The Barking Witchcraft Trials and Tour

Barking Abbey Curfew Tower spooky.jpg
Barking Abbey Curfew Tower

Bringing the sixteenth-century Barking Witch Trials to lurid life, this Halloween tour focuses on Cecily Glasenbury who, in 1574, was sentenced to be hanged because, as a 'witch and enchantress', she 'caused' the deaths of three men and a grey gelding, and the temporary paralysis of a fourth man. Over the course of the next 30 years more than 760 Essex men and women were tried for being or consorting with witches. The tour, which is led by local historian Linda Rhodes, takes place around Barking's historic witchcraft sites, prior to a midnight investigation back at the theatre with psychic Natalie Walker. The event is also being streamed live and can be watched online for £2.99.


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