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What's your favourite thing in... Highbury?

Our weekly series of area guides continues apace, and soon our local spotlight will shine upon Highbury. We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us...

© Ewan Munro

Our weekly series of area guides continues apace, and soon our local spotlight will shine upon Highbury. We'd love to hear your recommendations, so let us know your favourite things in the area (and what makes them so good!) in the comments below. You could even win a luxury hotel stay!


Kay B

My favourite place in Tottenham is Tottenham Cemetery. A great place to view the changes in the seasons and wildlife!

Andy D

Olden Street Gardens, next to Whistler Street. It's a hidden gem, but you need to buy a key for £10.

Ez & Moss just along Holloway Road (if that's still technically Highbury)

Upper Street, now known as Supper Street. The Fish & Chip Shop is run by The ex Ivy Chef.

The Highbury Arts Club. Great tapas.

Highbury Fields is a stunning, hidden away park surrounded by houses. Clive Anderson walks his dog there every morning. 

And lots of comedians live around there for some reason.

Aliyah A

Barbecues on Highbury Fields in the summer, the really friendly team at Highbury Butchers, the mini Christmas trees Mrs Lovells sells at Christmas...

Andrew T

The London School of Capoeira in Tollington Park is a studio that is home to powerful music, mind blowing moves, addictive vibes and a lot of laughter and determination from beginners to advanced students alike. I love it. LSC celebrated it's 25 year anniversary last year,  and tucked away in Leeds Place, it's easy to miss. But if you are looking for a new artform, hobby, exercise and passion, I suggest you seek it out. See you there!

charlie b

The Alwyne Castle

83 St Paul's Rd

London N1 2LY

Mid-week tipple ruining your fitness plan? The Alwyne Castle just round the corner from Highbury Fields is your answer. With friendly banter echoing around the pub in tune with upbeat chart melodies, it is a great place to enjoy a drink after work and continue on into the night. Though if you look around there is one reoccurring theme, everyone is in fitness gear.  With Highbury Fields nearby; a common ground for fitness junkies and local sports teams, you can satisfy your conscience with a run around the park then pile into the Alwyne Castle for drinks and even a cheeky burger and fries, after all you've deserved it.


The Grandees Monday surreal comedy night at the Hen and Chickens theatre pub. And also that Italian restaurant Trevi opposite the tube. The fish is amazing and super affordable. REALLY AMAZING

James M

Without doubt... La Fromagerie! Go for incredible cheese, cheese and more cheese. Good for breakfast, coffee and cake, but for me, take the expert knowledge, sample great cheese and head home to enjoy your cheese board.  Try the 3 yr old Comte and truffle brie!

Laura B

Paradise park open farm! :)

Mermayden .

The Central Islington Library, just near Highbury Fields must be the best local library in London.  It is open on Sundays, has a reference room with lots of magazines to read, a separate children's library and a good DVD collection to boot.  Renting an entire season of your favourite tv show costs £1.50 for the week. Bargain.

Alan K

The Beach Hut fish'n'chip shop in Highbury Barn. Best fish and chips in North London, very friendly staff AND it's BYOB. A table outside on a nice summer's evening with a nice bottle of plonk is unbeatable

Alice B

Meek & Wild fishmonger, Godfrey's butcher, the fish and chip shop on Highbury Barn... La Fromagerie (very expensive cheese but they do do amazing Ploughman's platters, brunch and stuff) ; Highbury Vintners (tasting table! Loads of interesting spirits!) ; Firezza takeaway pizza ; Le Peche Mignon and Maison d'Etre for coffee and cake... and aside from all the food and drink, Highbury Fields! 

Cora F

Stringray is a cosy and affordable restaurant that does great pizza, pasta and cocktails. They also make the best gluten free pizza I've ever tried! 

Sonya Barber

Take a trip to the secret garden Gillespie Park in Arsenal and visit the lovely Ecology Centre