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A Great British Air Disaster

Sun Feb 24, 8-9pm, C4

In the aftermath of World War II, the De Havilland Comet seemed symbolic of a new era. There was something raffishly Terry-Thomas about this high-flying, fast cruising and luxurious passenger jet and people fell hard for its charms. If a plane keeps crashing, though, it’s a problem and the Comet had a definite propensity in that area.

This documentary explores the crashes and their aftermath during which an exhaustive enquiry was launched into the plane’s possible structural flaws. And here’s where the film gets a little niche. If wingflaps, throttles, metal fatigue and wreckage analysis is your bag, then you’re in luck. But otherwise, despite various game attempts to posit the Comet’s struggles as a pivotal moment in Britain’s industrial decline, you may find this a touch dry.



Mea Culpa.... I didn't know he had more than one run at being the PM. Please forgive me. There is no conspiracy.


I'm very confused... The Comet went down in 1954, but the program said that PM Winston Churchill dispatched five ships to search for wreckage. Wasn't he thrown out in 1945? Simple mistake, or CONSPIRACY?!? ;-)