge and at £18 for a bottle of wine and two packets of crisps, it offers great prices too. Although overcrowded the cheese I did get to sample was fantastic, my absolute favourite being Neal's Yard Dairy's Stilton. I will definitely be back but maybe on a quieter day...


Londons hidden gem and a foodies idea of paradise. The sights and smells of this place are phenomenal. You can pick up the best meat, cheese and bread in the whole city. Freshly produced street food is everywhere you look. I highly recommend the salt beef steak sandwich and for dessert the doughnuts from bread ahead, top Tip, go early! These doughnuts sell out daily! It's just a stones throw away from London Bridge, it's a definite must see place for any tourist visiting the capital.

Liz G

A must-do for any self professed foodies - literally can spend hours eating your way around Borough Market and it's in a fabulous location to allow you to walk off the grub with some sightseeing afterwards! Highly recommend the salt beef sandwiches in the middle of the market...


Any friend visiting London, I would absolutely recommend Borough market as a "must see". It's a huge amount of fun and there are lots of high quality products, and some more unusual, to taste and try. The only downsides are that it is always absolutely heaving, so your friend that stops to taste a bit of the truffle infused parmesan will be instantly lost in the crowd, and you'll spend the next two hours looking for them. The other disadvantage, is that the food is often incredibly overpriced, but then, it's a tourist attraction in London - so what can you expect?

Definitely worth a visit for any food friends passing by!


The perfect Saturday or Sunday! I never get bored of Borough Market, especially being a foodie! Walking around and taking in all the sights of such beautiful and fresh foods and drinks never gets tiring. There really is something here for everyone whether it's fish, meat, cheese, wine, vegan, gluten free... you are guaranteed to open your purse and spend! Considering the food is so fresh, the prices are reasonable but beware, if you go nuts like I do, going most weekends won't be kind on your bank account. London's finest!!

Amy L

Borough Market is my first choice of destination to take all visitors to London. I've heard people complain about the prices, but for around £6-7 you can get some of the most delicious food I've had anywhere - how can that be bad value? My personal faves are the garlic prawn wrap, anything from the fresh pasta stand, the salt beef sandwich, the gyoza, and the portuguese custard tarts. Be sure to wash it down with a prosecco (or a mulled wine if it's Christmas). And go early on weekends if you don't like crowds! 

Bonnie W

Always my go to for a snack when I'm on the south bank, Borough Market has something for everybody. From beautiful fruit and veg stalls to freshly made pasta to aromatic curries, you could probably eat here every day for a year and always find something new to try. My favourite stall without a doubt is Bread Ahead. Their olive and cheese sticks are incredible as are their generously filled doughnuts. Located under the railway arches near London Bridge, the Borough Market has so much character and you can see why it's often used as a filming location. The market can get extremely busy, but I think the best times to go are first thing on Saturday mornings or after 3pm on weekdays.

Livvi AT

Yes, this isn't a hidden gem or London's best kept secret; every Londoner and their uncle knows that if you want some proper street food and quality ingredients, this is the don of food markets.

It almost is a form of torture, as you wander round all the sizzling sights and smells, to choose just one dish to eat. The raclette cheese, which has been melting and oozing all day, sliced onto hot potatoes is as close to heaven you can get, but the scotch egg (size of an ostrich egg and proportionately more tasty than your typical Greggs offering) served with sweet potato fries is also to die for. There is the classic pad Thais, Goan curries and artisan toasties and I really would defy anyone to find a bad meal; every vendor here is a true artist with their food.

If you have simply stuffed yourself too full (easily done) venture round the market traders and pick up some quality meat, bread, cheese and other ingredients to cook up your own gourmet dinner at home. And to wash this all down? Expect freshly squeezed fruit cocktails and prosecco spritzers.

With Borough Market, believe the hype; if you haven’t been, go and if you have, go back- with hundreds of vendors, you are bound to find something new. 


This is the perfect place to pick up a gift for a foodie. There is an impressive collection of artisan, home-made, authentic produce all around you.

What's more there's also a row of brilliant street food vendors serving a variety of food. However, arrive early to try the best of their food as it runs out quick and queues start to form early! 


Brilliant place for foodies. Even better, it's has extended opening hours over Christmas!

