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The Shard

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© The View from The Shard
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David HedgesUltra trendy party goers dance the night away at the first ever silent disco in The View from The Shard, the visitor attraction at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building, 3rd December 2013. Music lovers use wifi headphones to enjoy their own music mix while dancing the night away over 1000ft above the capital.
 (© The View from The Shard)
© The View from The Shard
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Jason Hawkes
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© The View from The Shard

Time Out says

The very public progress of this mammoth building (just how do you keep a skyscraper under wraps?) ensured that, by the time of its completion in 2012, the Shard was a familiar part of London's skyline, visible from all over the city – contentiously so in the case of London's many protected views. Visitors are now flocking to Renzo Piano's tripod-shaped, glass-clad building at London Bridge. At 1,017 feet high, it's the EU's tallest, containing offices, apartments, a hotel and, most excitingly, 'The View from the Shard', a four-storey observatory deck on floors 68 to 72. The development also coincides with a new public plaza, bus terminal and a long-awaited revamp of London Bridge station.



Address: 30
London Bridge Street
Transport: Rail/Tube: London Bridge
Price: Prices vary
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The Shard is a pretty cool place to be and I enjoyed going to the top. But to say I was blown away by the experience would be pushing it.

Easily reachable by tube and minutes away from London Bridge tube station, the Shard, at 1,017 feet high, is the EU's tallest, containing offices, apartments, a hotel and an observatory deck, aptly called View From The Shard. It's swanky from the minute you walk in and you can expect security to be airport-style tight.

It’s cool to see London stretch out below you. But what’s not cool is the £30 ticket. It’s a bit too much just to wander around an observation deck. For that price, I’d like to see more forms of attraction/activity once upstairs. In most instances, you’re so high up it can be tough to make out London’s many iconic landmarks.

If a good view is what you're after, I'm more inclined to suggest heading to the Sky Garden on top the Walkie Talkie. It’s free, has a garden and offers great views too. Another good bet is Monument, which again, is close by.

If you’re still keen on going, that’s cool – you’ll have a good time once above. But I personally think the £30 is a bit too much.

Top tip: make sure you use the toilet - there’s not many toilets in London that can rival the view offered by The Shard ;)

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I was surprised by the Shard. I wasn't expecting much - it's just a viewing platform, after all - but being able to see so much is mesmerising. If you can, look up when the sun will set and get there 20mins before that; half the fun was watching the sky change colour and the twinkling lights switch on over in the City. It's very expensive for what it is, so remember to book - it's 4x more costly to walk-up and buy tickets than if you book just 1 day in advance

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When you go up there on a sunny day, you can the EVERYTHING! It was just stunning! But unfortunately, it was really expensive... (£30 per person)


The Shard is a beautiful building, it is iconic, sculptural and a huge positive attribute to the London Skyline. As an architect however I think this building and the floor plates have some failings... but that's another review. 

Having visited the viewing platform at the top, the view of London is spectacular (i love London and all it has to offer so what better way to while away my time that at the top of a stunning structure). The negatives of the viewing platform, are the price, lack of bar/cafe refreshments and also the signage pointing out landmark structures - there is none, so unless you are very familiar with London you will have not a clue what you are looking at. 

My advice is definitely visit one of the bars for the view, a drink will be cheaper than paying to go right to the top. Plus there will be better atmosphere and with any luck the bar staff may be able to point out some key locations.


The Shard represents a giant shard of glass in London… it certainly made an impression on me!

I love how modern it is as well as how integrated it is with public transport right below.  There are tons of eateries and retail below it so you won’t have any issues of having options.

They do have an observatory viewing deck but didn’t get a chance to see it as I went through the bar route.  From what my colleague told me, it gives you great views of the city! 


I have loved the look of this building since I moved to London - it's all in the name! No false advertising here ;) 

I haven't yet had a chance to visit the restaurants/bars inside it, but I did get to go up to the top as a bit of an end of school year treat (I'm a teacher) and it was INCREDIBLE. Yes, visiting this place is pricey, but I think it's worth checking out at least once. The views are unparalleled. The staff are also very nice and helpful, and aren't super zealous about trying to get you to spend money, so that's good. (See my separate review of the View from the Shard on their TimeOut page)

Not a fan of the aesthetics of this building- it's just too thrusting & still looks unfinished. Genuinely shocked by the prices to go to the viewing platform- it would cost a family a queens ransom! That said spectacular views at the top with 360 panoramic views of this beautiful city. The staff were friendly. Value for money 1 star, view 5 star. Make sure you use the loo- it's a highlight!


