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Romance on the London Eye

Why floating in a glass bubble, hand in hand, is the perfect place for a date, a magic moment – or even getting married!

By Catherine O'Dolan

When it comes to romance, Romeo had the right idea. He had the patter to make Juliet swoon, but he also knew the importance of a good location to enhance the moment. We’re in London, though, not Verona, and there’s a distinct shortage of ivy-covered balconies. So where should incurable romantics go to take a leaf out of Romeo’s book of love?

Love is in the air

The Coca-Cola London Eye has been voted the most romantic location in London, and indeed the UK. Second only in the world to the Eiffel Tower, in fact. Of course, the stately glide through the sky and the breathtaking views play their part, but what else puts this iconic London landmark on top of the list for lovers?

You could just imagine a classic British rom-com reaching its climax in one of the capsules, couldn’t you? But you don’t need any movie magic to add the romance on the London Eye, where the real magic is the experience itself.

Over 5,000 couples have proposed on the London Eye since it opened 
in March 2000, and there have been 529 weddings and civil partnership ceremonies. And where there’s romance there’s bubbles: on February 14 each year the number of bottles 
of champagne consumed on
 the London Eye increases by a whopping 500 percent.

London Eye at sunset

Cupid’s Capsule

Ever since their first date on 
the South Bank in 2009, Terry
 and Nikki Williamson have spent every anniversary along that pretty stretch of the Thames. In 2012, Nikki decided to book a private capsule on the London Eye as a secret extra treat. ‘We’d always said we’d go on the London Eye, but had never got round to it,’ says Nikki, 37.

I was umming and ahing over whether to book a Cupid’s Capsule with the champagne. I mentioned it to my dad, and he said, “Yeah, go on.”’ Unbeknown to Nikki, her father was in on another secret: Terry was planning to pop the question. ‘We were in the queue to board when I got a text from Nikki’s dad saying, “Now you’ve got the perfect location!”’ reminisces Terry.

Nikki recalls the big moment. ‘Terry put down his champagne, and I thought he was tying his shoelace. I was saying, “What are you doing? Get up!” before I realised what was happening.’

And where else could they have possibly got married after that? In 2014, Nikki and Terry tied the knot in a London Eye capsule with close family and friends, before a 1920s-style party on the art deco-inspired Barracuda river cruiser. How romantic! Now all we need is a theme tune for the Wheel of Romance. I’m thinking ‘Love Is All A-Round’...

London Eye special experiences

Try these special experiences to get you in the mood for love.
Cupid’s Capsule – A private capsule for two with your personal London Eye host, complete with Pommery Brut Royal Champagne and Hotel Chocolat Pink Champagne Truffles. £360.
Champagne Experience – Indulge in a glass of Pommery Brut Royal Champagne while you relax and enjoy the stunning views of London. Available daily on the hour. £28.80 online.

London Eye

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Book online for all special ticket options, savings of up to 10% and for combination deals for the Coca-Cola London Eye, Madame Tussauds London,
The London Dungeon, Shrek’s Adventure! London,  and Sea Life London Aquarium.



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