Secret London

Can you keep a secret? We're about to let you in on a few…

Just because you call something 'secret' doesn't mean the whole city doesn't know about it, but we're sure there are still many nooks and crannies of this city you've yet to discover. Pick something from the list and get exploring!

Secret London: Hoxton

White Cube Hoxton Square

White Cube's ability to shock may be muted these days, but you can still catch interesting shows in amongst the work of Jake and Dinos Chapman, Gilbert and George et al.

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Breakfast Club

3 out of 5 stars

The Breakfast Club looks across the Atlantic for inspiration, featuring fun pop-culture references. It's kitted out in colourful 1980s kitsch, from novelty knick-knacks to a neon sign emblazoned with 'Sex and drugs and bacon rolls'.

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Happiness Forgets

4 out of 5 stars

There are some excellent cocktail bars around these days, but also plenty that have a theme or quaintly think of themselves as a 'speakeasy'. Happiness Forgets is straight up good drink, good staff and good music.

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Secret London: Waterloo

The Drawing Room at Benugo

3 out of 5 stars

Behind an inconspicuous bookcase next to Benugo’s lounge area you’ll find a secret entrance to their recently opened cocktail bar, The Drawing Room. The bar is filled with precious handpicked curiosities, while subtle 1920s-1950s jazz tunes complement the atmosphere.

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Fire Station

3 out of 5 stars

Stop off for a drink in this grand Edwardian fire station, which was converted into a fancy boozer in the early 1990s. Sadly there are no fireman's poles to slide down, but the high ceilings and lively atmosphere make it a good spot for a Waterloo pick-me-up.

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Secret London: Whitechapel

Atlantis European

A genuine east London legend, Atlantis was selling art materials well before the area's gallery explosion and hordes of hipster hangers-on. Whatever your expressive medium of choice, you 'll find it here, and it's worth a trip in itself. Helpful staff are on hand to advise.

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East End Thrift Store

A vintage-lover's destination for its wide selection of trend-conscious clobber at genuinely afordable prices, the East End Thrift store ain't that pretty, but the stuff they sell is. If you really can't bear to rummage, the first floor displays pricier (and sometimes designer) items in a more civilised manner.

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Wilton's Music Hall

London's last surviving example of the giant popular entertainment palaces of the nineteenth century, Wilton's Music Hall is a proper East End charmer, with regular music, theatre, comedy and film in the battered but beautiful main hall, and fun live music on the equally battered piano in the Mahogany Bar.

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Rhea S

Definitely going to Happiness Forgets when I get there next week! I'd have forgotten to have a good time and step out if it weren't for Lufthansa's amazingly economical tickets there

Varun S

@Rhea S Try out the range of Indian dishes Lufthansa India serves in flight! They've got this amazing More Indian Than You Think campaign running (more on this Definitely worth flying with them. Happy holidays!


I been in Colombia, it's such a nice place to go. Really sad that a famous guide as time out London show more interest in demage the imagine of an exotic country.


Time Out you really Keep It Real! i have visited a few of the places on the list and think you have hit the nail on the head! I really recommend the tour at Wiltons music Hall. Its only £6 with a great history! the people that have already commented on thi list dont deserve to read time out!


Wow. This is great.


Doesn't keep things very secreative. :)

Liz Brodie

Nice idea for those who have the time to explore areas in London, not necessarily on the main sightseeing route.