Jorge A.
Staff Writer

Always happy to visit it. I have been there maybe 20 times, and every time I go, I have some different new food. Any kind of food you like is there. it is a genuine place in London which I really like.


I have been coming to Borough Market for 15 years or so, back when you used to get wholesale prices and there were just a few stalls. Overtime the market has expanded greatly and attracts huge numbers of people. For me, though, it has lost something over this time. Many of the stalls have food orientated towards tourists, the shops selling food for cooks (amateur in my case) have become increasingly expensive. While I still go to Borough Market regularly, I buy much less and have started visiting more local markets such as those in Bermondsey and Brockley. Overall though it is still a huge asset for London.

Corina B

I love the borough market, there is something about it that makes it feels so authentic and London. The food is fantastic and yes it is expensive, but everything in London is expensive. Its a great place to go with friends and just relax, and amazing place to get cheeses and oils. Highly recommended.

Rellie Loves

Probably one of my favourite places, ever. I'm sure I'm not the only Londoner to say so!

Tiago Almeida

Amazing market.

Went there Saturday for lunch and end up buying french cheese, Spanish chorizo, trying Kangaroo, Crocodile and Ostrich burgers and an amazing home made Pasta, what more could one want?! :)


Been living in this area for about 5 years now-- and I still recommend Borough Market to people coming around for a visit. Produce wise I think they are very reasonably priced, especially if you go towards the end of the trading day you can even haggle a bit, can't do that at Tescos! We also come to the Market when having special occasions, and we want a better quality cut of beef/lamb/game or wedge o'cheese.

On a sunny weekend there is nothing better than grabbing lunch from one of the MANY vendors and heading to the waterfront to savour it. 

Don't feel like going to the market but still need to be 'near' the market. The Rake, my friend, is just your cup of tea... well ale is more accurate :)


Really ggod place to have lunch with friends, Maybe to busy on Saturday lunch.

Have a glace of wine, beer... and have a look arround

Oysters for starter, Swedish raclette for main course and a english desert... Yes it''s possible and all in the same market!!!

NakedPRGirl Claire

I love Borough Market...there are some who say it has been commercialised and is now about £20 for a carrot for for me it is still charming enough to keep me coming back. It's next to London Bridge tube (just look for the signs) and make sure you carry some cash (rather than cards). There's everything to eat and drink with stalls selling hot sandwiches, fancy soups, pies, chocolate, meats, fruit, veg, sweets, liquorice, smoothies, ciders, wines, cheeses and breads. Go, I defy you not to buy a baguette and a block of cheese and be happy as Larry. There's also lots of pubs in the area for those who like a nice sit down dinner. For extra tourist point, go to London and Tower Bridge afterwards and enjoy the view of the Thames.


As a massive foodie and a passionate home cook, borough market is really a slice of heaven in the middle of busy London. The only issue I have with this place, is the time it takes for me to decide what my 'calorie currency' should be used on....

It is the perfect day out - start with a stroll around borough market - analyse your savoury food options and pick the best for lunch - be it freshly cooked scallops, handmade british pies or wild boar sausages. Once you have done this, check out the various stands for the dessert that picks your fancy .... Once again, you have endless choice - personally, I recommend the fresh doughnuts made by Bread Ahead, which really is just an excuse to show off their wonderfully light dough and incredibly fresh tasting homemade jam. 

Finally, once you are fed up, it's now the perfect time to scour the place for the perfect artisan ingredient to be used in your next dish....

It is a food eater and a home cook's heaven indeed!!!

Tom Bruce

Every time you come to Borough market you see something new. This time it was an anti-terrorism information day run by the Met. But that's a one-off. And not important in the least to the kind of people that flock to Borough market at lunch time to feast on the dazzling array of fresh (some still living, in the case of the unfortunate lobster) foods on sale. Fond memories of childhood at Christmas time resurface while strolling between stalls avoiding knocking piles of carcinogenic animal flesh or undersized six quid coffees out of people's hands as you go. 

Speaking of new experiences, this was the first time I had been to the bustling marketplace as a plant-based eater instead of an omnivore; the choices were good, but by no means fantastic, limited pretty much to Indian cuisine or grain burgers. Indian was the right choice, and I pieced together a meal from the multiple stands which were making hot vegan dishes. Cauliflower curry with rice, sauteed potato & spinach, and an onion bhajji came together at £6.80, a fair price for such a filling meal. Not forgetting the juice vendors, who go through their colourful wares like hot cakes. Then there are the bakers, who go through their hot cakes like - y'know.

