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Phobophobia returns to the London Bridge Tombs for 2015 with a shocking new Halloween show that focuses on a family called The Freaks who are way too close for comfort. Genetic mutations have taken hold and they're keen to bring new blood in, so prepare yourself for dark and twisted behaviour and your fear levels to reach new heights. The experience lasts 30 minutes and is suitable for over 16s only. 

Other Halloween highlights include a family-friendly daytime show called Side Show Jack which puts a spooky spin on fairground attractions including the coconut shy, wheel of fortune and more. Details can be found here


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This is a great night out and I would recommend Phobophobia - although maybe not if you scare easy or are offended by name-calling and people touching you!  Most of the areas are well set out, but some parts do look a little cheap.  The actors are brilliant and it is well-structured as a show.  Unfortunately, we had to wait outside for over an hour due to technical difficulties and the staff didn’t tell those waiting until it was suggested they do via twitter.

spent more time in the queue out the door than getting rushed through the éxperience' in a group of 14. Could have been well worth the money spent had I felt like more of a customer or guest and less like a person being herded through a time delay factory. The human centipede recreation was a joke, really. It somehow succeeded at being worse than the film, which I would have though was impossible beforehand. So, two stars for not being a complete farce and demonstrating that it is possible to be worse than an almost unwatchable film.