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Being Human
Huw John

Being Human

Sun Feb 10, 10-11pm, BBC3

By Gabriel Tate
Series five, episode two
With the new cast now settled, ‘Being Human’ has stopped over-complicating things and gone back to its roots. In the process, the show has rediscovered the delicious balance of tension, laughs and emotional involvement that was mislaid somewhere around the time Mitchell’s fate became clear.

Take this week’s antics in the hotel, where Hal and Tom’s hilariously pathetic one-upmanship over the employee-of-the-month award hides both deeper traumas and significant plot developments. Mr Rook, meanwhile, may be spawning a monster in joining forces with Crumb. It’s saying something for his co-stars that Phil Davis, well used to playing dirty old men and evil bastards, is a little overshadowed as the diabolical Captain Hatch; series five is gathering pace very nicely indeed.

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