Walk up and down the riverside to regain your appetite - or pop into Southwark cathedral to pray its return - before plunging straight into the maze of foodie's delights once more. 

Gul S

 I used to go there as a student. Probably because everything was cheap.

The last that I went here (on Eid), my mom said "this is not your standard". And she is correct; we tried everything and everything was almost shit. 

This place is  not for the North Londoners. We expect quality; £4 can fetch you better food in skanky Archway than this useless student-profiting market.

Tourists: be ready to be under-whelmed. 

Chesca R

Borough Market will always have a special place in my heart as it was my first job when I moved to London (shout out to the very talented Richard Bramble). I don't miss the crazy early starts, nor do I miss the glamour of standing on cardboard to prevent my feet from turning to ice but I will always love the buzz and community vibe of the market. There is such an incredible selection of food to choose from that I recommend a complete walk around before making your selection also if you can time it just before closing you will get yourself some great bargains. My favourites used to be the apple and rhubarb juice from chegworth, the baklava, the ostrich burgers (I'm on a bit of roll now), the veggie and raw juice stall hmmmm hmmmm. I think my stomach has just decided on my Saturday lunchtime plans. 

Sarah R

Don't get me wrong, it's one of my favourite places, but try to avoid it at peak hours and days... such as weekend on lunctime. Cues are endless and you can barely move between stalls.
Other then that, perfect spot for all the foodies!

ashley c

A place I take every visitor to London. A great place for snacking on food (buy small bits from multiple stalls is my tip!) and getting treats for home. A really nice variety of food available.

The only draw back is it is busy! Don't go here and expect to walk around without being bumped in to or sit to be able to sit on a bench and eat your purchases. Expect it to be busy but join in grab some food and perch on the kerb like a local :)

Christie A

Only problem with the Borough Market is choosing what to eat. It's made so difficult with the incredible variety of fresh produce and food on offer. You could go here everyday for a year and try something new. There are just so many amazing options and it never fails to impress. A great place to take visitors from out of town with so much to see and do... 5 stars every time...

Niomi Harris

Go here hungry...because you'll want to buy everything! Your eyes will not know where to look as everywhere you turn you're greeted with breads, cheeses, meats, cakes, juices, condiments etc. An array of stalls will want to lure you to buy their goods, so stay strong otherwise you'll soon be out of pocket! Head to the back where you'll find a variety of hot foods, with everything from Indian to Turkish cuisines, wrack your brain as you try to decipher whether you want a cheesecake or a brownie and wash it all down with some freshly squeezed juice. If you want to sit and devour your grub, you'll be hard pushed to find a spare bit of wall or pavement, so head to the front where you'll more likely find a seat in the greenhouse. Obviously this place is rammed at lunchtimes, but it's definitely worth it as a nice treat for your stomach!

Ros A

I can't deny Borough Market the 5 stars it deserves. This bustling food market caters to everyone - because it has food for everyone! Cake, burgers, butchers, veg stores, juice bars, cheese stands... you name it in fresh produce, and Borough Market has it. It's crazy busy on a Saturday but week days are better for a wander. Always a great spot for lunch out of work - so much to choose from. 

Samantha H

A market with everything you could possibly want and more!  A must see place when in London and great to grab a bite and then walk along the southbank! 

Cookie Monster
moderatorStaff WriterTastemaker

Who doesn't love Borough Market? The only problem is how quickly you spend money buying all manner of delicious goodies - be warned!

Staff Writer

Borough Market is a must for everyone. Over the 20 years I have known it, as have many, it has grown and grown to really capture so much of what is amazing about independent food growers, makers and retailers. Easy to wander around, taste and sample the delights of what is on sale, from market stall to street food. If you are going in to buy, then if you are anything like us, be prepared to spend more than expected. So much to experience. Winter time head to the New Forest Cider Companies stand for some spiced mulled cider. There never seems to be anything bad. The fresh produce is great and keeps the market to its core rather than just a food lovers tasting menu. As the day moves to evening so does the market, bringing with it a change in vibe and people. Always a good one, with much to do around the whole area. On the Southwark Cathedral side of the market you get live music on weekends, for free. 