London's tallest viewpoint offering far reaching views. £30 allows you access to the viewing play which allows you to experience London's iconic building, 360• panoramic views of London's skyline. The city, Canary Wharf, Westminster and south London. A definite must see when visiting London. Word of caution, try and book on a bright sunny day as visibility can be poor when overcast.


This review is specifically for Yogashpere's yoga class at the top of the Shard.

I would really recommend this class, purely because of the view. While the class was nice, and the instructors great, it was by no means the best yoga class I have had. But just being at the top of the Shard doing it really made it worth while. The booking process is quite annoying as you have to do it online through their system which is quite clunky and poorly designed. And one thing that annoyed me is that in the confirmation email it said the class starts at 8:15, but you should arrive at least 15 mins early - to which we arrived about 25 mins early. We met the instructor coming in who said we were not allowed to be admitted in until 8:15, so we had to wait nearby for almost half an hour.

The class is a bit more spiritual than other classes I have been to, and didn't exercise me as much as I would hope for. The shape of the Shard being square with a column in the middle meant that the matts where spread out around the column pointing in at a corner where the instructor was. We were the furthest away from the instructor against a window which was great because every downward dog we did our view was directly out to London. But it did mean we couldn't really see the instructor, who did rely on names of positions a little too much meaning beginners where often times confused.

After the class you are left with as much time as you want to explore the view and they start letting people in for viewing about 30 mins after. It was a little cloudy on the day we went in May, but still a nice view.

You get a 'goody bag' which I think could have been a lot better. In it we got a bottle of coconut water, a coconut oil sample and a load of leaflets, that was all. 

Tip: I got my tickets through Virgin Experiences and they were cheaper than the £45 directly from Yogasphere.

tl;dr Its an alright class, but an experience you really should try just for the fun of it. I would recommend going in summer obviously!


I have been to The Shard several times and I'm always been very impress by the spectacular 360 view of London and surroundings as well as the building architecture. It's absolutely stunning!. I would recommend to go just before sunset as the city offers a splendid lights show. But a bit pricey though! 


I love the Shard and fully recommend going there for the best view of London.

Granted it's not cheap but the view truly is spectacular.

Personally I recommend looking up when sunset takes place and timing your visit so that you incorporate both daytime and night time viewings. It's gorgeous if you get an ace sunset but amazing to see the city light up as night approaches so definitely worth doing even if you don't luck out with a breathtaking sunset. many people mention...make sure you use the Shard toilets. A toilet with a view is an amazing thing in itself I think.


I've been the Shard a few times now and I love the view more each time I go as I see something new in London. I've been at night and during the day and have to say going at night is definitely my favourite time to visit and see the whole of London lit up. The tickets fairly pricey at £30 and it can get pretty busy.

I've also been to a yoga class organised by Yogasphere on a Saturday morning at the Shard. It was a great location to have an early morning yoga session and be able to look over the whole of London. The experience was £40 so it's fairly pricey but definitely worth trying it once!


Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good view of London whether I want to pay almost 30 pounds to go up there is another thing even if it does includes a complimentary glass of champagne. What I would recommend is getting the Love London card at the beginning of the year that will give you unlimited access up the Shard for a whole year, which is great value for money providing you use it. I would recommend visiting during the golden hours on a sunny clear day where the views of London are at their most spectacular and try and avoid the school holidays and weekends whenever you can. There are all sorts of activities going on up the Shard throughout the year, such as yoga classes, silent disco and morning gloryville although these require additional booking and cost but these are a good way to view from up the Shard whilst doing something interesting, cos to be frank there really isn’t much to do up there. Personally I much prefer and recommend the Sky Garden which is free and much larger than the Shard. Also another tip is to try and visit the bars and restaurants on the 33rd floor where you can truly appreciate the beauty of the London skyline as you dine with a few drinks and some background music.


I finally managed to visit the Shard viewing gallery yesterday afternoon. Having been to Sky Garden, Tower 42, One Canada Square and the Millennium Eye (which each have their own unique perspectives), the 360 degree offered viewpoint here is simply captivating and allows you to see how the Thames snakes through this great city. 

The staff are all very attentive and the artificial grass on floor 72 allows one to sit down (with a drink of your choice) and take in the views.

