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Where to watch the US presidential election in London

The best spots to eat, drink and try to be merry during the 2016 US presidential election results

By Time Out London Things To Do

'I guarantee you this. If I do run, it won't be boring.' Of all the lines to fall from Donald Trump's pasty lips, this quote about the US presidency from an interview in 2000 is the most convincing (and least offensive). It was hard to believe the outrageous entrepreneur would win the Republican nomination, let alone make it to the end, yet here he still is. Either way, you won't want to miss the US presidential election 2016 results. We've rounded up all the best places in London to watch the excitement unfold on the night of Tuesday November 8 2016. From comedy debates and politics simplified, to free cocktails and edible politicians, there certainly won't be a dull moment in the run-up to free world's fate. 


It's not all doom and gloom


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