Javier S
Staff Writer

If you can chose, try to avoid Fridays because it's more busy. But definitely go there for lunch. Borough Market is a must-go for Londoners, and also for visitors.

I used to work close to Borough Market, tried many many many different meals and all of them where great. And never spent more than 5 pounds.

You can also find gourmet food, like French cheeses, fine wines etc.

Masumi S

Now I know Borough Market, a few tips if your gogin on Sat, arrive 9am, have breakfast, then shop! If you want coffee, at Monmouth Coffee shop don't queue in the long queue, but go and buy beans, and ask to try some diffeent flavours, your have 3 different and wonderful coffees and a bag of London's finest coffee! Lastly have a shopping list otherwise it can get expensive!

aidan m

Found this market on Market Mate. It's really quite good, with lots of food, but a bit expensive.

Elizabeth Greitzer

What a great vibe at Borough Market. Get there early before it gets too crowded. A few favorites: Artisan du Chocolat in the Green Market sells bags of "seconds" for only £2.50 - a total bargain (and fun to guess what flavor you have) for London's best chocs. Sandwiches at Roast (the stall under the restaurant) are amazing including bacon and egg buttie. Mons cheese has a few choices - all beautifully selected, and they give generous tastes so you can decide which ones to buy. Numerous great bread stalls including a newish Russian one with about 8 different varieties of rye alone.

susan alison

If you are a foodie - this is the place for you, totally fresh food, plenty of wonderful stuff to sample, fabulous cheese stalls and a lovely variety of herbs, fruit and veg, a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, can't wait to go again!


My first time ever today- if you're a cheese lover you'll be satsfied with the numerous cheese stalls. Make sure to go hungry for you'll be buying alot of the food you were offered to sample..


I visited a few months ago and i was greatly impressed by huge array of high quality food stalls and even the structure that the market runs beneath - an authentic London market for food lovers of various kinds. I discovered and tasted olive tea for the first time and enjoyed an extremely tasty molten cheese sandwich. I'm sure i'll find more foodie delights upon my next visit.


A fantastic place to spend a morning. I have been to Borough Market many times and there is always something new to discover. There's a huge variety of stalls, and you can usually taste what's on offer before you buy. The cheese stands out for me , and the stall which sells Raclette is outstanding!


A feast for foodies! After a year in London I finally made it to Borough markets to see what all the hype was about and was it worth it. It's an assault on the senses. Everywhere you look there is a riot of sights and smells. There is enough cheese on sale here to sinks battle ship - something for even the most disconcerting fromage lover. I shared a huge gourmet sausage in a bun (trust me when I say that description doesn't do this lunch justice!) with a friend and we struggled to finish it. I spend forever wondering through the fruit and vegetable section getting ideas for future meals and left with a huge bags of herbs, tomatoes and eggplants for my dinner that evening. Don't skip looking at all the beautiful oils too. It's well worth the crowds to find that perfect basil flavoured extra virgin olive oil. As always with London, come early to avoid the main tourist times. It's a market so bring cash, a shopping bag and don't forget the bring your empty stomach.


Borough market is a foodie heaven. One of my favourite games is tasting each and every stall - without offending the vendor of course... otherwise it is a bit heavy on the wallet. The best choc brownies can be found at Borough market. BEWARE.


DO NOT GO IF YOU ARE ON A DIET! Borough market is a dream come through if you can't decide what to have for lunch on a Friday or Saturday. There, you'll be bombarded with sights and smells from the salty tang of fresh mussels, the hearty aromas of saffron from the giant paella pans to the mouth watering crunch of a roast hog turning on a spit. Note: Always bring at least £15 quid which would be enough for at least two gluttonous sins and a latte from the famous Monmouth coffee bar as not many of the vendors do not accept card payments.

Nicola Ford

LOVE BOROUGH MARKETS! Delicious food, a variety of independent stalls, great atmosphere ... a lovely day out!

Susie Clayton

I LOVE Borough Market! I travel all the way up from West Wales on the overnight coach to spend a day wandering and munching my way around the best market in London, nay, the UK. Always different, but comfortingly familiar, Borough Market showcases the very best of food and drink that the country has to offer. Eat, drink and explore and discover foods you never knew existed. And it's free to roam!! A wonderful day out in the Capital.

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