D&AD New Blood Festival

Things to do
'Making the Most of Creative Struggles' - Matthew Shaw (Creative Team)
'VICE Television' - Stella Murphy (Creative Team), David Barnett and Matthew Dixon (Tutors), Chelsea College of Art and Design (College)
'Hitch. In the Light of the Shadows' - Roman Lazarev, Anton Chalov, Vladislav Poliakov (Creative Team), Dmitry Karpov (Tutor), British Higher School of Art & Design (College)

This annual festival celebrates the next generation of up and coming creative graduate talent from over 50 universities and colleges. Throughout the day there will be workshops, discussions and lectures hosted by some of the biggest creative studios and agencies. The talks are free but a deposit is required to reserve a space. Some have sold out already but get online to book places for 'Come to the pub and plan your career' (where attendees will adapt drinking games to solve a fictional client's business problem), '10 Simple Steps to becoming an Ad Wanker' and 'Oh Shit...What the Hell now?’ 



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