As has been mentioned before, the main downside is the cost. I also think the interactive guide could have been a bit more comprehensive or imaginative.  

I finally made it to the Viewing Platform this morning for a launch event - and man, if you're lucky enough to get clear skies and a sunny day, you're in for a real stunning view of the capital. Not sure I'd be totally happy shelling out on £30 for the experience though - and it wasn't so much an experience as it was a really nice perspective of the city that got me loads of Instagram likes  - but if you're not too precious about the budget and have the spare cash, then why not? It won't hurt as a one-off.


Feels like you're on top of the world! I was lucky to get a Love London pass and can go whenever I want. I made my third trip last week to do the Where's Wally event. Honestly, had I paid £70 to take my family I would have been upset, but for free it was ok and I had fun hunting for the characters. The views are breathtaking, you shouldn't miss this! The next best thing is the staff! I felt faint the visit before and had to ask for help. The staff were amazing in how caring and helpful they were! I was so impressed I even wrote to customer service. If you are visiting London it is really a must!


This spectacular building, visible from pretty much any location across the city, offers very nice 360° views of London. You can see for miles on a clear day and having the outdoor viewing platform is a nice touch. BUT.. It is very expensive for what it is. Having been to quite a few viewing towers around the world, this is by far the most expensive, yet probably one of the least interesting. For around £30 a ticket I would expect more of an experience. The high price must surely put people off of returning, as it has with us.

If you are planning a trip for a special occasion, be sure to combine it with a visit to any one of the spectacularly extravagant restaurants to make it more of an experience. I can highly recommend the breakfast at Aqua Shard. Huge portions and absolutely delicious!


I didn't expect too much from a trip to the top of the Shard, I'd put it off for a good two years just because I didn't think anything could justify splashing out on such an expensive ticket especially as I'd heard mixed reviews. However a couple of months back I queued from 5am to purchase an annual pass at the discounted rate of £20.16 (cheaper than a one time ticket in fact!) to celebrate the new year, it took me a while to get round to using the ticket but when I eventually did I was absolutely blown away. I think it's very important to pick the time of day and weather forecast carefully as if it's likely to be your only trip up you don't want the view obliterated by clouds. I've since been up in the middle of the day (too busy) and at night (incredible) but I'm dying to time it perfectly over a sunset. There are alternative viewing points in London which come without the price tag (Sky Garden for example is free) but there is something exhilarating about the upper decks where you are exposed to the elements from above. Honestly feels like you are on top of the world and opens up a new found lease of love for this beautiful city. 

Staff Writer

I was surprised with my visit to the Shard. I thought its just another skyscraper in London's skyline...The architecture is amazing and the view on the top floor terrace is breathtaking. It really is worth a visit and enjoying a glass of champagne at their roof top champagne bar. Perfect for a romantic evening or meeting with friends at sunset!


The Shard is the least offensive of the wonky phallic monstrosities that are springing up to penetrate the skies all over our beautiful capital. Although it shouldn't really exist - it's just some flash architects bashing off into the faces of an entire city, with the aid of some very wealthy corporate backers - most of the ground dwelling population have come to accept it. We have to. It looms above us in crystalline majesty, a wonder of modern engineering victories over gravity and impracticability. The Shard is now a part of the skyline for good. But despite being a cut above (or, like, several hundred feet above, from its peak) the other janky steel-and glass skyscrapers in central London, it still represents everything that is wrong with the changing landscape and culture of the city. 'Out with the old, in with the new' seems to be the town planning agenda - from many angles around central you can't even see our most iconic landmarks for the reflective eye sores that are blocking the way. Parisians would never stand for this.

In the past decade these grotesque towers have started to crop up like a breakout of stalky grey fungi around a dying potted plant located in a damp hallway in a council block in London Fields. Not a nice image, is it? There's no stopping it now. The infection will spread.

Since everyone always takes photos of the Shard from on top of the Shard, I thought I'd not do that, because I'm terrified of snapping images that are identical to the pictures thousands of other people have got on their phones too. Something caught my eye after I left , though. While waiting for a train at London Bridge station, I spotted a window cleaning team undertaking the mammoth job of polishing the 11,000 panes of glass that comprise the Shard's surface. Now, they probably didn't do them all in one go; it looked a slow process, as a troika of men only got two panels done in ten minutes. Cleaning windows on The Shard necessitates walkie talkies, and a belayer on top and another on ground level, just to safely adjust the man in the middle, who is strapped into a full body harness. See my photos below: just another day on the outside of the office...


