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Essentially, HintHunt is like ‘The Crystal Maze’ meets ‘LA Confidential’. You and three or four mates are locked in a ’40s-style detective office. You’ll notice the crime scene outline of a body drawn on the floor. A screen in the corner starts counting down from 60 minutes: you’ve got to figure out how to escape before the timer gets down to zero. It’s pretty leisurely at first. That 60 minutes stretches out in front of you like a Peter Jackson trilogy. You rummage through drawers with the insouciance of a bored cleaning lady. But, before long, someone goes: ‘Oh shit! We’ve already had 15 minutes!’ Thus begins the concentration phase. Maths types try bullying integers into opening combination locks. Wannabe Columbos lasciviously eyeball black-and-white photos. The office is searched so thoroughly that it begins to look like it was built over a fault line. And occasionally, the room rings with the slap of high-fiving palms and yells of ‘I’ve cracked it!’

As the end nears, it’s as though the universe’s remote got its fast-forward button jammed down. Ideas fly thick and fast. People move around the room at a speed usually reserved for kiddies who’ve left it too long to wee. The ticking clock becomes so all consumingly important it’s like a ‘24’ finale, albeit without the slide into self-parodic cackiness.

Then, before you know it, it’s over. If you succeed, there are so many ‘yeahs!’ it’s as though someone’s auditioning Usher impersonators. If you don’t? Well, firstly, it’s genuinely gutting. But then, after all that, they just unlock the door for you. Know what that means? That throughout, there has been absolutely nothing at stake. You’ve driven yourself up the wall for nothing more than your desire to prove that your brain is as good as someone else’s. And if a game can do that, you know it’s genuinely brilliant.


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HintHunt says
Ready to play a game?
Welcome to HintHunt, the first escape room in London. Get locked in and free your mind while solving mysteries with your children, family or friends.

Great for couples and team building as well, not to say it is great way to spice up hen dos and stag parties and birthdays! Whether you’re after kid-friendly fun, or a murder mystery, we’ve got you covered. Find your favourite theme to book now and say goodbye to boring days.

Our newest games on offer:
The game that offers 2 scenarios, so you can immerse yourself twice! Get your Crew ready to head underwater into the unknown!

The Golden Share:
Brand new adventure game, with unexpected wow effects. Can you locate the golden envelope?

The Safe:
Your help is needed in the Central Hintelligence Agency, HintHunt's funds are being hacked, and you need to stop the transaction!
Be aware! Puzzle heavy experience in a single room - this is something different than you've ever tried.

Or try one of our classic scenarios: JM's office for a classic murder mystery where you need to prove our detective's innocence or The Zen room - a journey to the heart of Tokyo where your searching skills are much needed to locate 5 stolen heirlooms.

** 20% off when you enter the coupon code: SUMMER2019 on our website **
Code expires at 23:59pm on 31st July.
Game has to take place until end of August, cannot be combined with other offers. General T&C's apply.

Escape the ordinary! Book now!
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By: Alexi Duggins


Venue name: HintHunt
Address: 72-76 Eversholt Street
Transport: Tube: Euston
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I took my friends for a night out for my birthday and we all loved it. If you have a big group of people, you can book the same time slot for the same game. There are maximum 5 in one group and the game we were doing (James Murdock's Office) has 3 groups all together, so we were able to get places for 15 people. But you need to book in advance! It’s located very close to the Euston station or 15 minutes’ walk from King’s Cross.

You don’t really need a specific brief -  there were a murder and you, like real detectives, have to look for various clues, open various locks, doors, guess questions, think about connections and so on. Great fun. It’s ridiculous, how everyone was buzzing from finding a simple innocent key to something! And then you get frustrated that you cannot open a door or a safe. You must look everywhere! From 3 groups we had, one group hasn’t managed to crack the case. So embarrassing – it was my group… but it doesn’t matter as it was such a good laugh. After that we went for another drink to the nearest pub and were still talking who found which key and where.

Will definitely be going back to do that one but next time we’ll do it sober. 😊


I run a community called Love Pop Ups - London and I took my fellow bloggers/reviewers  along to this game. We was split into two different teams and each played the rooms JM's offices.  So the challenge was on in who could escape the room first in the quickest time.

You are locked in the room for 60 minutes and the hunt is on. There is so many objects to look at and open from secret compartments to padlocks with one or two objects being red herrings as well along the way. Some puzzles you really do need to think outside the box and literally hunt every nook and cranny as there might be a key or two hiding away. More or less all the puzzles lead onto another clue to eventually escaping the room. What I also loved about this room was that there was a murder mystery story which in my opinion made the room even more fun especially in reading about the suspects etc. Throughout the game you are observed via a member of staff and so at certain intervals if they feel you are really getting stuck they will put up a hint on the TV screen that is in the main first room which you start of being locked in.

This is a great fun escape room especially if you love lots of puzzles and cracking codes to locks really does get you using your brain. A great way to spend an hour with friends.

Highly recommended!!


Thanks to Love Pop Ups - London I have been lucky enough to try a few London Escape Rooms/Games in a very short period of time. Every game has been different, having certain things that have wowed and amazed. Unfortunately for me Hint Hunt falls a little short in this respect.
We completed "James Murdock's Office" which is set around a detective who has been framed for a murder by 1 of 5 criminals he had been working to put away for good! A very good story with plenty of relevant props and puzzles however the room had A LOT of objects to find - not all of these ending in riddles/puzzles so it felt more of a hide and seek exercise (I suppose Hint Hunt really is an apt name!). There was also a lot of hints given - not all necessary but most essential to really carry on with the game. Lastly the staff didn't feel as engaging and as enthusiastic as other escape games I have been to. Overall a good concept however some of the objectives could be better thought out.


I went here last night for a work do and it was great! It was my first time doing an escape room and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as we were put into teams of four and locked in a room. Not only were we against the clock- 1 hour limit, but also trying to be the first work group out. There are so many different codes, clues and combinations that you could easily go back and redo the room you have done before as there are too many things to try and remember. I would recommend this to everyone over the age of 18 years old as good banter and arguing could easily kick up depending who you go with. I cant wait to go again and beat my time of 54 minutes!

Been to this place twice and done the two different rooms styles they had (they may have more now). It is fantastic. You have to piece together a series of clues to unlock the next clue, and on and on you go until you either find the key to unlock the room, or your hour is up! Honestly cannot recommend this enough. It's great fun and a great sociable activity with your friends - give it a try, there's a reason it is rated so highly on Trip Adviser things to do in London.

This is ridiculously good fun, running around like a lunatic trying to solves the puzzles and unlock the door before the time runs out. I would recommend this highly to everyone! The elation when (if) you finish the game and the door clicks open is second to none. Well worth the money. Do it now!

Staff Writer

Had so much fun here, both entertaining and challenging. You only have one hour, which really flies by when you are looking for clues and receiving a few hints to guide you along the way. Highly recommended if you want to do something different. It's great if you're a little competitive!

Wasn't sure what to expect as haven't done anything like this before - but had a brilliant time. Very well organised and well executed. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to do something a little bit different in London. Friendly staff 10/10.