What an amazing view.  The Shard is quite pricey at £25 a visit, but it is worth it for the amazing views that you see.  The viewing platform is across 2 levels and you can see 360 views from each.

It makes the streets below look like a model village and I enjoyed watching the trains go by as if they were tiny Hornby sets.  Although there was quite a few people around, most people don't tend to hog the best views, so you get opportunities to take pictures from all angles.  The upper platform is partially open at the top so can get a bit chilly and you can get drinks on each of the platforms.

As far as I know, you can stay as long as you like, so compared to the 30 minute London Eye, this definitely provides better value for money.

The only criticism that I have is that they need to clean the windows more often as I found streaks on the photographs from where the windows were a bit grubby.

I splashed out and took my parents and hubbie up the Shard with the champagne experience just before xmas and dinner at Gaucho.After many complaints that we were in a rush, it’s too cold and going up the wrong set of lifts we eventually got up and were WOWED – such amazing panoramic views of London & super high up.We had a glass of champers and were pointing out different landmarks whilst taking the obligatory pics and listening to the audio guide.Definitely worth the experience!

Staff Writer

For me, going to The Shard is not just about the view but also the experience. The staff are friendly, the journey getting to the top just feels good and when you are there the views are something else. I have been to the top of the Shard twice now, once on a snowy day and the second time was last week just before dark, seeing London all lit always captures me, we live in such an amazing city and the Shard allows you to see it all!  


The first thing anyone ever thinks about when hearing about The Shard is the AMAZING VIEW! The views are absolutely fantastic. Completely breathtaking. Not only that, the atmosphere in the Shard is very relaxed - especially during the day. Combining that with the gorgeous view makes The Shard a great place to visit regularly. It does get very busy during the late afternoon / evening, especially on a Friday, so it's beneficial to book a window seat ahead of time.

I really like the mocktails available there. I'm not a drinker so the mocktails are my drink of choice. One of my favourite foods there is the vegetable spring rolls. They are very delicious and the presentation of the food is great, which is to be expected in an upscale place like this.

The fact that the staff are very pleasant and attentive is a big plus. So the views + the lovely drinks and snacks + the great staff = makes this a great place to visit. 


My advice is save yourself a few dollar and book yourself a weekday breakfast at Aqua Shard. Although you don't get the complete view, you only have to pay for your breakfast (the porridge is delish and less than £4!) to get a view from Level 31 - where you're just high enough not to have your view obscured by the clouds anyway. 

To get the best from this experience visit at 9am on a Sunday. We did and were the only people in the building for at least 30 mins and when we left at 11.30am there was still loads of space. The sights are spectacular. The viewfinders amazing and being the only ones there you can use them all!!!! Never has London looked this amazing, even the Olympic stadium looks like an inverted drum.

The Oblix Bar. The Shard Great bar, fantastic atmosphere. Went here on a Wednesday evening with our three teenagers for after dinner drinks for a family birthday. The bar was buzzing, arrived about 10pm, there was a singer accompanied by a pianist . It wasn't too loud and you could still have a conversation. The staff were really helpful land sat us near the window. The views are incredible, lots of twinkling lights from the city and lovely low level lighting in the room, made for a great atmosphere. We had a couple of cocktails, which I felt ere a bit small and not too impressive, however, the non alcoholic cocktails are delicious though. Also the beers are not too badly priced considering the venue. We even had a cup of tea! Go for a special occasion, I'd rather spend money on drinks than paying to go up the Shard, I know it's at a lower level, but believe me you won't be disappointed with the view.

Views were beautiful but not a unique experience in London. I was there before there was a bar/restaurant and felt that the experience was lacking something as it is over once you've walked round in about 5 minutes. The gift shop left a lot to be desired. There should be more information around and the offer of drinks I think

Am I the only person to think that the Shard doesn't look/feel that tall? It's an optical illusion, perhaps. It looks... dainty. In contrast, when I stood under the WTC towers in the 90s they looked astonishingly tall: huge, blunt and wonderful. Just saying.

Im terrified of heights so when my 15 years old son asked to go to the Shard, I expected it to be an awful experience but I was amazed to find I actually wasnt as scared as Id imagined! We spent about an hour and a half up there and it was fantastic. The only down fall is the expense!

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